View Full Version : Dreaded Ion Scanner

09-04-2005, 07:25 AM
I'm new to all of this - my guy is in Drumheller for 3 yrs - has been in for 3 mos so far. On my first visit, morning tested negative and afternoon was positive - they allowed a closed visit. Stupid me let a buddy use my car at lunch time and he's does cocaine. On my second visit, Morning tested positive and now I'm upset and bewildered. I was allowed a closed visit. When I left, I asked the guard at the desk if I could come back in the afternoon. He said no problem, I just have to go thru the ion scanner process again. I came back and tested negative; however when I went down the hall to sign in, a guard told me I would be getting another closed visit! His words were "you tested positive this morning, and just because this afternoon was negative, you don't get to start all over". Now why the hell couldn't the guy at the front desk provide this information when I left in morning? One day I got to Drum and was so bloody paranoid I couldn't go thru with the visit - turned around and drove back home. I've told the supervisor that my ex was into cocaine and it was the main reason for our 19 yr relationship coming to an end. I also indicated that I'm trying to get as far from that environment as I can. Sorry for all the blabbering - but it feels could to get this off my chest. My next visit was negative, however the guard at the visit sign-in said that since my case was going to the review board that day I could only have a closed visit. Again, how come I couldn't be told that at the front desk? I was so happy that I was going to finally get to see my man.......
Well my next visit was a doozer - I was going to attend my first social. Both of us were so excited about spending the day together. The day before I had to get car insurance and put in a change of address for my driver's license - not thinking I let take it and issue me a paper temporary one. Now I don't have picture ID - but wait I have a passport!! When I got there, I had to stand on the dot and let the dog check me out. Inside the scanner tested my passport as positive. I was livid! Supervisor said it was "saturated" as if it had been used as a cutting board. He said he didn't have enough staff to manage me and I was told to leave and vacate the property. Now I'm really mad - my passport has been stored away for 2 yrs! I mentioned that my ex had been over and I remember him saying that he didn't know I had a passport - me thinks I was sabatoged! Well my case went to the VRB and I just received my letter a couple of days ago - 30 day suspension, after that restricted visits for 60 days. I'm also wondering since passport was saturated, how come the dog didn't pick up on it? I had it my hand the whole time she was checking everyone out.....also I understand the restricted visits but am at a loss as to the suspension. My sweetie has asked around (staff and other inmates) and he's been told that if I test negative I should be allowed an open visit. He's going to put in a grievance and I'm going to write an appeal letter. Does anyone now the appeal process? I know I send it to the VRB but is there anyone else that should receive a copy?
Again, thanks for listening - it helps a bit.