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06-15-2003, 06:30 PM
Finally the State of Kansas has entered this century and now has an online inmate database, "KASPER"...

Kansas Dept. of Corrections - Online Inmate Database (

Public Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository (KASPER)

KASPER is a database which contains information about offenders sentenced to the custody of the Secretary of Corrections since 1980. KASPER contains information on offenders who are: currently incarcerated; under post-incarceration supervision; and, who have been discharged from a sentence.

Use of the search engine may return to you the status of an offender currently incarcerated or on postrelease supervision within the KDOC system, and is a useful tool for learning where an inmate is housed, the inmate's race, date of birth, whether an offender has been released to post-incarceration supervision (parole, conditional release, post-release supervision, compact probation or parole), and where that offender is under supervision. The database does not have information available about inmates sent to Kansas under the provisions of the interstate compact agreement.


Please Read Carefully!

The following is public information made available pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-221). While the information is believed to be accurate, the State of Kansas, the Kansas Department of Corrections, their employees or officers, make no warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Further the Kansas Department of Corrections assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, product, or process disclosed, nor represents that its use would not infringe on privately owned rights.
This information is made available to the public and law enforcement in the interest of public safety. Any unauthorized use of this information is forbidden and subject to criminal prosecution.

Any person, agency or entity, public or private, who reuses, publishes or communicates the information available from this server shall be solely liable and responsible for any claim or cause of action based upon or alleging an improper or inaccurate disclosure arising from such reuse, re-publication or communication, including but not limited to actions for defamation and invasion of privacy.

All complaints regarding the accuracy of information returned by this search should be submitted, in writing, to the Kansas Department of Corrections c/o Public Information Officer, 900 SW Jackson - 4th Floor, Landon State Office Building, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1284, or via email to

Information Available Through This Search

Public KASPER contains records for adult offenders (inmates, and individuals under postincarceration supervision) who have been sentenced to the custody of the Secretary of Corrections for the State of Kansas and/or are supervised by the Department of Corrections, and for individuals who are serving a sentence imposed by the State of Kansas but who are currently housed in another state. The database also includes information about individuals who have been discharged from their sentences.

Offenders adjudicated as juveniles are remanded to the custody and/or supervision of the Juvenile Justice Authority, therefore their records are not contained within the Public KASPER database.

Probationers sentenced in the State of Kansas are under the jurisdiction of the sentencing court and are supervised at the local level. Requests for information about a specific probationer should be made to the appropriate sentencing court. Information about probationers is not included on Public KASPER.

Limited information regarding parolees or probationers under a sentence imposed by another state and living in Kansas under the terms of the Interstate Compact Agreement may be available. However, currently a more reliable source for this information is the Compact Parole and Compact Probation lists. These lists are updated on the first working day of each month.

Offenders and parolees can be discharged from their sentences in a number of ways, including (but not limited to): completion of the period of postincarceration supervision, discharge from prison after having served the maximum term of the sentence, termination of the sentence by a court or governor (pardon), and death.

Other Public Information Available by Contacting KDOC

Even though covered by the Kansas Open Records act, it is not feasible to make some public information available in the search engine. You may request information regarding a specific offender's sentence structure, institutional disciplinary record, custody classification, conditions of supervision (excluding special conditions pertaining to mental health or substance abuse counseling); and supervision condition violation(s) actually resulting in revocation. To request this information you may: (1) write to the Public Information Officer, 900 SW Jackson - 4th Floor, Landon State Office Building, Topeka, Kansas 66612-1284; (2) telephone the Public Information Officer at 785-296-5873; (3) fax the Public Information Officer at 785-296-0014, or (4) email the Public Information Officer at

For more information about the Kansas Open Records Act, go to the Kansas Open Records Act and Public Information web page on this site at

How to Search this Site

Enter the requested information into at least one of the boxes to return search results. To narrow a search, fill in or select as many search fields as possible. See below for descriptions and examples of the search fields.

KDOC Number: This is the identification number assigned by the department and is the primary means by which the department identifies offenders. If you know this number, it is not necessary to complete any other search fields. If you are not certain of this number, it is best to leave this field blank.

Last/First Name: In the Last/First Name fields, the search will return all matches whose names begin with the letters you type. For example, you may enter "will" and the search will return will, wills, william, williams, willis, etc. This makes searching by name easier if you don't know the correct spelling.

Search Aliases: If this box is checked when a name search is conducted, all aliases will be searched. If the box is not checked, only committed names will be searched.

Social Security Number: If you know this number, it is not necessary to complete any other search fields. If you are not certain of this number, it is best to leave this field blank.

Birth Range: Enter the earliest possible birth date (MM/DD/YYYY) and the latest possible birth date (MM/DD/YYY) for an offender to further refine a search. Using this search criteria will limit the search to offenders born between the two dates. (Is particularly helpful when searching for offenders with common names like Smith or Jones.)

Gender: You may select Male or Female if you want to narrow the search by gender. If you do not know an offender's gender, choose "Both" or leave blank to return both genders.

Race: You may search by a specific race if desired. The default is "Any."

The Kansas Department of Corrections updates this information on a daily basis (Monday-Friday, except holidays) to ensure that it is complete and accurate. Please keep in mind, however, some information can change at any time and this site may not reflect the true current location, status, release date, or other information regarding an offender.

For additional public information, or if you have questions or comments, please contact the Department of Corrections, Public Information Officer, at 785-296-5873, or email:


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It looks like the Kansas DOC site in its entirety is down right now. It may be just temporary - they may be updating/changing or having technical difficulties with the site. Will try to keep an eye on it and post if it comes back up again...