View Full Version : Muskegon visitors and 4th of July

03-04-2005, 05:16 AM
Just finished up making all the plans for our annual 4th of July party and wanted to throw out an invite to any and all that may be around Muskegon during this time.

There will be food fun and fireworks. We are still debating the live bands again this year, that will be decided soon. And new this year we are adding a "Pucker Sno-cone table" I just tried these out not too long ago :thumbsup: of course we will have the regular Sno-cone table for those under 21 :p

Don't worry about a place to stay, if for some reason we can't squeeze ya in the house we have extra campers and tents available.

The only real rules we have here are respect for everyone and (this is the biggest one) if you are planning on consuming adult beverages you either need to have a sober designated driver or you WILL be staying here, your life is precious and we will take your keys. Other than that it's pretty much just a fun time.

Oh ya, it goes on rain or shine, we have several canopies to keep everyone dry and I also provide the 2 - 4 $1 rain ponchos. Last year it rained pretty much all day but it was still a go, the band played from noon till 8pm and we were out there dancing like fools in our rain ponchos. Kinda looked like we were Indians doing rain dances :D

Hope some of you can make it.

03-04-2005, 06:47 AM
I already told you I would be there...Its on my calendar. That whole week is my own to vacation with. I think Ill start on that side of the state and venture onto the otherside as the week goes by. Naturally, I always celebrate my birthday this week since its so close to the 4th. I might just have to celebrate early. (Got any babysitters available!!!) LOL

03-04-2005, 10:15 AM
WISH I could come :( My kidlet drives in an area demolition derby on the 4th so we make it a family/friend thing every year!

03-04-2005, 10:21 AM
Wow, sounds like you're gonna have a good party. Hope all goes well!

Lions Heart
03-04-2005, 11:04 AM
I might like to come as well. My life is pretty chaotic right now so who knows what July holds but I definitely would like to come as well.

03-04-2005, 12:15 PM
We'll see what happens that is also very close to my birthday and we usually go up to Cran's reservation around that time for the Indian Picnic.