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05-06-2005, 10:35 PM
why do the women at alderson working in the kitchen only get 12cent an hour, while the men at gilmore and morgantown get more money on the hour. also i was told that at beckly, wv that if the men get their ged that they get 6 months off their sentance while the woman only get 25dollars for getting their ged. why is it so unfair to woman in the federal prisons. does anyone know why this is happening.

05-06-2005, 10:50 PM
NO ONE, men or women, get 6 months off of their sentence for getting their GED. It simply does not happen. If you refuse to attend GED classes, however, you will lose good time credit. Instead of 54 good days, you only get 42 if you refuse to work towards obtaining your GED. Here is a link to the policy:

There is a pay scale in federal prison that is the same for men and women.

Maintenence pay: $ 5.25 per month
Grade 4 .12 per hour
Grade 3 .17 per hour
Grade 2 .29 per hour
Grade 1 .40 per hour

Different jobs will pay differently. When I was in Alderson I made .17 and then .29. When I was in Bryan I worked in Education, started out at .12 and eventually got to .40.

The pay scale does not differ for men and women, but the job itself and the length of time an inmate has been at that job does play a factor.

People who work at UNICOR make more than that. There pay scale is different, but the same for men and women.