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07-02-2005, 12:23 PM
Hey All,

When I called Chino, I was told that they are just for holding, until he is sent somewhere else, but from reading on here, it seems that a lot of people are staying there. So is Chino only a temporary thing? He's there for a parole violation. Is there a chance he might stay there the whole time? Because the lady on the phone said that he would be sent somewhere else to do his time. I'm confused!

And another thing, we were told that the most he would get is 12 months. Now, does this start from the time he went back or does it start when he gets sent to the new prison?

Sorry if these are stupid questions. I'm just confused!


07-02-2005, 12:34 PM
First of all, no question is a stupid question k. We're all here for support and trust me, we were all there at one time asking these questions too, so don't feel so lost okay. Here's what I got from the CDCR website:

California Institution for Men - Mission Statement

The California Institution for Men consists of four separate facilities under the administration of one warden. Located three miles south of the city of Chino, it provides housing for minimum through medium custody inmates. The reception centers receive and process newly committed male felons from several southern California counties. CIM operates a 24-hour licensed acute care inpatient hospital, and a 189-bed HIV unit.

So basically Chino houses Reception inmates & Level I inmates. So being that he was just sent to prison he's in Reception and depending on his points when they classify him, they can choose to let him stay there at Chino on the Level 1 yard and do the remainder of his time or they can choose to send him somewhere else. Of course if his classification points score is higher than Level 1 points, then it's a given that he'll be shipped somewhere else because the only custody Level that they will house there are Level 1's....from what it says on the CDCR website

As for his time, he should get credits starting from the 1st day he got arrested. If he went to court then all that information will be on the Minute Order from court.

07-03-2005, 04:05 PM

Well lucky you I just saw my man yesterday and asked him this very question. Chino is considered a reception center yet also has 3 low level yards. MSF Level I (Minimum Support Facility) West MSF Level I and the East Del Norte Unit which is a medical needs unit (Level 1 and 2 are housed there)

PV's sent to Chino that did not catch a new charge will remain there in reception until their paperwork catches up to them. The most pervailant time gains are 3 months 6 months or 12 months. If he get's 3 months he'll most likely do it all in reception status. If he gets 6 or 12 months, he will be sent back to either the last facility and yard he did his time at (room permiting) or go to another facility with the same level.

Also a lot of low level PV's are being sent to CCF's (Community Correctional Facilities) That are operated by counties or private companies to house the CDCR's overflow of inmates. These are scattered all over the state

Until he goes before the BPT for his revocation hearing and knows how much time he gets, it really up in the air for now. PV's are supposed to be seen by the BPT within 30 days of return so you should know within that time frame.

Also depending on where in Chino he's at, if you were approved to visit him before, you should still be okay and can get over to see him. All yards except palm hall have visits open, you can call 909-597-1821 ext. 5090 during normal visiting hours to get a live body with yard status.

Holla if you need anything else.


07-07-2005, 05:33 PM
The only guys who do their time at Chino are PWC's, or guys endorsed to the MSF yard. We use to have lifers up to about eight years ago. EVERYONE else is booted out!

08-31-2005, 03:17 PM
Hey John,

My husband just got transferred to Chino after being in reception at Delano for two months. I was wondering what PWC or the endorsed to MSF means.... he wrote me saying they were sending him to chino but to the level 3 facility... do you think he was told misinformation? I checked and he is there, I just don't know where (he just arrived last weekend)....thanks!