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01-22-2005, 05:56 AM
Hello! I'm Fairly New Here, A Couple Of Weeks, Very Glad To Have "wandered" Into This Site, Its The Best, Lots Of Information And Lots Of Questions Answered. My Question: Anybodies Man In "chino", And If So, Has He By Any Chance Mentioned To You What Its Like In There......what Are Visits Like, Are They Strict, Is It Dirty, How Are The Co's, Whats The Food Like, Just Basic Information Like This.... My Man Is In Central Reception And Doesn't Tell Me Much When He Writes To Me, Just That He's Doing Ok And For Me Not To Worry, But Thats Not Enough For Me. So If Anyone Any Info They Can Share, It Would Be Greatly Appreciated................:d

01-22-2005, 11:36 AM
Well just your luck!

My mans been up at Chino for 5 months and despite what is currently going on up there.... He likes it! Now, it is still prison but compared to Donovan it's much easier. Chino Central Reception as my man wrote me is very old, cold, but they take you to yard daily and have an excercise program that is mandatory, so all inmates have to work out for 30 minutes a day. (good to aleviate frustrations) Canteen access is fast so they get what they order in days not weeks. My mans impressions of the C.O.s at Chino has beeen very positive, mine as well when I visit. Chino has been there since 1941 so a lot of the C.O.s as well have been there a long time, know the program and treat you with respect.

Visiting at Chino is a breeze, probably the easiest I've encountered. For Central, West Reception and the MSF yard you just show up, they process you within minutes and after your clear to enter the facility it's off you go. You walk down this long road between buildings that makes you feel like you're back in 1941. It reminds me of an old style military instillation, lots of small buildings and houses, then large grass fields and tons of trees.
Unfortunatley for Reception center inmates all visits are behind glass and one hour only. But if your man gets mainlined up at Chino, he'll either go to the MSF yard (minimum support facility) or the Del Norte Unit on the East Reception Facility. All inmates on those yards have jobs so they have something to occupy their time. On my mans yard it is quite easy for him he works 5 days a week, gets contact visits every weekend (when allowed)
and gets along with his fellow inmates.

Visiting on the east yard is sooooooo easy! there is never a line and the C.O. that checks you in there has been a C.O. for 20+ years and is very cool. So overall my impression of Chino over the one other prsion i've been to has been very positive for a prison.

I'm sure you are aware that Chino is in a declared State of Emergency until Feb 9 and the facility remains in lockdown. Mail service is now back to normal.