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  1. allen correctional
  2. Angola
  3. Caldwell Correctional
  4. C. Paul Phelps Correctional Center
  5. Drug Rehab in LA - Centicore - anyone know anything?
  6. info on St. Martin Parish Prison
  7. dixon correctional institute in jackson,la
  8. Louisiana Penitentiaries
  9. Madison Parish Prison?
  10. help - Blue Walters in New Orleans - Need address
  11. Orleans Parish Prison(Blue Walters)
  12. Police Barracks
  13. Richland Parish Detention Center
  14. Catahoula correctional center. Harrisonburge,La
  15. Southwest Louisiana Correctional Center in Basile, La
  16. Southwest Lousiana Correctional Center
  17. Angola again...
  18. southeast correctional center - basile, need info...
  19. Madison Parish Detention Center
  20. East Carroll Detention Center
  21. Dixon Correctional Inst.
  22. Angola building question
  23. Husband was transferred to David Wade
  24. Jackson Barracks in New Orleans
  25. FEDERAL Prisons in Louisiana (FBOP)
  26. Bossier Sheriff Correctional Facility
  27. Info needed about River Bend - Lake Providence, La
  28. Franklin Parish
  29. Jefferson Parish Correctional Center
  30. Location of Morehouse Parish Detention Center
  31. need info on lafayette county jail
  32. Franklin Parish Det. Center Packages
  33. police barracks Baton Rouge
  34. Bazille, Pineview and Plaquemine
  35. new to me - need mailing, address, visitation info on Tangipahoa Parish Jail
  36. Tangipahoa Parish Jail
  37. Do you have someone in Angola Prison?
  38. looking for info on Tangipahoa Parish Jail
  39. LaSalle Correctional Center
  40. What are visiting days at David Wade Correctional?
  41. OK Ladies I need info on some Facilities!
  42. Need info please on East Carroll Detention Center
  43. Can you help get somone transfered?
  44. Does anyone know about E. Carroll or Richland
  45. East Carroll Detention Center....
  46. Info on detention centers in Lake Providence, La
  47. Elayn Hunts Corrections...
  48. Address for Police Barracks in Baton Rouge
  49. Information on Baton Rouge Please!
  50. St. Martin Parish Prison
  51. What about Wade?
  52. Help For Steve Hoyle in Tallulah, LA
  53. Avoyelles Parish Simmesport Correctional (Women's Prison)
  54. Phones at West Carroll Detention Center
  55. info on breaux bridge please
  56. Need Help/Info on WCDC Area for Visit
  57. need info
  58. Basile Detention Center
  59. Any info on JENA-Rapides Parish,LA?
  60. Avoyelles Correctional Center
  61. can anyone help - Innocent Project of Louisiana
  62. I need help my husband is in St. Tammany Parish Jail
  63. Need to contact hubbie
  64. Know of someone in St tammany or Covington jail in Louisiana
  65. Any one know anything about Lake Providence?
  66. Collect calls-Natchitoches to N. Wisconsin
  67. Forcht Wade Correctional Boot Camp
  68. Looking for contact info for Rayville DC
  69. When are visitations at West Carroll Detention?
  70. Beauregard Military Base in Pineville
  71. Lincoln Parish Detention Center
  72. Oakdale Louisiana?
  73. Franklin Parish Correctional????? help
  74. I guess its now Welcome to the Louisiana Prison system
  75. Does anyone know about Union Parish Detention Center/Farmersville
  76. Looking for info on River Correctional Facility in Serriday
  77. Does anyone know anything about River Correctional Center in Serriday??
  78. Richland Parish Detention Center Info
  79. Caldwell Correctional Center??
  80. Allen Correctional Center
  81. Dixon Correctional Institute (DCI)
  82. Elayn Hunt Correctional Center (EHCC)
  83. Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP) - Angola
  84. Washington Correctional Institute
  85. Winn Correctional Center
  86. Avoyelles Correctional Center (AVC)
  87. David Wade Correctional Center (DWCC)
  88. Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women (LCIW)
  89. C. Paul Phelps Correctional Center (PCC)
  90. Work Training Facility North (WTFN)
  91. BDCC in Webster Parish.....looking for info????
  92. West Carroll Detention Center Visiting Information
  93. Lafayette to Dixon Correctional
  94. rayville la prison
  95. DOC or other....what's the difference?
  96. Forcht Wade Correctional Center (FWCC)
  97. Bossier Sheriff Correctional Center
  98. Terrebonne Parish Criminal Justice Complex Houma, LA
  99. Caddo Parish Correctional Facility
  100. Louisiana State Angola,la.
  101. Directions to Winn Correctional
  102. ANY info. on Forcth Wade Correctional Center PLEASE
  103. Need info about Richwood in Monroe, Louisiana
  104. Local Parish Facilities Info
  105. My son transfered from Angola to Winnfield - looking for info
  106. Can and can't send to Madison Parish
  107. Phone schedule for Madison/? about Evercom
  108. son in Forcht Wade Prison
  109. State Juvenile Facilities
  110. Info. of Allen Correctional Center
  111. Information needed on Bayou Dorcheat Correctional....
  112. "good' time
  113. Catahoula: Intro & Inquiry
  114. Does anyone know what to do?
  115. Washington Corrections Institute
  116. Transferring To Another Facility
  117. Looking for info on Gretna
  118. Visiting Friend at WCDC-What is it like?
  119. Prison Websites
  120. Education at WCDC
  121. Richland Parish Detention Center
  122. WCI vs Morehouse
  123. does anyone no anyone at calcasieu correctional center
  124. The Truth Please
  125. Claiborne Parish Detention Center
  126. abusive treatment
  127. Calcasieu Correctional Center
  128. I Finally Did It
  129. Information on River Correctional Center
  130. Union Parish
  131. Seeking Information on LCIW
  132. Louisiana Womens prisons-bootcamps
  133. Info On Steve Hoyle Rehab Center
  134. Steve Hoyle Rehab in Tallulah
  135. Looking for My Dad
  136. My Son Got Transfered!
  137. New Rule for Vending Machines at Winn
  138. Prison not delivering his packages!
  139. Testimonies to the future
  140. Info for "Rivers Correctional" in Ferriday, La
  141. Private or DOC ??
  142. Catahoula or Area 51?
  143. Prisoners Of Katrina [**VIDEO DOCUMENTARY**]
  144. Riverbend Parish Detention Center Info?
  145. Jackson Parish Correctional?
  146. New to Forcht Wade, need basic information
  147. Looking for loved one in LA
  148. Anyone At LaSalle Correctional Center?
  149. LaSalle Correctional Center
  150. Can anyone help me PLEASE with info about a prison in Louisiana named J. B. Evans Cor
  151. Concordia
  152. HELP! West Carroll Detention Facility
  153. Help!!!
  154. Forcht-Wade
  155. Camp Beauregard-Dabadie ????
  156. IMPACT bootcamp
  157. East Baton Rouge Parish Prison
  158. Transfered To A Place With No Beds????
  159. JB EVANS Update........
  160. Wonderful news....non violent offenders released
  161. How long will a person be held at a transfer facility?
  162. Crack-Cocaine new law
  163. How long is it going to take?
  164. Which facilities use prisoners to work in the fields?
  165. Discovery "Locked Up" DCI Episode Listing
  166. Transferred to David Wade?
  167. Concordia Parish in house Rehab
  168. Does Anyone Know Anything About Webster Parish Work Release Facility?
  169. What is "T.U." at Angola?
  170. Medical Lockdown in Louisiana DOC???????
  171. Louisiana Prison Documentaries
  172. HELP!!!Need to know more about Richwood Correctional Center in Monroe
  173. Death Row Angola
  174. Arrested by Lt. Mike Rowlan Metro Narcotics Unit Ouachita Parish Louisiana
  175. Lousiana Prisons
  176. Madison Parish Correctional Center in Tallulah
  177. River Corrections
  178. Anyone at Allen CC
  179. Ccc
  180. Looking for Info on Ft Wade
  181. WCDC - West Carroll Detention Center - please post any info
  182. My Father is incarcerated!
  183. Looking for info on prison in St Gabriel?
  184. Livingston Parish
  185. Riverbend in Lake Providence,LA
  186. Natchitoches Parish Detention Center
  187. Iberia Parish Jail
  188. HELP Concordia???
  189. They moved him to West Carroll
  190. What prisons have hard labor
  191. Claiborne parish
  192. Medical Consent/Angola
  193. Visiting Angola
  194. Help find my long lost brother,please
  195. Sending money
  196. Need info about St.Tammany Parrish Prison.
  197. Now is the perfect time to pressure Louisiana Legislators
  198. Does anyone have information on Jackson Parish correctional center in jonesborro ,La.
  199. Phone Calls from Winn Correctional Center
  200. Son transfered
  201. Places to stay near Angola
  202. Info about Richland
  203. No visits because of swine flu...
  204. Weird Question
  205. Sister in Calcasieu Correctional
  206. Angola cuts back visiting days
  207. Unschooled abt prison. St Tammany Jail
  208. Diminution and commutation of sentence for good behavior
  209. Anyone know the release process from Angola?
  210. Release Date
  211. Conjugal Visits in Louisiana
  212. Madison Correctional in Tallulah
  213. August 15, 2009, Smoking Ban goes into effect
  214. I'm so lost...i need info on hunt prison and impact program!!!
  215. OPP women's lockup/dorm
  216. River Correctional Center
  217. Angola!!! Who do I need to contact for mistreatment?
  218. my hubby is nowhere to be found!!
  219. Caldwell detention center in Grayson, la
  220. Madison Parish Visitation Changes
  221. Inmate Treatment Concerns @ Angola Unit - La
  222. Anyone Heard of Tensas Detention in Waterproof Louisiana?
  223. In Need of Some Direction PLEASE - Maximum Security Facility
  224. Hey Everyone... I Need Some Info On Elayn Hunt Correctional....
  225. Why Is No One Writin Me Back!!!!!!!!
  226. Need some info on Lousiana Parish Jails
  227. Camp J: if you screw up there?
  228. concerned....Pollock Lockdown Status? Update
  229. **Brrrr** heater is broke in Angola
  230. Marriage Questions
  231. Ouachita Parish Corrections Center
  232. Info about Winn Correctional
  233. ques about la doc priosns
  234. Need info on Avoyelles Prison In Louisiana
  235. LCIW phone calls help!
  236. Help?!?! Richwood Correctional Center
  237. Bossier Max Facility
  238. Anyone know about w.w. Rayburn correctional center?
  239. Anyone know about w.w. Rayburn correctional center?
  240. Anyone know about st. Bernard jail?
  241. Camp J Questions
  242. Early release?
  243. I really need some help!!
  244. Rayburn Correctional Center in Angie. LA
  245. Need a little help about a sentencing
  246. Need help with sentencing
  247. Anyone know about Jackson Parish Correctional facility in Jonesboro?
  248. Angola Drug Test
  249. Catahoula Correctional Center
  250. Jackson Parish Corr Ctr - Jonesboro