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  1. Parole Board and Local Newspapers behind removing Governor form parole prosess
  2. Husband up for parole this coming week on the 17th
  3. 2004 Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Schedule.
  4. Parole
  5. Please help with "our" parole
  6. Dates for Jan. 2004 Parole Hearings Changed
  7. Parole Hearing
  8. parole file to the govenor!!!
  9. Oklahoma ex-offender resource website
  10. Pardon Record
  11. Parole Question
  12. Letter To Parole Board-help
  13. early parole hearings
  14. I need any information I can get about parole transfer to Oklahoma from California
  15. Electronic Monitoring Bill Is Signed and is Now a Law. Here is Guidelines
  16. CORRESPONDENCE/Parole Board
  17. Drugs readily available in prison?
  18. Re-entry: Giving ex-offenders a fighting chance
  19. National News Last night
  20. Heads up Oklahoma!! scam!!
  21. Oklahoma parole steps
  22. Organization works to free ex-convicts
  23. (Shadow)Procedures Of The Pardon And Parole Board
  24. OK Cure meeting on parole packets
  25. Oklahoma parole board members
  26. write ups in jacket files
  27. Parole hearing recorded or taped?
  28. Trying to make a difference.
  29. Makes sense but will they actually do it?
  30. Husbands 40th birthday!!!!!!!!!
  31. missing lawyer in Tulsa we need help fast please
  32. I missed OK CURE parole packet meeting did anyone go?
  33. New Parole Member
  34. End Is Finlly In Sight!!!!
  35. Looking for LINK....
  36. Grant and Inmate's children
  37. Question about terms
  38. PTO Information Valuable
  39. From ohio offered 6 years deal in sayre OK. drugs
  40. Please immediate assistance!!! OK 6 years
  41. request??
  42. Oklahoma Parole Brd Changed rules
  43. What to do now..parole process questions
  44. Omg~~~ We Are Actually Almost There
  45. For our love ones who smoke!!!
  46. Totally freaking out
  47. Can anyone recommend Attorney?
  48. Prison Guards - an interesting conversation
  49. Anyway to speed up parole process?
  50. Parole Hearing Tomorrow
  51. Parole Stuff :)
  52. Oklahoma Resources For Former Inmates?
  53. How long before parole hearing if you want to appear in person
  54. Parole ???'s (again)
  55. What do I do to help with Parole Hearing??
  56. After parole is granted...
  57. Home from Parole Hearing
  58. ANOTHER Parole question
  59. I have a Parole question
  60. Going for Parole in March????
  61. 2005 Pardon and Parole Board Schedule
  62. Petitions and Support Letters?
  63. need help with letter to parole baord
  64. Parole Question
  65. Parole Addy update
  66. Lexington Parole Hearing
  67. Feb Parole Hearing
  68. Feed back on new pardon and parole IN Oklahoma news?
  69. Parole Denied
  70. Removal of Governor from Parole Approval
  71. Parole hearing question
  72. Anyone heard of getting "early" parole?
  73. Job referrals for soon to be released inmates??
  74. Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board Tips & Help
  75. Pardon and Parole makes no sense
  76. Pardon and Parole Questions
  77. Is the Parole Board Paroling??
  78. New web site for ORRG {reentry & reintegration}
  79. Need help understanding OK parole system
  80. Help needed in starting the parole process.
  81. home check
  82. paroling to city or out of state??????
  83. What if parolee goes to live w/alcoholic bro?
  84. Parole On The First Date????
  85. Probation and Parole Question
  86. Leg Monitor/parole
  87. Husband made his parole and is coming home
  88. I Really Really Need Help...... (requesting inmate jacket for parole review packets)
  89. Need Oklahoma parole information
  90. Appealing a parole decision
  91. parole questions again
  92. parole results
  93. His Parole Hearing Is @ JHCC...
  94. new parole date
  95. New to this & looking for information on parole packets
  96. Parole Coming up soon!!!Questions....
  97. Help with packet for release
  98. Question about mailing parole packets
  99. Help parole member letters...
  100. Sentence modification questions (1 year review)
  101. Desparate Daughter (early parole information)
  102. PArdon and Parole Board-Are they paroling right now?
  103. Searching for Medical Parole info
  104. Help for those getting out
  105. Probation revocation questions
  106. Any one have experience with the leg monitor program?
  107. parole question - What does "held for further review" mean?
  108. need info on a parole situation
  109. Oklahoma/1 yr Review?
  110. Long Time Coming...How do you prepare for parole?
  111. Why would there be no trial? Can you appeal without trial?
  112. Pre-Trial Time Served
  113. Judicial Review
  114. Need info on filing for early parole
  115. Dad contacted my probation officer to conduct drug testing
  116. Community; Work Center; Halfway House
  117. Seen Where Someone Was Needing Help With 1 Year Judicial Review
  118. Parole Packets, use the same one from last time or a new one?
  119. Marriage and Parole-will it help with parole
  120. please say a prayer for my cousin's parole
  121. Parole posted on p&p site?
  122. Probation Officer vs Sentencing Judge - Does the PO have to follow probation order?
  123. Halfway house - What are they allowed to have?
  124. help i need to no what all this means - reading parole report
  125. Looking for a good Re Entry Program
  126. Need Help-PLEASE! Preparing Parole Packet
  127. Going out of state while on Probation or Parole, does he need permission?
  128. Does anyone know about a work release program?
  129. Need help from someone that knows about parole...
  130. Questions about parole hearing
  131. Housing assistance after he gets out?
  132. Sentence Reduction/Judicial Review Help Please!
  133. not 85%- but firearm charge as maximum?
  134. parole
  135. Need help on Tulsa rentry assistance..
  136. Early Parole Post conviction Release OKLAHOMA
  137. parole board Oklahoma, will low risk offenders be let out early?
  138. Today's The Day!
  139. Indigent Inmate Parole
  140. Need advice, suggestions please!
  141. Pro-Bono
  142. Parole Investigator-How much pull do they have?
  143. Chances of parole
  144. Letter to the Editor, Oklahoman
  145. calc please
  146. Marrying a prisoner?
  147. Modification
  148. Parole article
  149. parole transerf out of stae
  150. advice Help please
  151. Just a question
  152. I had a question about probation transfer.
  153. Link to Full Text of Interstate Compact Agreement - all States
  154. lengthy but covers alot what felons can and can't apply for
  155. Any chance of getting out early?
  156. question about probation in oklahoma
  157. question about probation
  158. rules and regs for probationees
  159. gov. out of parole process
  160. Parole Process Questions
  161. Probation
  162. Oklahoma housing and jobs for sex offenders??
  163. Called the P & P Board
  164. Housing for ex-offenders
  165. pardon help
  166. OK DOC Website and parole
  167. Letter to the Editor re: Removing Governor from Parole Process-Tulsa World
  168. Transfer to Oklahoma from Texas
  169. Parole for inmate convicted of murder?
  170. Balance suspended upon completion need help
  171. Brother, prosecutor protest killer's parole bid
  172. Chances for Early Parole Hearing?
  173. Parole...How long does it take?
  174. Question ref registry
  175. Need to find convicted felon's probation officer
  176. Parole vs. Judicial Review
  177. Packet for Judicial Review??
  178. Gov. being taken off parole board?
  179. Letter to Parole Board Members
  180. Interstate Compact-Oklahoma Question
  181. ? about parole packet
  182. Question about parole?
  183. Going up for parole
  184. I procrastinate TOO much with putting together this parole packet!
  185. Crushed...
  186. need help with something!!!
  187. His date changed to 09/9999 for parole hearing date????
  188. i need to no what happens when he get to come home the day he is released
  189. I have a question on this parole situation
  190. Parole questions?? Need help!!
  191. Parole?
  192. Parole Hearing Date shows 03/9999 what does that mean?
  193. Living Conditions
  194. Parole Vs 1/3 of 5 years
  195. help please-time served question
  196. question-release first time before the board?
  197. help! what to do about poor representation?
  198. 85% to 65%
  199. Personal recognizance bond?
  200. write up while in parole process?
  201. Need help concerning judicial review
  202. Please help- modification info
  203. Need help finding a pro bono lawyer!
  204. Release Date Help
  205. Letter to Prole Board Members
  206. Help please-What are chances of making parole?
  207. Judicial Review
  208. misconduct issued while papers are sitting on Governors desk
  209. Need info on Pardons? MIL has cancer
  210. The governor takes forever!
  211. Who sends report for review?
  212. Today was D-Day!
  213. How long does it take to be processed out?
  214. He needs a court date
  215. oklahoma probation HELP
  216. oklahoma probation help
  217. Okay, the number of paroles makes no sense
  218. Court tomorrow!!
  219. OK Parole Lawyers
  220. sentencing/afcf question plz help
  221. Help with question about Avalon & parole board
  222. 85% crime law
  223. Parole
  224. Parole for Life Sentence
  225. Question about early parole
  226. Parole date disappeared
  227. Parole hearing Monday!
  228. OK Pardon & Parole- FYI
  229. HELP??? parole hearing decisions
  230. We are almost there!
  231. Level 4
  232. Questions about parole and moving yards...
  233. How long did it take for parole process?
  234. Early Parole Question
  235. Personal appearance
  236. Governor questions?
  237. Questions about Parole and letters?
  238. Parole/Probation Atty
  239. Investigator's Recommendation
  240. Parole; where do I start?
  241. Work Release
  242. Early parole?
  243. May Re-entry Forum
  244. parole investigator
  245. Confused on time served & credits
  246. hobart work center
  247. James crabtree info
  248. Minimum Packet Signed!!
  249. Please help! Tipping off Probation Officers.
  250. Medical question