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  1. How To Find Out Status Of Parole
  2. Early Release In Pennsylvania
  3. Organization for Parole Relief [PA]
  4. I posted about the good time bill for Pa.
  5. Mandatory sentences
  6. Parole for out of staters
  7. Help with Parole
  8. Does anyone know about Halfway Houses??
  9. What's The Difference (between CCC and CFC?)
  10. Federal Grants? Maybe...
  11. Mandatory Minimums
  12. PA parole process
  13. I need help with Parole Info.
  14. PA Parole Handbook.....
  15. Great News Has Arrived...
  16. Pennsylvania commutation question
  17. What is the usual parole viol. sentence for the first time?
  18. Does good time really exist?
  19. Does anyone know about ..........
  20. Sentence Commutation
  21. Pennsylvania Parole Resources
  22. Took bus money out already?
  23. If anyone's looking for parole bd's ph#
  24. Parole Violation
  25. Halfway Houses???? Please Help!!
  26. Whats up w/ this?
  27. Need Advice on halfway house/ccc
  28. Early Release or More Geriatric Prison Units
  29. Need info on Renewal, Inc. in Pittsburgh
  30. My Daughter didn't get released
  31. Chances of parole?
  32. He wants me to call the Local State Parole office.
  33. Halfway house question
  34. Parole question
  35. Whats the Difference (between parole and probation)???
  36. Another question for you gals :)
  37. What do I do?
  38. Question for Zewskislady :)
  39. House Arrest
  40. Questions about day of release
  41. Hey guys i need someones help.....
  42. Parole Green Sheet
  43. Another question about parole.....
  44. Prisoner / parole question
  45. I just called his counselor......
  46. Jobs in PA
  47. Good time?
  48. Need help with work release
  49. Re-Entry Program?
  50. Well he got his green sheet
  51. PA probation & parole board changing inmates stats
  52. He got a job!!!!
  53. His parole officer came today.....
  54. Re-Entry Program
  55. A bunch of parole info......
  56. Help your loved one to get a PAROLE
  57. I have a question.......two question.....
  58. My man is finally coming home
  59. Tell me this isn't CRAZY!!!!
  60. Just need to vent.....again.
  61. Keeping my fingers crossed.......
  62. Cross your fingers!!!
  63. Writing employment letters
  64. Grrrrrrrrr......(he's not out yet)--UPDATE!!
  65. Green Sheet Info needed
  66. Anyone know about half way houses in Pittsburgh area??
  67. Looking for information halfway houses Harrisburg/Scranton area
  68. I'm gonna LOSE it!!!!!!!!!
  69. Probation/Parole question
  70. Info. on Picking My Man Up on Release Day
  71. Help! Need input on how to write to a parole board.
  72. We Won Our Appeal!!!!
  73. Early Release Program?
  74. Early release program??
  75. Compassionate release question
  76. Transferring parole/probation from PA to CA
  77. Happy or not???
  78. Compassionate Release Program ?
  79. Waiting for green sheet -- argggggh
  80. Parole restrictions?
  81. He's Getting Out!!!!!!!!
  82. Transfer to Halfway House
  83. Going up for parole tuesday.
  84. Job/Training resources in PA for those with Felony records~Have ANY?
  85. Is he home yet Bethbupp?????
  86. Halfway House
  87. I have news, but it isn't good
  88. Anyone having problems with waiting on parole bd?
  89. This may sound stupid...(earliest release date?)
  90. W. PA. Halfway house inquiry
  91. When does he go up for parole???
  92. I learned something new about parole
  93. HELP! PA State half way houses or early release
  94. Parole question
  95. Parole Hearing
  96. Parole Board Visit Finally over
  97. Waiting on Pa parole board
  98. He's Coming Home!!!! also halfway house question
  99. No Time Served??? Is This Right????
  100. Anyone familiar with work release?
  101. Scranton Halfway House
  102. Halfway Houses
  103. Board of Pardons/Clemency Policy
  104. PA Half-way house procedure
  105. Renewal Inc. Pittsburgh
  106. Pre-release Program
  107. Early release in Adams county
  108. Minimum release dates
  109. Parole question?
  110. Help Questions on going to the Parole Board
  111. Home Plan Denied
  112. How long (will my boyfriend have to serve)???
  113. Losing My Mind With Release Date
  114. When the p.o. comes to your house
  115. He's Coming Home!!!
  116. Parole board decision
  117. Felony Expungement In pa
  118. Question about parole officers
  119. Do PA prisons have "Good time"?
  120. Question on detainers
  121. Sentence commutations
  122. Green Sheet...
  123. P.O. called
  124. Question about home plan?
  125. Probation ended, now what?
  126. Help? (question about parole violation)
  127. Pennsylvania Parole
  128. Past Minimum in PA
  129. Seeing the board this week
  130. How much time will he serve ?
  131. How do I figure out earliest possible release date?
  132. Parole?
  133. Graderford
  134. Halfway House Info
  135. Transferring parole - Pennsylvania
  136. Can I call parole? Boy is on work release
  137. ANY info on how to get RULES & REGS for Philadelphia Probation???
  138. Parole board at Huntingdon?
  139. Question about halfway house
  140. Looking for a Job/Interview
  141. Question about date of parole board
  142. He's coming home Finally
  143. I don't know anything about this...please some input (regarding parole board)
  144. Good Time % in Pennsylvania?
  145. Contacting parole board?
  146. 2nd Home Plan for parole board?
  147. Question about outside therapy for SO's
  148. Questions about Probation in PA...PLEASE HELP!!!
  149. Work release in Eagleville, PA
  150. Anyone know any parole lawyers?
  151. Halfway house question.
  152. Crispus Attucks, York, PA
  153. Info needed on Renewal, Inc. in Pittsburgh
  154. Need help with work release
  155. Halfway house question
  156. Need Renewal Inc mailing address please
  157. Need some info. my boyfriend is gettin out ..(home plan ?'s)
  158. PA Parole Violation Question
  159. Anyone heard of post release?
  160. Please help me (question about halfway house and release)
  161. Question about work release centers?
  162. Parole to another state
  163. Question about parole
  164. Adappt Treatment Halfway house
  165. Parole board decision
  166. help husband over mandatory holding days
  167. After Parole Hearing
  168. Any Info on Early Release Program?
  169. How long to you know if your home is approved?
  170. Lycoming County Pre-Release Center?
  171. probation/waymart
  172. credit for time in custudy out of state
  173. appeal of parole board decision
  174. Pre-release in Pennsylvania
  175. Your Prayers Please
  176. Unemployed in Philly
  177. Has anyone heard of OVIR?
  178. housing assistance?
  179. Now what?
  180. why did they freeze his account for his bus ticket
  181. can anyone help?
  182. what is the estimated wait for home plan to be approved?
  183. ? (can he vote)
  184. Direct Violation hit?
  185. X-felons need income too
  186. Questions
  187. Halfway House
  188. Home plan inspection
  189. help my bf's homeplan was denied
  190. To all that live in PA-parole questions
  191. Have questions about Parole in Pennsylvania? Check here first!
  192. how can I get legal documents for him?
  193. Parole Board confusing me
  194. good news guys
  195. Help! I Need A List Of Jobs
  196. need some info on parole
  197. Green Sheet!!!!!!!
  198. home plan
  199. approved
  200. Good Time?
  201. What does he need to be released?
  202. whats taking so long?
  203. hi-he is ready to be released, but has a county detainer--what happens??
  204. Release Date set For September and he goes in the hole for visit sexual misconduct
  205. he's comin home
  206. Adams County experiences??
  207. obtaining court documents/ parole questions
  208. I'm clueless right now
  209. Urgent help..violation of probation plus new charge
  210. im worried
  211. parole hearing coming up......
  212. Does 24mos. REALLY MEAN 24 till he's out?
  213. losing my mind
  214. What would you do?
  215. Access To Public Transportation Stipulation
  216. Why was Parole Denied?
  217. Is There A Difference Between County/ State Parole ?
  218. Green Sheet
  219. Need Help with PA System
  220. possible pre release because of overcrowding
  221. my son
  222. Can dogs stop your parole???
  223. parole
  224. chester halfway house..worried
  225. Home plan and weapons are they allowed in home?
  226. Looking for work in crawford County
  227. Probation rules for Crawford County
  228. Pa's SIP (state intermediate punishment)???
  229. Where can I get the parole home plan form?
  230. I need information on the whole pre release thing.
  231. I need Info and Support~~Green Sheets??
  232. I need some help!
  233. good time
  234. Please help, daughter headed for TPV
  235. Halfway House Question?
  236. Parole-How do I increase our chances?
  237. Anyone in Chester under the SIP plan?
  238. Still waiting on a green sheet
  239. Parole In A Different State
  240. min an max??
  241. brunos back in omg
  242. Looking For Information
  243. Scranton Community Corrections Center
  244. Hard To Believe?????
  245. Parole staffing
  246. County & Work Release
  247. Waiting to hear about green sheet.. BUT ..
  248. Question about difference between parole and early release?
  249. HELP!!! I need some advice.
  250. need help now