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  1. No contact order~ how does this work???
  2. Why do women stay?
  3. Battery! What types of classes is the inmate expected to take after released???
  4. a very generic question
  5. Question about modifying a Restraining Order
  6. What is Domestic Violence?
  7. Who are the Victims?
  8. take the plee or fight the case????
  9. Am I hopeless?
  10. Pertective Order....
  11. What do i do?
  12. New To Forum/thanks To All
  13. What would you do?
  14. Has Anyone Ever Attempted To Contact Him Inside
  15. I need to retract my statement
  16. help need advice
  17. should i be worried about this
  18. What will happen?
  19. No Contact Order
  20. alwmost same as need help retracting statement
  21. Restraining order questions
  22. Do you remember the first hit or violent act?
  23. Are you a victim of or a survivor of Domestic Violence?
  24. Abuse of Battered Women services
  25. Question
  26. Vengeful ex trying to continue DVO
  27. Do/Did you find yourself having issues with trust?
  28. batter intervention question
  29. Does anyone else get mad at their DV counselor?
  30. Intimate Partner Violence
  31. Victim of DV, finally have RO, but still being harrassd and put in fear by his family
  32. How long does it take the emotional and physiological scares to heal?
  33. Will you be okay when your abuser is released?
  34. Little things are shaking me up
  35. Do you ever wonder why?
  36. Have a question!
  37. Trying to get your new relationship to understand
  38. Is this a violation?
  39. help please
  40. i think back...
  41. What Can Be Done
  42. Will I be allowed to visit
  43. Do you agree they NEVER change?
  44. need help
  45. felons and guns (I need help)
  46. Need Answers! Domestic Battery charge...
  47. Dv-how long before you get over it?
  48. Is this considered Domestic Violence?
  49. New - Includes Intro and Questions
  50. Need help, friend in dilemma
  51. Special conditions[no contact with spouse]
  52. Need Advice RE: Isolated incident following stroke
  53. All of a sudden a new contact order but don't know why
  54. first offense
  55. Do you believe I am strong enough?
  56. Just trying to sort things out
  57. Charged with CDV
  58. How do you approach someone about leaving their DV relationship?
  59. A Question about Protective Orders
  60. Anyone the victim and still with them?
  61. fyi: indiana
  62. how to leave?
  63. I need to find him help!
  64. Writing a book about domestic violence?
  65. which state is the least strict on dv
  66. I have been subpoenaed to testify
  67. I feel like my world is spinning!
  68. What's the link between addiction and abuse?
  69. Restraing orders-Getting it changed
  70. Arrested over an argument (no violence, no threats)- how to fix this?
  71. second time abuse
  72. Help, I'm worried sick!
  73. Arrested for 243 (e) 1 in California
  74. What if he pleads "not-guilty"?
  75. Jealousy Factor
  76. my past my hunt me!
  77. 16 year old & restraining order
  78. How likely is it that I'll be safe?
  79. Threatened suicide as manipulation tool?
  80. Do I enforce the restraining order?
  81. Pending case but no domestic violence accured!
  82. Hi! I'm new to this forum.
  83. What does "no offensive contact" mean?
  84. No subpoena, but asked to appear in court
  85. I'm NOT the stereotype!!!
  86. Got scared at Restraining Order Hearing and Left, Can I file again?
  87. What am I Going to do?
  88. Restraining Order With Contact?
  89. Refuse to testify?!?!
  90. Victim of Domestic Violence
  91. Testifying and Custody...
  92. What are my options, they say I cant go to court.
  93. Will i ever feel safe?
  94. How to get an Order of Protection Removed?
  95. What are the warning signs of future violence?
  96. Just act not cry
  97. First arrest, both of us abusive
  98. Should I just say to hell with the child support?
  99. Why did he choose the abuser?
  100. Baby daddy is a convict
  101. PTSD and Domestic Violence
  102. I need advice - will prison really change his abusive ways?
  103. Is this possible, that I could be arrested for DV instead of my abusive husband?
  104. Resources on Verbal violence.
  105. What's the lasting damage from abuse?
  106. Ohio question about DV dismissing/dropping charges
  107. Suicide - What do you do when your husband threatens himself.
  108. Why is he not allowed to see me now that he's out? (Domestic violence)
  109. Help! My Besty got into it with her EX- girlfriend....
  110. Does anyone see anything linking substance abuse with domestic violence?
  111. Confused, Pregnant, and Crushed!
  112. Offfenders program california question
  113. What unusual behaviour should I be looking for?
  114. Friend is a victim..long
  115. 12 traits of an abusive relationship
  116. What will happen - His family say they will lie in court.
  117. Confused about domestic violence need info
  118. Nervous about possibly being called to testify
  119. I have until Monday to decide whether to press charges/Please help!
  120. Superior court charges modified?
  121. Should I contact my (abusive) husband's PO?
  122. Court Again!
  123. Victim Blaming!!
  124. The 'no contact' rule
  125. Victim Impact Statement
  126. Has anyone filed a civil suit against their abuser?
  127. Tips for Testifying in Court
  128. Verbal Abuse...has it happened to you and how did you deal with it?
  129. What is considered DV?
  130. Do you think once abusive always abusive?
  131. What Advice or Resources Are There For Male Victims of DV
  132. Can his past DV arrests/charges be brought up in court?
  133. Can abusers be cured?
  134. Finally called 911... now what? HELP!
  135. Chances of having domestic assault battery charges dropped in Louisiana
  136. No physical violence but need perspective
  137. My story someone help ????
  138. Brain Lesions...
  139. My story
  140. How much time could my man get for a new DV charge and absonding
  141. Why do guys have to be the same?
  142. Can anyone relate to this
  143. Need advice as the victim
  144. What can be said so the victim doesn't return?
  145. Need advice on what to say
  146. Does the NO CONTACT ORDER also apply in prison?
  147. Abuser on parole got put back for domestic-verbal abuse
  148. If you're the victim of dv can you still visit your offender?
  149. Child endangerment
  150. Can the DA build a case for DV with the police report & pictures?
  151. Is it normal for abusers to outright deny abusing you???
  152. Was anyone's abuser offered a plea?
  153. Psychopathy Checklist
  154. The real deal?
  155. I have past history of dv relationship now with a dv charged inmate??
  156. Anyone here have a DV on their background report?
  157. Domestic Violence and Child custody/visitation
  158. TBI (tramtic Brain Injury) an excuse to be violent???
  159. My boyfriend got arrested for domestic violence. Just want to know what wil
  160. Abuser getting out of prison soon
  161. Court ordered criminal protective order?
  162. Court order restraining order placed but victim won't stay away?
  163. Abuse from jail
  164. Did the abuser tell you its your fault he beat you?
  165. Why did I help my abuser when he was arrested
  166. Do you remember your last hit / act of violence from your abuser?
  167. Domestic violence is it considered a violent crime
  168. Will he want revenge when he gets out?
  169. The moment you knew you had to get out?
  170. I would love to see a commercial about dv!!
  171. No Contact Order? HELP.
  172. Finding out status of an inmate at Maplehurst (Milton, Ontario)
  173. One more Time
  174. Help needed for a friend./Updated.
  175. What are the chances of husband paroling to my address if I'm the victim?
  176. Is this domestic violence or no? By legal definition?
  177. He had me jailed, he picked me up, NCO, can I leave state w/parents?
  178. Can We Get Married If My Boyfriend Goes to jail on a DV Charge?
  179. Is involuntary sex considered abuse?
  180. I need to be honest...
  181. Parole home
  182. Domestic Violence Q & A
  183. What Now