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needing help
02-20-2005, 06:36 PM
Another thought: By supporting excessive sentences for non violent, drug related first offenders, the DOC is supporting their own prison system, but taking taxpayer money away from Medicaid and Education. Wouldn't it be better to provide health care to low income people, than to ask the taxpayers of Georgia to support the prison mentality whereby prisoners in ga are made to serve seven times ordinary guidelines in prison, compared to what they serve in other states? What does this tell you about the mentality of the state of GA? Are they interested in good health care for low income people, or do they support keeping men in prison to work for nothing in order to perpetuate the plantatiion/slave mentality in the state of ga.? It's all about pollitics. Vote with your heart, and ask the state senators in your district about their stand on this issue. Insist that they tell you what they believe. If they don't support your
agenda, don't vote for them!