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  7. Where's my REAL Fed Wifey's at??
  8. pogo game site
  9. How has your bedroom changed since he's been gone?
  10. Can you remember what your last meal together was?
  11. I Cried Yesterday
  12. Would you move to be closer? Have you?
  13. oh Bother
  14. Going Crazy
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  27. Is Cutis girl from Colorado around?
  28. New TV series focuses on the witness protection program
  29. Parolee Allegedly Takes Stolen Car To Parole Office
  30. Mother In Law Had 3 Mini Strokes
  31. Paraguay Inmates Riot Over Lack Of Sex
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  46. Does mckean or schuylkill allow weddings
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  50. I'm having a bad day
  51. has anyone else been through this?
  52. Ticker help?
  53. The Day of Reckoning
  54. this is lame I know
  55. My Second Best Jail???
  56. "The value of contact "
  57. Congrats Ant's Wife - PTO Conference Design Competition - WINNER!!!!
  58. Does your man give feedback to your letters?
  59. Politicians not paying taxes
  60. NEW PTO Merchandise Logo Design Contest -$50 to be won!
  61. How can I help a heartbroken grandchild?
  62. Living like there's no tomorrow!!!
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  65. Big Brother/Sister spin off?
  66. Vent about people judging me
  67. Stressed
  68. Need advice from someone who has been in
  69. Has anyone heard of this site?.....
  70. the worst letter ever!
  71. 1 Week left for halfway house !!!
  72. Fed Forum Talk Threads - ALL MEMBERS PLEASE READ
  73. How do I confront his family?
  74. I got to see him!!!!!!
  75. Federal Friends and Family Talk Thread - May Edition
  76. How do you deal with his ups and downs?
  77. Happy mothers day
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  83. Relay for Life and Kenny Linn
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  85. OT: Writing a Book, Need Help
  86. Does anyone talk to Harold Durant ?
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  88. Wifes Ex
  89. Federal Friends and Family Talk August edition
  90. What "chores" will you be glad to pass on to your loved one when they come home?
  91. comic relief
  92. Feeling Down....
  93. How long till they adjust
  94. Please send me your prayers
  95. What would u do or think?
  96. Has your man/woman gotten any new tattoo's?
  97. September Federal Friends and Family talk
  98. Birthday Gifts?
  99. I don't know what to do anymore
  100. Was I wrong ... I need your INPUT ....
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  103. I thought we all needed a good laugh
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  106. Please help
  107. Happy New Year!
  108. 1st Quarter 2010 Friends and Family (Wifeys too) Talk
  109. Is anyone in contact with Monina or ScaredinNC?
  110. Federal Friends, Family and Wifey's Talk/ 2nd Quarter 2010
  111. Getting married on april 5th, 2010
  112. Scared... I have never pressed charges on anyone before...
  113. playing around with pto
  114. Weird convo with family member...
  115. Help record prisoners' poetry
  116. losing my family and friends
  117. bad food at prisons
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  119. I could really use a Conjugal Visit!
  120. I need your help Today Letter
  121. Book--what is the worth???
  122. Anyone from Rochester, NY????
  123. Sooo Happy!! My divorce is final
  124. I have to vent
  125. From an LDS online article
  126. Federal Friends, Family and Wifey's talk - 2011
  127. A little down today....
  128. New Years Resolutions & Recipes
  129. Hi everyone!
  130. When the dust settles
  131. Please read before posting in the Federal Forum Lounge
  132. There's an app for that (too)! Lol!
  133. Social security payments
  134. Eating healthy in prison
  135. Inmates writting letters b4 trial?..
  136. Thanks to all Vetts (Happy Memorial Day)
  137. The things they do to put a smile on our faces...
  138. Tattoos
  139. Where did aba go?
  140. Am I asking for a lot?
  141. The little things that bumm you out
  142. Divorce by an inmate who is going federal?
  143. What's up ladies
  144. Venting - we've been separated since July
  145. Cell phone vs Ereader
  146. Happy Thanksgiving Fed Forum!
  147. Holidays sad time...
  148. Merry Christmas to my friends in the Federal Forums
  149. A little humor...
  150. Federal Friends, Family, and "Wifey" talk - 2012
  151. Organized Group in support of convicted felons
  152. Prison changed my way of thinking (funny story)
  153. Ah bad weather...
  154. I dont understand? My Father passed away & my MWI is not being considerate
  155. Frustrated
  156. Five years!
  157. Happy Easter Fed Forums!
  158. F2F Support Group in Eugene, Oregon area
  159. Memorial Day
  160. Thanks to PTO
  161. Ever feel this way
  162. Happy 4th of July Fed Forums
  163. Bring back the good ole days sentencing
  164. Sudden changes - is he pulling away?
  165. Happy Thanksgiving MoTowners
  166. Happy Thanksgiving Fed Forums
  167. Inmates and tax filing/returns?
  168. Federal Friends, Family, and "Wifey" talk - 2013
  169. Announcing PTO's latest offering: Quarterly Newsletter
  170. PTO Easter Egg Hunt - Join the Fun!
  171. Happy Easter!
  172. Person living in household with Felony-Need advice
  173. Reminder: Deadline for RA applications is Tuesday
  174. Card Swap Event to Intro PTO Quarterly’s Incarcerated Friends & Fam Section
  175. I lost my father...
  176. Had a productive day!
  177. I will miss my "family" so much!
  178. I only send love...
  179. PTO Fall Quarterly Halloween jokes/short stories
  180. Song Dedications for PTO Quarterly
  181. Holiday stories for PTO Quarterly
  182. Ironically when he gets out my husband may get more federal healthcare.
  183. Depression?
  184. I hope you're having a great day and that you're being thought about!!
  185. Hello Again!
  186. Thank you PTO
  187. Lynne Stewart died