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  1. Help with Time Calculations in Louisiana Found Here!!
  2. Lousiana Probation and Parole Office Directory
  3. Adult Probation and Parole Regional Administrations
  4. Important phone numbers
  5. HeadQuarters' Executive Staff
  6. Is there a way to get your parole time reduced?
  7. How do you know if you get 35 days for every 30 served?
  8. Is His True If You Dont Have A Job When You Get Out
  9. Confused about new law 35 for 30 days
  10. How long will my friend be in jail
  11. Probation Question?
  12. Waiting for La. parole board to decide on extradition
  13. LA DOC vs TN DOC
  14. Phone number needed for Parole Date
  16. Women's Prison Release
  17. Where can I find parole info?
  18. I need help with parole info
  19. Does 35 for 30 apply?
  20. where to write?
  21. Is It Possible To Transfer Parole From La To Il ?
  22. ascension parish probation
  23. probation violation
  24. Just Curious
  25. Probation info?
  26. probation transfer
  27. Parole hearing
  28. release date
  29. Son paroled--Thank You ALL!
  30. Parole question??
  31. Getting married in a halfway house in louisiana?
  32. writing parole board
  33. Please help with questions - Can he be eligible for parole?
  34. I Have Info On Phone Numbers - DOC Louisiana
  35. don't understand time!! help!!! Good Time Credit?
  36. Just got out need help!! Organizations for ex-inmates?
  37. 5 months left what to do???
  38. Need answers please...When are they parole eligible?
  39. Jobs for Parolees
  40. please help with time calculation!!
  41. How much time will he do? Time Calculation
  42. Help with Time Calculations
  43. Support Letters to send to Parole Board - Where to send it?
  44. Does anyone know about Louisiana parole
  45. Questions about Release - David Wade - Louisiana
  46. Louisiana Parole Docket Questions
  47. Any kind of relief?
  48. Got a parole hearing!
  49. Questions Asked By Parole Committee
  50. Reassignment of probation officer
  51. Early probation?
  52. Pardons for life sentenced inmates
  53. Question about a parole hearing?
  54. halfway house question
  55. Getting good time transferred-HELP!
  56. Probation Question
  57. Medical Parole???
  58. Risk Review Panel/Heroin Lifers
  59. Non-Louisiana Resident Release
  60. Forcht-Wade Release Process
  61. My Inmate Messed Up Big Time...Insight on Probation Violation plz! :(
  62. Louisiana parole supervision conditions/Rules
  63. Getting off parole early
  64. Question on Housing, once released.
  65. How to Apply for Parole Hearing
  66. Early Parole Hearing but what about release date?
  67. Question about parole
  68. General Question
  69. First Meeting with PO
  70. Who can be a PO?
  71. Parole in Baton Rouge
  72. HELP! Felony probation with new c.sup case...
  73. Very Strange Probation Question
  74. Please tell me what this means!!!!
  75. Hope someone can clarify for me...
  76. Questions about release
  77. Questions
  78. how will he get home
  79. I need some answers please - parole violation time calculation
  80. What happens after parole is revoked??
  81. Home Incarceration
  82. Help/Need info on getting work release
  83. How does work release work? Private prison
  84. Court Order...or get back on parole?
  85. Help please/Question about Interstate Compact
  86. Need help on probation
  87. question about work release
  88. parole question
  89. Probation Question
  90. Need Information
  91. Parole help!
  92. Parole Question?
  93. Confused about parole dates
  94. **Update**
  95. They are trying to keep my boyfriend past his release date!
  96. Parole Hearing Question
  97. probation question??????
  98. Please help so confused on parole eligibility time
  99. work release for fiance
  100. anyone know d.o.c. headquarters phone#?
  101. Parole Date Passed!
  102. please help - when will he be eligible for parole?
  103. Time Calculation on Non Agg charge
  104. What is Detainer Probation & Parole(PNP)
  105. can a sentence be changed?
  106. work release programs in N Orleans? West Bank?
  107. Getting out on probation/parole- what are rules?
  108. Parole Release
  109. Credit for Federal Drug Program?
  110. Work Release? halfway house? Help!
  111. Changes for Violent Offenders From 85% to 65%?
  112. New parole laws passed Aug. 15
  113. The Sentencing Project WE MUST TAKE ACTION
  114. Parole revocation
  115. need information
  116. Rap sheet incorrect
  117. Need some help understanding what may happern
  118. Curious about time for husband
  119. Questions About Parole Date?
  120. Release Date Info
  121. New law to subtract days for prisoners?
  122. how long for Gov to sign off on release?
  123. Questions about Sentencing On a Charge
  124. Not getting credit for time served
  125. Question About Traveling on Probation
  126. What Are His Chances Of Making Parole?
  127. Restoration of Good Time--PLZ HELP!
  128. Need help with resources for inmate
  129. New Act for Violent Offenders?
  130. "Probation Bonds"?
  131. Questions About Work Release in Pointe Coupee Parish
  132. Fiancee is in work release and about to be charged for simple escape
  133. Parole or Early Release??????
  134. Credit for time on the streets?
  135. What is c.b.b (restricted area) at hunts?
  136. Paid Lawyer or No Lawyer????
  137. Question About Attending An Event While on House Arrest
  138. Help Change Laws
  139. Is there really a Parole board or does the chairman control the show?!!
  140. Questions About Parole Board and Work Release
  141. First Time Parole Question/Time Calculation Question
  142. 85% changing to 75 or 65%?
  143. Violating Parole
  144. What do inmate receive when they are Released?
  145. Act 649 recalculation
  146. Parole rehearing hearing
  147. Question About ACT 402 for Goodtime
  148. Questions about my honey's release date
  149. Detainer ?
  150. Early Release in Louisiana?
  151. Advice needed/Sentence Reduction
  152. Violated probation in louisiana
  153. Questions About Habitual Offender Laws?
  154. Try to get pardon after 17yrs, need advice
  155. Louisiana Suspended sentence
  156. Husband Went Before the Board/What Next
  157. Husband in jail with prob hold for misedemeanors please help!!!!!!
  158. Website for Parole Docket hearings?
  159. Please Help With Time Calculations
  160. Parole Transfer Question....
  161. Questions About Sentence and Good Time
  162. Parole violation Questions
  163. All parole hearings cancelled
  164. Under Act 649... Please Help
  165. DUI Probation
  166. Have a question about a parole hold please help
  167. Earliest Release Date?
  168. Question About Possibility of Parole
  169. Support Parole for the Elderly
  170. Omg please help I'm freakin out!
  171. Advice/Questions with dealing with the parole board
  172. *--Need Help Figuring This Out!!--*
  173. Questions About Fiance Being Paroled From C. Paul Phelps?
  174. Help Me Calculate His Release Date?
  175. Good Time Credits question!
  176. Please help me figure this out !!!!!!!!/Parole Hold
  177. Parole question please help!/Time served and street credit questions
  178. Questions About a Second Time Offender and Time Calculations
  179. Work Release Questions
  180. Parole Hearing Question
  181. Louisiana work release
  182. Work Release Facility Closer to Home
  183. We have a date!!!
  184. Sentence Calculation Please...
  185. Is it possible to be on parole & probation???
  186. First-time conviction pardon
  187. New Good Time Law?
  188. Time served from state to state? questions
  189. Early probation termination
  190. Turned himself in for violation
  191. Jobs for someone with a record
  192. Restitution
  193. Travel pass
  194. Missed Court Date while on Probation
  195. Off Shore Work Release Options
  196. Louisana -what happens now that he violated
  197. Parole Elgibility Date??
  198. Off shore jobs
  199. Help finding a Parole Hearing Date???
  200. Address Change During Parole
  201. Transferring parole
  202. Work Release Question
  203. Diminution of sentence
  204. Frustration with trying to get in Work Release Program!!!
  205. Do Violent Offenders Have a Chance at Parole?
  206. Trying to figure out time and possible IMPACT program
  207. I need advice, not sure what my hubby should do
  208. Eligible for parole after only 2 years?
  209. Trying to find out about parole hearings
  210. Parole hearing is schduled for after parole release date
  211. House arrest program??
  212. Possible early release?
  213. What Are The Chances of My Boyfriend Making Parole?
  214. Release dates
  215. Proposed House Bill regarding parole eligibility!!
  216. Credit for Pre-Release Classes?
  217. How do I Help My Wife with her Parole Revocation?
  218. Question about moving
  219. Need Help With Work Release
  220. College courses
  221. How long after granted parole will he get released
  222. Paroled in March, DUI in April / Will he be revoked?
  223. What are probation violation consequences?
  224. Parole Board Lost His Parole Packet....
  225. Inmate Locater System
  226. 2012 Legislative Session HB1026
  227. Release Date vs Action date
  228. IMPACT parole hearing
  229. Release date question
  230. Post Conviction Release Application?
  231. Work Release vs Halfway House
  232. What do I do with these Work Release numbers??
  233. Accumulation of child support?
  234. Video Conference Parole Hearing
  235. Appeals
  236. Confused and need help - parole and phone questions
  237. Work release for violent offender
  238. Release time
  239. Probation question, do they come to residence?
  240. Release date CONFUSION!!!
  241. Projected realese date vs good time & parole
  242. Question about release date vs parole date
  243. Master Record Sheets
  244. Possible to get a inmate's time reduced by contacting presiding judge?
  245. Help help help what does this doc mean new good time calc possibly???
  246. Legislation/Laws Question
  247. How much time is applied to probation and release date for a welding class?
  248. Rapides Parish Work Release
  249. We finally got a release date.. a lil confused about Good Time deduction?!
  250. 3 for 1