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04-11-2003, 04:29 AM

Please everyone sign and pass this on to everyone you know. Kia is on Texas Death Row and is an awesome guy. He just received an execution date and was told yesterday. We are doing everything to fight for his life. He IS innocent. Here is some info and if any of you have information or contacts that might be able to help, please PM me and let me know.
Kia Johnson IS one of the men that is innocent on Death Row. He has just recently received an execution date of June 11th. We, the family and friends of Kia Johnson, are asking anyone that would be willing to investigate this case and not only show his innocence, but that the system is broken. There is not much time and we need someone that is willing to investigate and prove that he IS innocent despite what the Texas Judicial system says. The HPD crime lab in Houston is just the tip of the iceburg of the corruption. This is just another example. There is a surveilance video of the robbery, if you can get a copy of this surveilance video and compare to Kia's picture, you will know that it is NOT him.

Here are just a few of the facts that would automatically make someone take notice and question the evidence. Of course we are not asking that you automatically believe us. Do your own investigation and you will find out the truth.

--------The murder with robbery was filmed by an observation camera. On the video you can see the offender coming into the shop, touching the counter, and committing the crime. ->>>> The fingerprints were taken from the counter and were compared with those of Kia's , and they did not "correspond"...They were not the same...

-----The picture of Kia that was taken by the police was compared with the picture of the offender by the FBI and it did not "correspond"....

-----A drug addict/junkie who hadn't seen Kia for 15 or 16 years gave evidence that he couldn't see very well because of diabetes, said that Kia looked like the same man on the video.

----A woman who had already been in prison three times and who had given evidence for the public prosecutors office often, said that she had been with Kia before the murder..But Kia doesn't even know her.

----Kia had a jacket that looked like the one the offender wore on the video. So he was arrested because his jacket looked like the jacket of the offender.

Kia's Summary of the case...In his own words..

The crime was committed on Oct. 1993.. The murder was seen on video camera, I was arrested and taken into the ROPE station where undercover officers pose as people that want you to buy drugs, I was arrested for suspicion of having drugs and when I was searched, they did not find any drugs in my possession, I was taken to the ROPE office to be questioned about a murder, that I knew nothing about, the murder was in the outskirts of San Antonio, and Balcones Heights which upon their arrival at the ROPE office I was questioned by the Balcons Heights police officers about the murder, They said that the murder was on video, and that it was me on the video, which I stayed at their office for over 2 hours as they watched the video over and over to see if they had the assailant that commited the crime , and finally I was arrested for suspicion of Capital Murder,
I told them that they had the wrong person and that I did not kill anybody, I had a record prior burglary, and I had been to prison before, I did not know what was going on in the beginning and I went and did some research on Capital Punishment at the time of incarcerated, I did not have any murder charges in the past, not even an attempted murder charge, I had one assault charge and that was when I was 17 years of age, and that's it, I did not get indicted until 2 days before their 90 days were up, there were 2 statements filed. One from a guy named Henry Wright Jr. and the other was from a woman named Machall Mims, and in which the 2 statements were 3 and 6 months apart from filing date, Raymond Thomas, my common-law wife's uncle he states in court that he does not like me at all and that I was not welcome into his home, as he describes that I had on baggy grey pants, Nike sneakers, and a wind breaker jacket, which are not the clothes that are being worn in the video..And he says that those are the clothes that I was wearing the day the crime was committed, in which the video does not show any type of baggy pants, Nike sneakers, and windbreaker jacket, none of these are in the video.
Finger prints were taken at the scene of the crime , the prints that were found did not match my fingerprints, the video taken to the FBI crime lab ,,in which my attorney knew nothing about, so he could not bring it up in court, The FBI could not make a match on my photo and the assailant in the video, this was not brought up in court,, so that should tell you that my attorney did not do his job, to seek out witnesses on m y behalf, he did not talk to the witnesses that the prosecutor brought forth.. I only saw my attorney once and that was before my trial had begun.
And he did not ask me if I was guilty or innocent of the crime that they said I committed, he just promised that he could get me a life sentence and that was the end of our conversation and he left.
Later on in my appeal process, his paralegal assisstant helped work on my appeal with him, she sighted 30-40 errors in the case and advised Mr. William Reece to let another attorney take the case so that " Ineffective Assistance of Counsel" could be raised but he refused to let another attorney take the case, she quit working for Mr. Reece, and now works for the county clerks office in San Antonio.
I have been denied an appeal on this request of Ineffective Counsel....
I pray that I do not get executed for a crime I did not commit..But a bigger thought is that the killer is still out there running the streets. And probably , or already has, committed another crime....
I beg for any help that anyone of you can give me..
Kia L. Johnson #999139
Polunsky Unit
12002 FM 350 South
Livingston Tx. 77351

Phil in Paris
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done # 181

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Done 182 (I think) definately went through though

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Joy......I signed.....#191

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Done, I think I am 194? i did not look at my number. Buti signed

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Thanks everyone. This is going to be a long battle to save his life.

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I will keep in in my thoughts and prayers

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Joy, He will be in our prayers.

No. 201.


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Linda just signed. no. 203


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i was # 204

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I signed too...didn't notice the number though...

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signed and signed quickly.. Good Luck. I will keep him in my prayers

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God be with him and may the truth come out before it is to late. I signed also and I will keep him in my thought and prayers. debi

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I signed it also.

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I sign it!

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I signed! So did my mother, my 2 sister-in-laws, and my best friend....I wish I could do more...

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**** signed ****

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Done! Number 226...and now I am crying because that story just made me absolutely sick! He is a very strong man, I admire his integrity and strength that was shown through his words! take care-

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Just signed a couple of minutes ago while on another site.

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I signed Good luck

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#280. signed.


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Signed #282

Judge Not
04-14-2003, 01:59 AM
and I'll be in constant prayer for you... The system never ceases to amaze me...

Good luck and keep the faith...

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signed #552

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I tried to sign but maybe I was to late. It said the petition was stopped.

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Want signed ....and what I read...???

Sorry, but the petition Stop The Execution of Kia L. Johnson #999139 was stopped.

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I tried to sign but the petition has been closed at the request of the sponser.

Kia, his family and friends are in my prayers.

06-10-2003, 06:29 AM
Hi, i am a 29 year and living Sweden. What the hell is wrong with your law system over there? You have serious problems with crimes in your country but it wouldnt solve the problems with a death penalty. Most of the crimes occurs when you have so many weapons in your society. I think it is terrible to hear that Kia Johnson is probably innocent and going to get executed for a crime he didnt commit. I wish i could help him. How can anybody be sentence to death if they where not 110% sure? I tried to sign the petition but it was stopped. Why? The meaning “eye for an eye” doesn’t work in your country, maybe if you have Islamic Sharia law like in some parts of Nigeria. Your country always wants to stand in the front line of many things and should act like a good example for others countries, but with this, shame on you. I hope, in the bottom in my heart that someone will stop this execution.