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  1. Arizona DOC "good time" credits
  2. Activism/Advocacy in Phoenix, AZ
  3. Any information on early release for inmates?
  4. What are the rules of a halway house?
  5. Question about parole and Interstate Compact
  6. Charged with violating itenerary
  7. New Law???
  8. Is there Halfway house in Mesa?
  9. Help!!!! (Looking for advocacy group for AZ inmates)
  10. Does anyone have a list of Mesa Halfway houses?
  11. Does anyone know what time they release inmates?
  12. Help me figure the time please
  13. I need information about a Rule 32?
  14. Can Someone Help me with RELEASE DATE...
  15. Can you get a passport while on unsupervised probation?
  16. Does anyone know? A parole question.
  17. News on Clemency Hearing
  18. Should I call my pals counselor?
  19. Can my ex be paroled to my house even though we're not married?
  20. Any one know about Prison Activist's
  21. Petition for parole for AZ inmates
  22. Programs for Families of Adult Offenders
  23. Given incorrect information on clemency
  24. Questions About Half Way Houses
  25. Is it true they only have to serve 85% of their time?
  26. Truth-in-sentencing - Are there any updates?
  27. What is Arizona like for you and ex-convicts?
  28. Question about 50%-65% bill
  29. Clemency... grrrrr....
  30. Employers for felons?
  31. Parole?!??! (Can he parole home to me?)
  32. Can someone help us? We're looking for info. about the early release program.
  33. Proposal for early release/home arrest
  34. Does anyone have any information about Truth in Sentencing Laws?
  35. Does anyone have information about apartments that allow felons?
  36. PLEASE HELP!!! Mesa halfway houses?
  37. Release approval... Parole Officer coming to inspect our home ...
  38. Need to find a place to live very soon so my fiancee can get released
  39. PO Visit / House inspection ~ UPDATE ... Kinda long
  40. Parole out to a felons house?
  41. Where to go for help in Tucson for parolee
  42. A Step Closer!!!! A look at Prepatory release for inmates
  43. Question about House Arrest.
  44. New 65% Rule - Information??
  45. Raising Community Awareness
  46. What happens when they have no where to go when they are released?
  47. Question about Posting Bond in Different State
  48. Is there a website for the One Step Closer program?
  49. Advocate and Activists
  50. Resouce Directory for families of prisoners
  51. Need addresses for Arizona halfway houses
  52. How Depressing/no chance for HB2320
  53. Brand New Bill SB1242. The Board (not the Gov) will be able to grant commutations!!!
  54. HB 2490 Civil Rights, automatic restoration bill
  55. 17 days to go...and he is a free man
  56. Question about Explungement ?
  57. Does anyone know about gain time being lowered to 65%?
  58. Arizona State Prison to Halfway House - Time Frame??
  59. Are there any recent decisions to the Clemency Board?
  60. Question about early release...anyone heard anything?
  61. Question About Parole procedures (Nevada jurisdiction)
  62. Does anyone have information on release procedures?
  63. I have questions about release dates
  64. Letter of Intention? Does Arizona have this also?
  65. Please write the Governor about Clemency
  66. I need information on housing or program help for Sex Offenders
  67. Arizona 2-1-1 Online
  68. I need advice about daughters release and halfway houses
  69. Assistance needed in finding employment for ex-offenders in Phoenix
  70. Helpful link for Resources in Tucson
  71. Help please-need info on loss of T.R.
  72. Need info about the 65% Law?
  73. Needing recources in Yuma (after release)
  74. Housing and support in Tucson and Phoenix for inmates
  75. Are any of you getting nervous as time gets shorter?
  76. Anyone familiar with IPS Probation?
  77. Question about jobs for a parolee in Phoenix
  78. Guidelines for Intensive Probation in AZ?
  79. Question (reduced time, etc.)
  80. Medical Furlough???
  81. How many years left?
  82. Early termination from probation
  83. Places to live when you're an ex-felon in AZ
  84. NEED INFO ASAP about whether AZ is a must report state for convicted felons
  85. Release date soon
  86. Halfway House after release
  87. 60% Law for sentencing?
  88. How do they approve an area?
  89. Work Release
  90. Parole in AZ...realistic ??
  91. Clarification for a Crime Free Area
  92. What Can I Do To Help Him? Trying to Locate Forms to Clear Warrants/Detainers
  93. Apartments in Phoenix that will accept ex felons?
  94. Probation for Arizona Sex Offenders
  95. ? going back to 65% in AZ ?
  96. I am a felon, will they release my husband to me?
  97. Presentence Investigation
  98. What do I need to expect (with parole)?
  99. Questions regarding parole, probation, IPS and interstate compact?
  100. Want To Move To Az,but Husband Will Be On Parole
  101. National H.I.R.E. Network: job opportunities for ex-cons
  102. Gate Money? What is it?
  103. Question about release procedures
  104. Anybody know about release schedules & times?
  105. Question about IPS (in Tucson)
  106. Question about AZ Probation...
  107. Is 85% rule for Federal?
  108. Question on release
  109. Clemency - Anyone Know Anything?
  110. Parole Class Placement - can someone tell me what this means:
  111. Any info on Halfway Houses in Yuma, or halfway houses in general?
  112. Need some information, plz. Any info (regarding release).. is appreciated.
  113. Need some help with verifiable address
  114. Does anyone know anything about chances of getting parole?
  115. Help with finding out info from daughters Parole Officer
  116. Parole Packet Info-Please Help
  117. Intensive probation and parole
  118. Rule 32 - What is it and how does it work?
  119. Transfer (need info for CA to AZ transfer)
  120. My boyfriend violated his parole
  121. I can't be with my felon, can u help me?
  122. Phoenix Apartments For Felons>>>>>
  123. Question about parole violation
  124. Question about being married and out of state parole
  125. New 65% law???
  126. My husband at Safford FCI. What happens when he's released to a halfway house?
  127. Post conviction relief (Rule 32)
  128. Anyone know the difference between IPS and Supervised Probation?
  129. Casa Santa Clara (located in Tucson)
  130. Jobs For Ex-Felons In Tucson, AZ. HELP!!
  131. Early Jail Release
  132. Transfer from AZ to CA Please Help!
  133. Shelter/housing help is available
  134. Transferring Parole
  135. Parole in Arizona???
  136. Information about calling 'Central Office' about an early release
  137. Anyone know about parole restrictions for a S/O?
  138. Parole Question...Will he be able to travel out of state?
  139. Arizona Release Procedures?
  140. Interstate Compact
  141. Changed release date-very concerned
  142. Post-incarceration in Prescott, AZ
  143. Trying to find out how long they can hold him on a probation hold in county
  144. Who In AZ Can Explain the "77 Day Kick-Out" Rule?
  145. Who Can Explain "Complete the Program"
  146. Scared-can't pay restitution-what will happen?
  147. Can someone help-questions about release dates
  148. Anyone Got a Phone # For Mojave County Parole Officers?
  149. Help Needed On Release From Prison
  150. Need info about transitional house in Mesa
  151. Help, I have an early release question
  152. How do you know where the crime free zones are?
  153. Anyone Have The Name of the Tucson Releasee Apartment Complex?
  154. Need help! Don't understand crime free housing
  155. I am in need of information-husband being transferred from Alaska
  156. Oh Bob-O....(want to have order of protection lifted)
  157. Here on interstate compact from WA but eligible for early dismissal from supervision
  158. Question about hubby's release and when p.o. will come check out house
  159. DOC is a nightmare! (They pushed his TR date back)
  160. Central Office Sign Off????
  161. Traveling While On Parole In Arizona!!!
  162. HB2207 - anyone heard of it?
  163. Question about finding information on getting released from parole early
  164. Appeal question
  165. Questions about parole
  166. 31 Days Left and Still Not Signed Off @ Central Office!!!
  167. HELP parole Denied residence
  168. Housing For Felons!
  169. Interstate Compact
  170. Interstate Compact for out of state parolee?
  171. Tentative Release Question?
  172. Mail & Property Bldg (Tucson)-where he's supposed to be picked up for release
  173. Scared about him coming home!!!!
  174. They Added A Year!! (Time Computation)
  175. Getting Flat Time change to TR?
  176. Getting Your Home Approved by Parole
  177. New to Arizona (he has parole in Missouri after doing time in Arizona)
  178. Interstate Compact from Texas to Arizona
  179. Oh My Gosh- Where will he parole?!
  180. Interstate Compact/Marriage
  181. Can't Ride the Bus????
  182. He's coming home Sept 1st
  183. Probation Revocation Arraignment Hearing
  184. Looking for a Place 2 Call Home when my brother gets out
  185. Very confused about the release procedures???? HELP!!!
  186. He's not being released Sept 1st
  187. Girlfriend paroling out of state-hopefully to Arizona-any suggestions?
  188. IC Went Smoothly... and Fast
  189. Almost done now....
  190. Finally!!!! Home Visit Scheduled
  191. Anyone heard of needing 2 release addresses?
  192. Question About Interstate Compact to Texas?????
  193. 45 minutes to Parole PO Visit
  194. Question about appeal status?
  195. Home/Parole interview
  196. AZ Probation problems... need attorney..
  197. How much time do they have to serve before eligible for release?
  198. Will he violate? HELP!!
  199. Probation detainer?
  200. Apartments accepting felons
  201. Possible Parole Violation
  202. Update - WE WON! They have granted a temporary approval of our residence
  203. He's Getting Out Sooner Than we thought !!!
  204. Doing His Interstate Compact Packet
  205. Probationer/inmate contact
  206. Transfer from CA. to Arizona
  207. Just one more disappointment (the judge denied the clemency)
  208. Time between release packet and parole officer contact??
  209. At what point do they go before the parole board?
  210. Paying off probation question
  211. In a dilemma-sons being released
  212. We got approved!
  213. Single Digit Countdown
  214. Absconding from Community Supervision
  215. From ADC Datasearch - Parole Class Question
  216. Please help, Parole Questions?!?!
  217. Parole question????
  218. It's Official! December 1, 2008 is when he'll be released!
  219. Parole release addresses
  220. Early-release for lifers??
  221. Question about how inmates can get released earlier
  222. Eyman SMU1 Release Process ...
  223. What to expect at first PO meeting?
  224. Pre-Release Packet Question
  225. Release from SMU1 on Monday...
  226. Do we need to move?
  227. Need help-he comes home in less than 2 months
  228. Transferring parole to AZ
  229. What law went into affect on 1/1/2009?
  230. Frustrated with Probation
  231. Frequency of home visits
  232. Parole rules and regs
  233. Home arrest program???
  234. Parole paperwork
  235. New here hoping for help dealing with interstate parole
  236. I'm at a complete loss..have questions about his release
  237. I just want to SCREAM-parole officer called today to come check house
  238. Parole and Cochise County
  239. Need to know step to early term of parole
  240. Got him approved for the Half Way House
  241. Where can I find information on inmate release?
  242. 65% vs 85%
  243. Is there a way of getting out of life-time probation in Arizona
  244. Truth-in-sentencing act and early releases are a go??
  245. Parole in crime free zone question??
  246. Approved For Texas
  247. Waiting game with his release/question about parole
  248. Halfway houses/Rehab with family
  249. So Upset About Release Date
  250. Signed His Conditions Of Release Papers