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  1. Have you ever been to a Parole Hearing?
  2. parole board
  3. Program to help Ex-Offenders find work in Arkansas?
  4. Arkansas Parole Question
  5. can't be paroled because of a church
  6. Parole Hearing Question
  7. I am needing to find some information on diffrent half wayhouses in the state of Ak.
  8. help - Parole Hearing Question
  9. need some help
  10. he will be home
  11. Field Report
  12. emergency powers act
  13. Paroled Prisoners List
  14. Question About Paroling to Apartment
  15. Parole violation and hearing????
  16. Parole hearing
  17. Parole hearing today went terribly!!!
  18. Parole Hearing Question
  19. Link: Employment & Resources for AR offenders
  20. Parole
  21. Parole Decisions Delayed throughout ADC
  22. Question about parole plan approval......
  23. Question about parole plan approval
  24. expanded epa......?
  25. Any facts on Drug Court for Parolees?
  26. Question about halfway houses
  27. Pe/TE what is next? and what does it mean?
  28. having trouble finding an apartment in hot springs b/c I'm on parole.
  29. How do you transfer parole from one state to another?
  30. Question about parole stipulation
  31. Arkansas parole question
  32. Parole was denied
  33. Epa
  34. year denial?
  35. Jacket screenings
  36. Question concerning "back to society" check
  37. info needed
  38. Jacket Screening Update
  39. Question about results
  40. Question regarding parole results
  41. Parole hearing
  42. Hearing results
  43. Parole
  44. Does anyone like calling the Parole Board
  45. Who can an inmate parole out to?
  46. parolees 2 for 1?
  47. Can anyone answer this for me?
  48. I have some questions about parole
  49. Experience speaking before the Parole Board
  50. expanded epa
  51. Parole
  52. Need info: Reconsideration info (Post Prison Transfer Board)
  53. Emergency Powers Act (EPA) Information
  54. Arkansas Parole Board Website (link no longer works)
  55. Question on Parole Board?
  56. Need some info - helpful programs for parolees
  57. Emergency Powers Act (EPA) Information
  58. Do you know who I can call about parole plan...
  59. Parole - question about early release
  60. Parole question regarding housing
  61. Parole question
  62. Transfer of Parole Question
  63. Parole Violation Question
  64. Question about Parole Board
  65. Mail & Parole Questions
  66. has anyone heard about a March epa kick-out for a.d.c.
  67. how do i find out if my husband made parole (arkansas)
  68. a.d.c emergency powers act (epa) kick-out
  69. Do Inmates Get Released on P.e & T.e. Dates?
  70. info on emergency powers act (epa) kick out
  71. parole plan--help
  72. Questions about PE Date moving up
  73. Does the Parole Board know about other state convictions?
  74. Need Info on Halfway Houses In Little Rock
  75. Parole Question regarding detainers from other states
  76. Parole Question
  77. P.E. Questions regarding parole plan process
  78. My son turned in his parole plan
  79. When Do They Turn in their Parole Plan?
  80. in trouble-will a major write up effect parole?
  81. Sure is a lot of Parole Questions!! But I have one too and need HELP!!
  82. What is a home plan??
  83. yet another parole question
  84. Getting a home plan approved?????
  85. Our home plan was approved
  86. Parole Jacket Screening
  87. early release
  88. Does anyone know how to get a P.E.or T.E. date
  89. Question about Arkansas probation????
  90. How Long Does It Take For Someone To Be Released Once Parole Plan Approved
  91. help-getting home parole plan approved???
  92. Te Date regarding classification
  93. parole board meeting information
  94. Benefits for Prisoners?
  95. parole news regarding my son
  96. SATP question
  97. What is a year denial all about?
  98. Parole Board Meeting 8/22
  99. E.P.A Question
  100. Classification Question
  101. Can DOC mess up on T.E Dates?
  102. Its Over!!!
  103. Waiting for a phone call
  104. Parole Board 9/27
  105. Updated List Of Parole Hearings For 9/06
  106. Parole Board question - Find out results of hearing
  107. Christmas kickout question
  108. We got the call
  109. halfway houses in Little Rock
  110. List of Arkansas State Approved Transitional Housing Licensed Halfway Houses?
  111. ? about parole hearing and support letters
  112. Christmas Kickout question
  113. Actual Time?
  114. Where to send support letter for parole board
  115. Yearly Kickout??
  116. Yearly EPA
  117. Can they go outside the county in the first 30 days?
  118. Anyone w/ a loved one who paroled to Fayetteville/Springdale area
  119. Out of State Parole Question
  120. My husband due to parole in Feb 2007
  121. My fiance/exfiance is home!!!!!
  122. Does Anyone know?????
  123. How much actual time
  124. Has anyone else heard this?????
  125. Several Questions re: parole
  126. He's coming home!!
  127. Parole Hearing Today
  128. Recommendation letters
  129. He made parole!
  130. Parole violation
  131. Parole violation
  132. Yea Yea Yea!!!!!
  133. Programs required for parole
  134. He's coming home!
  135. My Fiancee is Class 1.......Now What?
  136. Initial Receipt Date
  137. Petitioning for Sentence Reduction?
  138. Does anyone know what SIS means?
  139. Does anyone know of any re-entry programs for non-violent offender?
  140. Revokation Parole Hearing
  141. time and a half
  142. I have a question?
  143. What is the Difference....?
  144. Parole Board Meetings
  145. Act 290?
  146. How much time will he serve?
  147. Just a Reminder
  148. Ptr?
  149. Parole Hearing vs PE Date
  150. how do i help My dad, needs parole
  151. Parole from Diagnostics
  152. Wtf?
  153. Where is everyone jailed?
  154. Early Kickout
  155. RPF kick out
  156. Epa
  157. What exactly is "the kickout?"
  158. Nearly 700 made eligible to seek early parole
  159. EPA Nearly 700 made eligible to seek early parole
  160. kickout
  161. Confused about flat date
  162. Parole location?
  163. New to Prison Talk.....curious about Flat Date??
  164. What are the Parole Conditions?
  165. Female Work Release?
  166. Approved Parole
  167. Interstate Compact (Parole To Kansas)
  168. Parol Out (To New Apartment|Rental)
  169. Parole Date Moved Up!
  170. Why is his pe/te date 9/10/06?
  171. Do they have to be at their parent unit to make parole?
  172. Parole Hearing the 27th---Grimes
  173. Hubby Approved For Emergency Powers Act!!
  174. Finger pricked
  175. Feb 2008 EPA
  176. jacket?
  177. Papers???
  178. Going to a Parole Hearing-- what to expect?
  179. Help with Probation Violation
  180. will my Husband get assistance
  181. parole revocation hearing
  182. I Am Taking a Plea for 15 Years
  183. Preparing for parole
  184. question - will he get out on the date it says?
  185. Has anyone heard this ? Parole Board to decide Clemency & Parole
  186. Can a Felon leave the Country to get married in another Country??
  187. Jail Time Credit
  188. PE-TE date on DoC website changes...when?
  189. Correct address for Parole Board
  190. Pardon-Clemency
  191. Paroled Felon allowed to move out of Ark?
  192. Classification: "Medical II" (Finally Free?) what does that mean?
  193. 1st time 2 c him in 9 months!!!
  194. Some seem to know exact date of release --how?
  195. he, tells me, they tell him..What's his release date?
  196. How Long?
  197. Arkansas Parole support letters
  198. Early Release?
  199. Parole out to another state?
  200. questions about interstate compact transfer
  201. No one to parole out too!
  202. Pardon in Arkansas
  203. Jail Credit not included in PE/TE Date on website (WHY?)
  204. How Would I know?
  205. HOW does the time work in there?
  206. Marriage after release from TVC and still on Parole.
  207. What day prisoners are released?
  208. Class I-C time earned (finally free?)
  209. Reviewing Jackets
  210. Question about release..
  211. Help Released from Texas but picked up by Arkansas
  212. Good time days?
  213. Yearly EPA Q&A
  214. Arkansas Parole Board link (as of 9/14/08)
  215. We'll have the Parole Boards decision soon, . . .
  216. PE/TE Date
  217. Time Coming to an End
  218. will my husband get to parole out to me?
  219. questions about parole
  220. Probation
  221. 65 Days and Counting
  222. Parole Hearing in Nine Days
  223. Release Questions
  224. EPA? Questions
  225. My son has come home
  226. Hey Finally Free??
  227. Do we know how many?
  228. parole questions
  229. victims recieving parole letter
  230. ncic
  231. Texarkana work release
  232. Interstate Compact Violation in AZ
  233. HELP please, parole questions
  234. The yearly EPA will be voted on Tuesday Feb. 24. 2009
  235. TE/PE dates?
  236. Need help with parole board letters
  237. parole jackets
  238. Varner Unit
  239. community service
  240. Parole Question
  241. Terms of Probation
  242. When paroled, keep them out!
  243. Arkansas HalfWay Houses?
  244. PE/TE Date Question
  245. Support letter's
  246. yay im so excited-my husband's been approved by the parole board
  247. Parole EEPA (Early Medical Release)
  248. parole question
  249. It's Official! My husband has graduated from RSVP TODAY!
  250. So confused (Is he coming home early)?