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  1. Please Help Me....(to find a parole officer)
  2. House Arrest
  3. Fingers are crossed (waiting on house arrest paperwork.)
  4. Question (concerning time served in a parole violation)????????????
  5. info on Parole - Halfway houses...(does Mississippi have these resources?)
  6. How can I find out if my son is on "hold" by state of MS?
  7. Inmates Rights after Release
  8. new parole laws (RE: violent offenders in Mississippi)
  9. Parole information needed
  10. help me understand - question about parole violation in Mississippi
  11. Parole questions (ways to help his release?)
  12. made parole, but... (questions about parole stipulations)
  13. Supervised Release Question
  14. need help with probation violation in MS
  15. Mississippi Probation Question
  16. Revoking release b/c of a speeding ticket?
  17. Anybody Had Experience W/interstate Compact?
  18. Are there attorneys who specialize in parole, probation, etc
  19. 90 days to file a parole reconsideration
  20. Mississippi Interstate Compact Contact Information
  21. House Arrest - Anyone Have Any Experience with This?
  22. What can my brother have in the halfway house?
  23. Questions about Mississippi probation and parole
  24. Please share details about Supervised Release in Mississippi
  25. is my brother able to be paroled?
  26. ERS release date has passed - when does he get out?
  27. 65% law Fact or Fiction?
  28. first time offenders
  29. My brother made parole
  30. Mississippi State Parole Board - and Eligibility Information
  31. Interstate Compact Question: Leaving MS to another state after Parole
  32. reduction of sentencing
  33. nervous! My husband goes up for Parole tomorrow
  34. 1st time release
  35. Can inmates in satellites pay their time off for ERS?
  36. is there any new laws for first time offenders, such as selling
  37. Red Zones?
  38. About the 85% law
  39. Anyone heard of first timer doing only 25%?
  40. What can I expect when dealing with ERS for him?
  41. why is it so hard to questions answered?
  42. Looking for answers on credit for time served
  43. Going Nuts here wanting to know his classification
  44. 85% Law
  45. Up for parole
  46. Fiancee is in Harrision county for Probation violation - I am going crazy in ms
  47. waiting for the outcome
  48. Probation and the dumb rules that come with it
  49. lawyer vs probation officer
  50. he goes to court in 2 days and I am losing my mind
  51. Have A Few Questions On Getting Released 4-16-07
  52. What is Probation after Prison like in Mississippi?
  53. Worrying myself to much i think
  54. When they get ready to release him???
  55. New Procedure for Parole Fines
  56. house arrest violation on last day of sentece
  57. Possesion of a firearm by a felon - Violent or Non-Violent?
  58. My friend needs help
  59. need info
  60. Moves From Cali
  61. S.O. Laws in Mississippi
  62. He got paroled
  63. ERS DATE of 7/23/07
  64. NEED HELP SOON! Can you offer advice????
  65. hi, i am new here and looking for an answer
  66. Pre-Release question
  67. Parole Question
  68. Court yesterday now have lots of ??'s
  69. What is the deal with Western Union and supervision fees?
  70. Can someone give me some information dealing with this situation?
  71. Restitution Centers in MS
  72. Questions about ERS?
  73. Need clarrification on court order wording....
  74. Question about release on ERS
  75. My husband got violated
  76. Isp
  77. Where are Mississippi prison Satellite locations?
  78. How do I figure this out?
  79. Parole Information
  80. Can anyone tell me exactly what this means
  81. ms early prison release
  82. state actual release date?
  83. parole ? please help
  84. parole
  85. Violation of Parole what to expect?
  86. Question about transferring "probation"...
  87. mississippi PRE-RELEASE
  88. When the Parole Board Convenes for Revocation
  89. ISP/House Arrest I have questions
  90. What is the criteria for being eligible for parole under the new law?
  91. Looking for friend released Aug 2007 and on probation. Please help
  92. ers time ?????
  93. Need info on laws that were passed
  94. Luv of My Life Made Parole...So, What Do I Do Next?
  95. Sentenced to house arrest?
  96. 30 for 30 question
  97. How long to process parolees under new law?
  98. 30/30 time ERS question
  99. Halfway Houses?
  100. Parole Board Meeting
  101. parole - no hearing
  102. Probation Transfer
  103. ERS date while on ISP
  104. Probation Transfered
  105. Cost associated with early release.
  106. What are the rules for ERS
  107. He Made Parole *~*does happy dance*~*
  108. How can you find out the earliest release date on an inmate?
  109. Mississippi Probation and Parole Offices
  110. Parolee- Must Complete Pre-Release Program
  111. Ers????
  112. Has NE one heard of Quitman Work Center?
  113. questions
  114. Anyone else heard of this: the governor releasing like 2600?
  115. parole application
  116. update on nephew
  117. Post conviction collateral relief petition
  118. He got parole
  119. Need Help From Any Sentencing Gurus!
  120. 300 days in Jones Co. Jail and No Indictment!!
  121. Confused
  122. New and confused
  123. Need help!
  124. Release from SMCI on house arrest
  125. What are the chances of making parole?
  126. Confused about info on Parole Board website
  127. Out of State detainer
  128. Parole and Probation-same time?
  129. New Charge While In Prison
  130. ERS Violation???
  131. Made it to the ers date still waiting
  132. Ers!! I hope
  133. Chances of obtaining ISP
  134. Parole
  135. Ers update!!
  136. Pardon letter to Governor?
  137. Eligible for ISP?
  138. Does MET move parole date up?
  139. What in the world does this mean? (ISP)
  140. L-i-v-i-d!!!!
  141. Yay!!!!!!
  142. Which county will supervise parole?
  143. Question about a hearing.
  144. Residence what?
  145. Question About MDOC Listing A "Location Change", But Still Listed at Same CWC/SF?
  146. New 2 PT & Not Happy
  147. Need a list of MDOC approved halfway houses
  148. Someone please answer/Parole questions
  149. Completely lost/He's in Mississippi, I'm in California
  150. Parole approved in November 2009
  151. ISP/house arrest info
  152. Truth or trick?
  153. Question About Court Location
  154. What are chances for parole, sentenced 20 yrs served 8 so far.
  155. New Parole Guidelines?
  156. question-Probation Hearing
  157. What are the chances of making ERS?
  158. Parole Question
  159. Address verification for parole
  160. When does the parole board meet?
  161. Ex "Lifer" question
  162. Do you have to take house arrest?
  163. Possibilty for parole after serving 25% of his time.
  164. Son's parole
  165. Not eligible for parole help
  166. Ers
  167. Confused a lil
  168. Parole/Out of State Resident/Halfway House
  169. New to this have a few questions about ISP
  170. Changes in address & house arrest question
  171. Answers...
  172. How can you figure out a 'close' release date for release?!
  173. ERS up but no where to go
  174. Boyfriend in Mississippi & I'm in Louisiana
  175. Parole issues in MS.
  176. Parole Violation question help
  177. ISP questions
  178. Can interstate Compact be revoked because release date changed?
  179. ERS to Non-Family?
  180. Understanding the ERS with 30 4 30
  181. New to this but I just need some Advice or something
  182. Husband was reinstared back on parole
  183. Possibility of receiving parole?
  184. Parole question
  185. Help with parole
  186. Parole officer?? Why so soon?????
  187. Confused need help!!!
  188. Can additonal felony charges be dropped?
  189. Parole Eligibility for a violent crime?
  190. No parole in Carrol-Montgomery RCI?
  191. Consecutive sentence and Parole??!!??
  192. ERS question
  193. ERS- PLEASE help!!!
  194. Detainer??
  195. Help with parole dates!
  196. Off Paper: Parole & probation
  197. Need some info on pre-release
  198. Can parole be violated in MS?
  199. Probation Revocation - Help Please
  200. Trusty Status
  201. Contacting the parole board in Mississippi
  202. Parole out of state to a halfway house
  203. My friend called his Parole officer
  204. Help knowing when son will be paroled
  205. How to figure parole and ERS dates?
  206. Halfway houses?
  207. They aren't worth the paper they were printed on.
  208. Parole question
  209. Fiance ERS Date
  210. Parole Officer called me
  211. HWH, Transitional Housing, etc., in Simpson County?
  212. Why even bother trying to ERS out
  213. Release on ERS to their own place possible?
  214. More ex drama
  215. Frustrated waiting on MSP to Release after Program Completion
  216. Ers
  217. Parole info online??
  218. How does a inmate get a parole date?
  219. Parole vs Flat Time
  220. I have a question about ERS and Home Inspection
  221. Parole In Mississippi?
  222. My ex got arrested
  223. New law governing MET
  224. Parole Question
  225. Lost and Confused! Is it possible for him to come home next year
  226. Releasing inmates early
  227. Parole / Anybody know the full process and how long it takes?
  228. Parole date given, then taken, now given back
  229. Are Supervision Fees in Mississippi capped at 5 years?
  230. Re-offend Help!
  231. Can two felons live together?
  232. Any chance at all that ERS will release to another state?
  233. Extradition from other states for probation violation
  234. House Arrest Detail
  235. Does HB 585 apply to ISP release in Mississippi?
  236. ERS release: Do they have to stay in the state they are released in?
  237. TPM next month. When will the Board review his case?
  238. ERS release
  239. What happens in the ERS process?
  240. Parole process in MS???
  241. BF cut off his ankle bracelet, hearing in September. Will he be released?
  242. Help/Why does my boyfriend have a hearing next month?
  243. What are reasons they could deny a Home plan?
  244. My son, how long can he be held on a parole violation?
  245. Granted parole! Now all I need to find out is his release date!
  246. Address Approved!!!!
  247. What do I need to bring to go pick him up when released?
  248. ERS info , what to expect
  249. No Address for Parole in Mississippi
  250. Are violent offenders parole eligible at 50% if convicted before 7/1/2014?