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04-01-2003, 08:38 PM
Fed -X, I have some questions about the 1/2 way house that maybe you can answer for me.

1 - When do you know if /when you are going to the 1/2 way house? Are you notified by a letter or something? Are family members notified?
2 - How does it work exactly and are the stipulations the same for everyone? What about weekends?

Thanks for your help! :)

04-07-2003, 12:45 PM
(I split this into it's own thread out of the thread by CaliforniaLee)

Federal inmates will be contacted by their Unit Team/Counselor letting them know that they are putting in for 1/2 way house. This is usually done 3-6 months prior to the projected entry date into half way house. If you are eligible for 6 months of 1/2 way house, they will talk to you about it at least 3 months prior to the 6 month eligibility date. They will also contact the family and the federal probation department will send someone to the address/home that you plan on residing in after you get there, if you have one. I specified my parentís house and they sent a U.S. P.O. out to talk to them for a few minutes. If you don't have anyone in the area, I believe that is alright also though they try and press you to list someone.
Many people don't have anyone in the area they are going to be released to and end up leasing an apartment from 1/2 way house.

As for stipulations, there is a general set of rules to follow but every case is different. The 1/2 way house does not have to accept you. Not everyone got the full 6 months back when I was there. I got almost the full six months but some may only get 4. It depends on your conduct inside and bed space available at the half-way house. I have been hearing that they are not releasing to the 10% date now, which is less than 6 months for most inmates.
Each person may have different stipulations once they reach the half-way house. Many people have to go to drug program related stuff. Everyone has to take UA's and Breathalyzers on a regular basis. Usually 2 times or more a week. Randomly.