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04-18-2005, 07:03 AM
Here is an update from my last post....

I was so upset on Saturday when my father in law didnt come through to take me to see my husband...all I wanted to do was curl up on the couch and cry, but something was nagging me to get out and handle my business and start looking at houses again, which I was planning to do on Sunday, after I got to see my husband...but since that didnt happen, I started a day early.

And what a difference a day makes! I had been talking on the phone with a homeowner from California that had a 3brm 2bath single family home in Lithonia, renting for $800 a month. (considering I was paying $1200 for my last place in Virginia- a condo, this is incredible to me!) I hadnt planned on going to see it until Sunday, but I called her and low and behold, she was already in town and willing to see me Saturday night. So when my girlfriend came home, we hopped in the car and drove to the house. I instantly fell in love with it. I has a huge backyard, a fireplace, washer and dryer already in the home and get this: A JACUZZI TUB! Ahh, the possibilities! (May 2006 needs to hurry up and get here! LOL)

So we talked for over 2 hrs. and clicked instantly. She said if I wanted the house, it was mine. I accepted. No application fee, no credit check, no nothing...God is so awesome! What is so funny is that there were 3 other couples there that were looking at the house, but she mainly stayed with me, showing me things, exchanging decorating was so wild to connect with her the way I did...I am too excited!

Then on top of that, I GOT TO SEE MY HUSBAND ON SUNDAY! My sister in law called me and said if I wanted to use her car to go see him I could...She didnt call until 7am, and his visit was from 8a-1pm, and I live an hour away from where she is, so I had to hurry up and shower, get dressed and get dropped off in Griffin. My mother in law decided she wanted to go as well, so I didnt have to drive alone. I got to Griffin at like 10am, then hightailed it on the highway to get to Wheeler before his visit was over. He called me while I was on the road, found out I was on my way and got off the phone to get showered! I got to Wheeler at 12:30pm and practically had to beg the sargeant to let me see him for those last 30 min...which he did. My husband walked into that visiting room and it seemed as if all that I had been through in the previous 24hrs was forgotten. He held me so tight and kissed me and I felt so good, even if it was only for 30 min...I hadnt seen him in six months, so 30 min was good enough for me. When the visit was over, we stood in the visiting room with him for another 5 min. and then we had to go..he kissed me one last time, hugged his mother and that was it. But I loved every minute of it. We didnt have time to take any pictures, but I will be going again next week and I will be getting all my time this time! I am so happy that I got to see my thanks to my father in law. But it was God's plan for me to get that house, which I wouldnt have done if I had been at a visit on Saturday!


04-18-2005, 07:10 AM
PRAISE GOD!!! May God continue to bless you and your husband!


04-18-2005, 10:46 AM
I'm glad that everything worked out for you. I am learning that when one door is closed, another will open up for you. It's a hard lesson to learn, but it helps to know when things aren't going your way.

You can find some really nice houses here in GA that aren't too expensive compared to like CA or other places in the country. That is one really good thing about GA.

I'm glad your visit went so well. I hope things continue to go well for you.


04-18-2005, 11:44 AM
God is Good!! I am happy things worked out for you.

A Jacuzzi------woo hoo!!!! Go ahead and stock up on candles and bubble bath--lol!


04-18-2005, 12:39 PM
that is such an awesome story!!!! :)
I am so glad all worked out according to His plan.. :)


04-18-2005, 12:45 PM
That is so good. Yeah God is working even when we think he's not :)

Keep us posted on the new place! And after 6 months I know you are still floating on Cloud 9 from your visit. Looks like the move to GA is going to be good for you all.

04-18-2005, 12:52 PM
$800 a month for a 3bdrm 2bath house??? Congratulations on that find!!! I'm glad you got to see your husband if only for 30 minutes, that's all you need sometimes especially when it had been so long since you last saw him. I bet next weekend can't come fast enough!!

04-18-2005, 12:56 PM
I had been getting discouraged, because in the 2 weeks that I had been here, the nicest place that I found was a 3brm 2bath for $1200...the same that I was paying in Virginia for a 2brm 1 bath. So it was more space, but I was trying to save money, so I kept looking for somthing cheaper. All the other places that were between 8 and 9 hundred dollars were either too small for if and when we decide to have more kids (sooner than later is my prediction) or not in the right area I wanted to be in. So this was truly a blessing for us.


04-18-2005, 08:22 PM
Great! God always knows what he is doing....we just have to be still and be open to it! I am happy for you!

04-18-2005, 08:51 PM
The Lord is always on time....:) -- Congrats

Stay Blessed


04-18-2005, 08:58 PM
That is a blessing sent to you, both the house and your husband, I am so happy for you.
Good luck with your new home.

04-19-2005, 11:04 PM
That is wonderful news like I always say the lord has the last say. I hope he see fit to bless me with a great find such as yours when i move back to ga. from cal. in Oct.
god bless you in future events, and also be with you on visiting days.

04-19-2005, 11:10 PM

04-20-2005, 06:24 AM
GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD! Congrats on the house, I know you deserve it. Have fun with the hubby this weekend....and not to much smoochin :p