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Well, I have been a member of PTO for awhile now and cannot begin to share with you the thanks I have for the warmth and love I have been shown. It is now time for me to share with you Daniel's story. I realize that this is putting our business out there like never before - and that is a risk that he is now prepared to take in the fight to share his story and fight for his cause..for our lives and for the here it goes, Daniel's Story Part #1...

In 1996 A Robeson County Jury that convicted Daniel Green of themurder of Michael Jordan's father, Mr. James Jordan just a weekearlier spared the 21 year olds life and refused to sentence him to death.

On the sentence recommendation sheet the jury stated that they did not believe that Green "murdered James Jordan or intended his death".

They went on to state that they believed he was present and showed reckless disregard for James Jordan's life.

This contradiction in the jury findings is magnified by the fact that there was no evidence presented by either the prosecution or by the defense to support the jury's conclusion. The prosecution's case was that Green shot Jordan in cold blood as he slept beside a North Carolina highway. The presented one witness, the other man charged with Jordan's death who had signed an illegal plea bargain that practically guaranteed he would serve less time for the murder of James Jordan and other violent crimes that if he had never murdered Jordan and had been sentenced to a fraction of the sentence for his earlier crimes.

The defense's case was supported by five alibi witnesses with no
criminal records and no incentive to lie for Green (two of the
witnesses had known Green for less than a month), three officers who worked for the state – One who was threatened with and did lost his job for testifying on Green's behalf. Other witnesses and physical evidence proved that Green was not present during the murder of James Jordan.

Members of the jury told Jet Magazine that they chose to spare
Green's life because some members of the jury "did not believe that Green killed Jordan."

These circumstances proved that Green's conviction was what is known in legal circles as a "compromised verdict". This is when evidence does not exist to convict a defendant but they jury has been convinced by other means (such as public pressure or the belief that the defendant should go to prison) to keep the defendant off the streets.

Since the jury found that Daniel Green did not kill James Jordan,
contrary to popular belief and that prosecutions assertion, the
murder of James Jordan has not been truthfully solved.

The murder of Michael Jordan's father, James Jordan and the
prosecution of Daniel Andre' Green, one of the teenagers charged in his death is a study of how justice is often undermined by the abuse of prosecutorial discretion, by the media being used as a propaganda tool by law enforcement and by the Public Defender's office lack of financial resources to adequately represent indigent defendant.

This case is also a reminder that institutionalized racism and social bias are still prevalent in rural America and are often delitescent factors in deciding who will play the role of scapegoat when a community purges itself of its own guilty conscious for failing itself and it's children.

The American justice system should ideally serve three primary
purposes: It should ideally serve three primary purposes: it should provide catharsis for the victims, their families and the community,the justice system should deter others from breaking the laws that protect the higher interest of society and last but not least our justice system should safeguard the Constitutional Rights of the Accused. We should all agree that the provision of catharsis for the many should never come at the expense of violating the sacredness of any individuals Constitutional Rights. In principle these aims are
the foundation of justice in a democracy and allow us to proudly
claim "the world's greatest justice system"; but in practice we have a long way to go.

Preconceived notions and our desire to confirm them regardless of the truth- is partly why an innocent man was convicted of the murder of James Jordan with nothing more substantial than the word of a man with a history that demonstrates a propensity towards using violence for gain and who was facing death if he did not lie on Daniel Green.

Read On…

On August 5th, 1993 a stripped Lexus registered to Michael Jordan was found by a state trooper in the outskirts of Fayetteville, N.C.

When the officer contacted the security firm representing the Jordan family he was told "…find the body and keep it quiet." The next day a body, found in McColl, S.C. on August the Third and subsequentlycremated, was identified as being the remains of James Jordan,husband and father of seven children including basketball icon,Michael Jordan.

There was no way this shocking misfortune could be kept quiet.

When it was discovered that the elder Jordan had been murdered the news media impiously attributed his death to the gambling debts of his son. The media even went as far as to suggest that Jordan wasthe victim of a mob hit in retribution for Michael Jordan throwing games. This was a ridiculous conclusion to draw for anyone who had ever seen MJ play with a passion and competitive nature unmatched by anyone in his era of that game. No one left it all on the court like "Money Mike", the progenitor of the going-all-out, ball `til you fall philosophy that has transcended the game and is now so prevalent in the Hip Hop generation.

Yet, in true vulturine fashion, the same industry that made millions from this one man's skill and mass appeal couldn't resist the opportunity to capitalize off of the Jordan's tragedy by laying the blame at Michael's feet.

When un-cashed checks were found in the office of a murdered bail
bondsman earlier, the media tried to hold Jordan responsible,
portraying him as a man so domineering and competitive that it was not beyond the realm of possibility that he could be involved to avoid paying a debt that was peanuts to him. When the investigation exonerated him you could almost hear a sigh of disappointment from the media. "What a story that would've been" seemed to be the popular consensus of the media.

When the news media realized that they could not substantiate the
rumors they had generated linking Jordan's murder to his son's
lifestyle they redirected their focus to sensationalizing the arrestof two North Carolina teenagers.

On the night of August the 14th, authorities from the Robeson CountySheriff's Department, the N.C. State Bureau of Investigation and the F.B.I. surrounded the residence of Daniel Andre' Green, and 18 year old African – American teenager who had been recently paroled from N.C.'s Department of Corrections after serving a few months shy of the maximum of a six year sentence for assault with a deadly weapon with the intent to kill.

This conviction, a miscarriage of justice was later vacated and overturned in Robeson County Supreme Court on the basis that all the evidence proved that it was an accident in self-defense and that Green's lawyer, was ineffective in representing him and other clients. This lawyer, Frieda Black, an Assistant Public Defender had accepted a position with the District Attorney's office in Durham, N.C. and in a rush to clear her calendar had neglected her clients.

The fault was not hers alone. It was revealed that the Public
Defender's office did not have the resources to adequately defend
criminal defendants, practically guaranteeing them 2nd class
representation. Even with a staff of dedicated lawyers, this problem remains today.

According to phone taps, Green called Demery and told him that hishome was surrounded by men with guns and urged his friend to comeover to provide "…some back". Demery, on the other line with his fiancée Angela, thought that Green was playing a practical joke onhim and clicked back over to continue an argument with the woman whowas carrying his child, a child that Demery had asked Green to be Godfather to.

Daniel immediately called back and revealed his realization that the men with weapons were police officers. He told Demery to give hismother enough money to bail him out. He expected to be arrested for possession of stolen goods.

Daniel was taken into custody following the advice of this mother herasked for an attorney to be present during questioning. He was toldthat an attorney was en route. With this the weapon brandishing oficers began an interrogation of the minor that would last for seven hours.

The officers used every tactic available to intimidate Green into
confessing and saying that Demery had murdered Jordan, including theillegal practice of questioning "outside Miranda".
This strategic method of circumventing the constitution includes
intentionally with holding Miranda Warnings, ignoring requests for counsel, and lulling the target into not asserting the Miranda Rightsthat they are intentionally kept ignorant of.

It soon became obvious to the detectives that Green was misleadingthem and lying to protect his friend of ten years. Even when Greenwas told he would receive three to ten years for accessory after the fact if he signed a statement implicating Demery, he refused.

Daniel told the investigators that he had just spent two and a half years in prison for a crime he was not guilty of because he
cooperated with the police. (This is the conviction that was
overturned by attorneys from the N.C. Death Penalty Resource Centerand law students). He has no reason to trust the police and he didnot intend on helping them send the friend he loved like a brother to
death row.

In a final play to gain Green's cooperation, he was told that "Mr.Jordan has a penchant for young boys and girls" and had "probably tried to force Demery into having sex with him." An investigatorwould repeat the former allegations to a newspaper years later. To support this allegation Green was told that James Jordan had severalchildren out of wedlock from young girls and even accused Jordan of sexually molesting his own daughter, Deloris Jordan, several of herfriends and employees of the Jordan family.

When Green expressed his disbelief about these accusations and
questioned why these things were never in the news, detectives toldhim that money could buy silence. The investigators then suggestedto Green that Demery killed Jordan in self-defense after Jordan came onto him. Green agreed that it was "possible but not probable".When Green still refused to co-sign the investigators attempt toclose the case without regard to the truth he was taken to amagistrate and charged with the murder of James Jordan.

Unbeknownst to Green the authorities went to Demery's home shortlyafter Greens phone call to Larry. Based on descriptions of Demerygiven by the men who had stripped the Lexus in Fayetteville, N.C.Demery's cousin, a Robeson County Sheriff's Deputy, identified Larryas the man they were looking for.

After receiving Green's call, Demery concealed himself in a bean
filed near his home. When the officers left he returned home wherehis parents demanded that he turn himself in. They accompanied himto the Robeson County Sheriff's Department in Lumberton, N.C. Thiswas a trip they had made many times before.

A few years earlier, Demery had started getting in trouble. At firstit was petty crimes like destruction of property. His next charges were breaking and entering. First personal property, then aneighborhood store. Around the same time he began abusing crack
cocaine and was committing crimes to support his habit, including
stealing from his parents repeatedly.

Instead of receiving proper treatment in a drug program he was givenprobation and received counseling for underlying psychologicalproblems that stemmed from being subjected to physical abuse at the hands of his father and watching him abuse his mother. When he dropped out of school it was because of the pressure he was under at home; not because of a lack of intelligence. In fact, he is highly intelligent and well read. The friendship Demery and Green sharedwas based on their common interest in books.

Demery increasingly became more violent. He robbed a local
character "Pitt the Bean" and beat him for making a remark to
Demery's fiancée Angela. He and Daniel Oxendine robbed a store near their high school and beat the owner who was so traumatized that he closed the store down.

The final crime he committed is when he and several others robbed a Pantry store and Demery hit and old woman in the head with a brick. The violence he was subjected to at home war magnified by him in order to support his addiction. In each of these crimes Larry Demeryeither acted alone or he was the leader and instigator, he was notthe passive follower that the state portrayed him to be to give credibility to his testimony in the Jordan case.

Many of his peers considered him to be weird but he was no devoid ofredemptive qualities that inspired loyalty in his friends including

When Black students integrated Union Elementary School Demery was the first to befriend Green. In 3rd grade Demery game a speech at a Black History Month program in which he voiced his support for the Blackstudents and proudly proclaimed Daniel as being his best friend.Shortly afterward the two boys became blood brothers in the pre-aidsritual of exchanging blood. They entered science fairs, break dancing contests and book reading competitions together. They stayedat one another's homes and even fought together – mostly when Demery would help his Black friend in an overtly racist environment.

Most importantly to Green was the simple fact that Demery stayed intouch with him when Green was imprisoned for the charge that was later vacated.

Upon Green's release Demery told him about his crack cocaine
addiction, Green promised to help him stay clean and Demery promisedto help Green get the money to fulfill his goal of going to the School of Arts in Miami, Florida.

Approximately a month after Green's release he , Demery and a third party robbed two couples at a hotel on the spur of the moment.Demery brandished the weapon, Green collected the spoils. A monthlater the investigators of Jordan's murder were using the sameintimidation tactics in interrogating Demery that they had used on Green. They even threatened Demery with "a needle up your ass, son"in reference to the death penalty.

The officers finally restricted to outright deception, telling Demery that Green had fingered him in the murder of Jordan and that the only way to save his own life would be for him to place the blame on Green.

Fatigued, scared and feeling that his best friend had betrayed him,Demery wrote a statement that portrayed himself as an unwilling participant that was merely present when Green surprised him by killing Jordan in his sleep. By the time Demery found out that the investigators had tricked him into lying on his best friend, it wastoo late to tell the truth without placing himself on death row.

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**Forgive any typos and such - and length...but worth the read

Woody's Girl
02-25-2005, 09:52 AM
ooh, I read it, yeah, long and alot of typos, but yet and still very interesting.
We- never got the whole story behind this case and it seemed very funny to me at the time of the murder how they had like 3 different scenarios as to how Mr. James Jordan died, to what may have led up to his death. But this is overwhelming to hear that the young man who was found guilty of the crime, actually did not shoot and kill Mr. Jordan. In this whole thing you wrote though, (cause I still don't quite understand) Did Daniel have _anything_ to do with it? Was he there, did his best friend actually do it? or was neither of them around and his best friend just felt betrayed, therefor, he told on him first? And the crime is still an unsolved one?

03-10-2005, 12:16 AM
Yea it was a rough draft just wanted to put it out there - Daniel did not have anything to do with the murder - altho had knowledge after the fact - they are both on lock down for this case. His friend with the lighter sentence.

ooh, I read it, yeah, long and alot of typos, but yet and still very interesting.
We- never got the whole story behind this case and it seemed very funny to me at the time of the murder how they had like 3 different scenarios as to how Mr. James Jordan died, to what may have led up to his death. But this is overwhelming to hear that the young man who was found guilty of the crime, actually did not shoot and kill Mr. Jordan. In this whole thing you wrote though, (cause I still don't quite understand) Did Daniel have _anything_ to do with it? Was he there, did his best friend actually do it? or was neither of them around and his best friend just felt betrayed, therefor, he told on him first? And the crime is still an unsolved one?

03-10-2005, 06:00 AM
justice?? scary...

03-10-2005, 06:08 AM
Funny how things that come to light...rather significantly aren't at all used to further the cause of "justice" in our great nation.
This is so sad, and not at all what the media put out there.

I wish the best for Daniel. May true justice find it's way to him.

03-10-2005, 06:30 AM
I just want to say thank you for trusting us with his story. I am so sorry that this kind of "justice" is what rules our society.

03-11-2005, 11:41 AM
Interesting story and thank you for sharing! I must say the media did not help with this case at all either in my opinion. It was a very high profile case due to Michael Jordan - and all you ever hear really is the stars say "we are just normal everyday people please treat as such" hard to do when everyone else around them isnt doing the same!! Once again thanks for the story at least the "real" story is there for us to read!


03-11-2005, 03:46 PM
I didnt read or even hear about the case, but hearing this story really saddens me, and makes me mad too! :( :mad: I really hope that something works out for both of them. I will keep them in my prayers, that the truth comes out.

01-21-2011, 04:19 PM
No question about racism when it comes to the prison system (im white and im sickened by it) but i think that`s a whole other topic, when it comes to this story. Yes there have been many rumors floating around. Jordans betting, rumors of his dad being homosexual. Not sayin he is. But if my son is multi-milionaire? I SURE AS HELL AINT SLEEPIGN IN RREST STOP PARKING LOT! I dont even like taken pisses in those! So that will always be out there. Just look at the injustice this yr, Big Ben RAPES A GIRL! Not even a doubt! Cops let the video tape get taped over (came back to get eh next day?) the bathroom that wasnt cleaned in 20 yrs, was suddenly cleaned? I wanna throw up! Cops shoudl be fired too! My 15 yr old pitbull just passed, so dont ge tme wrong. What Vick did was sickening, but raping a drunk ass young girl? I wont say anymore! If Ben was black? Hmm? Im white and i know this, dated mixed girl for1 0 yrs and many black friends and it makes me sick how the world is. But racism is a whole other arguemnt buddy. If yo uare tryign to say these guy sdidtn kill his father? Well in that 20 minute article, were is the answer to "if didnt kill him, why were they driving his car?" THATS FACT! Yes, we all know what goes on in those questioning rooms. But, you cant tell me they were driving his car, yet didtn kill him? Just a little piece of evidence you somehow left out? There are 1000s of other cases that are a joke, i dont this one is buddy. Black or White? Jordan is not letting the guys who killed his father walk around free. Your talking bout race? Well injustice mostly comes from poverty. Jordan does not have that problem buddy. Im 100% with ya on all the oth er injustices going on. But too waste all that time on a case that coudl be more open and shut? CRAZY! If you wanna talk about WHY? Ya, that somethign i would liek to truly know, biut MJ will never reveal the truth even if there was something shady. But to say those guys are in prison cause black? WTF? So your theory? He was murdered and killers just walked away levign that sharp ass car there. And these 2 innocent dudes jsut saw the blood soaked empty car and took for a joy ride. That your theory? Cause you NEVER explained why they were driving his car? HUGE part to leave out! YES THE SYSTEM IS RACIST AS SHIT! But how you have discussion race for the most popular black or white person on the face of the earth? CRAZY!!!! Like i said, Jordan can hire the best invesitagators in the country, dont think MJ is tryin to put away 2 inncent black guys. Thats crazy talk. And the part about him not being executed? Was also rumors about the killer not mentioning he was gay if ddint get executed. Heard that one also. Think you estimate MJ power, greatly!!!!

02-03-2011, 10:33 PM
Is this ur man? I feel sorry for him and I swear NC is very messy with their work and the judges are even dirtier..My man is in NC also.

12-08-2011, 05:37 PM
How is a 18yr old a minor? And his friend got the same sentence he got. I don't know if he killed James Jordan but why did he have his rings and phone? Why was the murder weapon found on his property? Why did he help dispose of the body? If the jury didn't think he was guilty why did they find him guilty? I don't believe that the media influenced this case back then as they would today. I live in Chicago and I had to google this case just to see the outcome. It wasn't a huge deal because info wasn't as easy to get like it is now. I hear they may reinvestigate this case because of the lab work done but the prosecutor sounds pretty confident that the other evidence is strong enough for this convictions to stand. Good luck to you and Daniel cause God has the final judgement.