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12-03-2004, 07:32 AM
Jan. 2005 MS. CURE meeting

Good Morning Everyone,
Looking forward to 2005 for MISSISSIPPI CURE!!! We have made many wonderful contacts in 2004.
I am looking at 1-15-05 to meet in Jackson, MS. to "regroup" and have our first 2005 CURE Support Group meeting.
This meeting will be very important because we are in hopes of setting up volunteer Support Groups from different areas of MS. to have meetings closer to families of our Loved One's. I have a great lady who has volunteered to take the NE area of MS. Also I was contacted by new member from Philadelphia MS. who may be able to take on one of our Support Groups or assist with someone. He will be speaking a little at the Jan. meeting and I want you all to meet him. He has been in the "system" and is a very young man who has a LOT of enthusiasm to work with inmate ministries. He has "been there and done that" and is very knowledgeable of MDOC. Most importantly he has a real big heart!!!
I will send more info when I have the meeting place arranged. Anyone interested in staying over a night also let me know. Maybe we can work out something to share some rooms at a reasonable fee for all of us. This would be a great time to just "get together" and get to know each other better.
Would like to know what you all think of 1-15-05 as a date set for this meeting.
The special Dec. issue of the National CURE newsletter should be in the mail soon. If you are not on our mailing list just contact me.
Have a great Holiday season and pray a special for all of our Loved One's in the system this time of the year!!! & FAMILIES!!!!

Peggy Miller..MS. CURE Support Group Leader

12-17-2004, 05:00 AM
Good Morning,
Mississippi CURE representatives attended a meeting yesterday with Mr. Steve Holtz. He is in charge of "Dietary" at the State run facilities.
The meeting went very well. Information will be shared about this meeting when we all meet on 1-15-05 for our "Support Meeting" in the Jackson area.
In the meantime we were asked to give out the following information and I do not think this needs to be delayed to get this information out to all of you and please help pass the word.
BASICALLY WRITE LETTERS!!! The inmates need to write letters ( we saw some recent examples from inmates). Here is the proper procedure for CMCF and Parchman ( oops sorry I did not get exact info on how to do this from SMCI but I am sure the inmates will know how to get this to him).
1.CMCF..Put letter in an envelope sealed and across the envelope write " Steve Holtz". I would suggest that a family member have a copy of this letter or even mail me a copy for my files if desired to do so.
2. Parchman...HAND MAIL to Steve Holtz P.O. Box 639 Parchman, MS. 38738
You may PM me for Mr. Holtz email address or Mississippi CURE'S mailing address.

Peggy A. Miller
Mississippi CURE "Support Group Leader"

12-17-2004, 08:21 AM
Mississippi CURE representatives attended a meeting yesterday with Mr. Steve Holtz. He is in charge of "Dietary" at the State run facilities.
There is no way I will be able to come to Jackson for the meeting, but I would like to know more information on how this meeting went with Mr. Holtz. What exactly was discussed?

12-31-2004, 10:43 AM
Mississippi CURE Support Group

1-15-05 1PM-3PM

Happy NEW YEAR!!!!
We are getting organized for a FANTASTIC meeting. We are looking forward to this meeting as we "pass the TORCH" to Suzan David to begin the Support Group in North/ Central MS. We are still looking for a leader in Central/South regions of MS. So if anyone in interested please contact me or we can chat at the meeting.
We are planning a 2 hour meeting. As some are new to our group I will explain how our agenda works. We will have speakers the first hour and the last hour is "Care & Share". Please try to attend and bring your friends that may benefit from our meetings.
I want to thank Holy Resurrection Church for kindly opening their doors to Mississippi CURE.
Any questions feel free to call our MS. CURE toll free number 1-877-819-9663
Hope to see you ALL there!! We have many things to discuss and plans for 2005 as we move forward in "strength and numbers" to be assistance to families in their "Dark Valley's". Your Loved One's are VERY IMPORTANT TO US!!! WE DO CARE!!!
Here is a link for those who can open it as to the location of our meeting and the directions (
If you have problems opening that link I am also enclosing the location.
For our "supporters" that reside to far to travel to or can not attend our meeting please remember us in prayer.

Peggy Miller
Mississippi CURE Support Group Leader

01-16-2005, 12:51 PM
Hello Everyone!!!
We had a GREAT MEETING in Clinton MS. yesterday ( 1-15-05 ). We had several wonderful guest speakers and lots of informative discussions. We are planning the next Central/ South support group meeting on the Gulf Coast 1-29-05. The details are not yet complete. The Central/ North support meeting will be on 2-22-05 and that hopefully will be at Ole Miss in Oxford. Those details are not complete yet either but please be thinking about these 2 meetings and if it is where you can attend. We will try and keep you posted but as we have posted in a message above we will have the January newsletter posted to the Mississippi CURE webpage in the next few days. As well as the UPCOMING EVENTS!!!