View Full Version : Article: Tallulah prison dedicated as adult substance abuse center

Phil in Paris
04-25-2005, 05:58 PM
TALLULAH, La. The prison in Tallulah, one of Louisiana's most notorious, formally ended its transition today from heavily criticized facility for youth to rehabilitation center for adult inmates with drinking and drug problems.

Ordered closed as a youth prison by the Legislature in 2003 after years of scandals, locals lobbied to turn the buildings into an educational center, including a high school and a community college. But Louisiana's Department of Corrections had other ideas.

Last June, adult offenders -- those with multiple drunk-driving convictions, for example -- began arriving at what is billed as the state's first such treatment-incarceration facility.

The Steve Hoyle Rehabilitation Center was formally dedicated today by Corrections secretary Richard Stalder, in honor of a former department employee. There are 245 inmates confined at the Tallulah facility.

Assistant warden Robert Rachal says the state had to add guard towers, razor wire, and new fencing -- mostly absent during the prison's troubled career as a facility for youth.

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