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  1. Drug Treatment Inside
  2. More Drug Treatment Centers
  3. Husband asked for NA Workbook
  4. sponsorship in prison??
  5. Dap (drug and alcohol program)
  6. how do I find an AA sponsor for my husband?
  7. Education Opportunities for Drug Offenders
  8. Anyone know about the Drug Release Program?
  9. Looking 4 some info: Treatment not Jail
  10. RDAP - 18 months off?
  11. Drug Court
  12. Needed Rehab...
  13. Hitting Bottom and Looking UP! (how we do it)
  14. Ideas anyone? (government financial assistance etc for parole ordered class)
  15. Release and halfway homes
  16. Serving a purpose, or just serving time?
  17. RDAPS Program (Residential Drug Abuse Program)
  18. questions about being released to substance abuse treatment center
  19. Article: Inmates Rise to the Challenge of Recovery in a Virginia Jail
  20. getting a sponsor in county jail
  21. Getting drugs in prison?
  22. Salvation Army rehab questions
  23. What do they need?
  24. Thank God: Transfer to Work Release
  25. Drug Testing on the inside??
  26. Question about parole?
  27. question about prison drug testing
  28. Need help with Narcotics Anonymous literature... PLEASE!
  29. NA in prison
  30. Alchohol rehab in prison?
  31. Need Help with writing a report on Substance Abuse Treatment in Prison
  32. Additional time off?
  33. Heroin addict,Delray Beach, being released,needs a mentor or a Ministry.
  34. how do they deal with addiction in jail?
  35. free books??
  36. DOJ Awards $32.6 Million for Prisoner Drug Treatment
  37. Substance abuse treatment in Iowa prison system
  38. If you could change something about rehab in prison, what would it be?
  39. From Cocaine to Christ (A Prisoners Story)
  40. Big Question! Regarding 1/2 house after release
  41. Question about Drug Programs in Maryland
  42. does rehab reduce sentence?
  43. Mandatory Rehabilitation
  44. Prison programs For early release
  45. ?'s about the RDAP?
  46. Post-Release Help for Addicts
  47. modality II programs
  48. Post Incarceration Syndrome
  49. Looking for a Halfway House in Scranton, Pa.
  50. Parole Granted but ordered for SAP
  51. Free Meditation Cassette Tapes For Prisoners
  52. What group makes prison visits?
  53. how does that alcohol and drug program works for imates??
  54. new here - RSAT Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program
  55. praying it's clean-Where can I get my UA results?
  56. Help us:need info on rehab programs
  57. Help me with my thinking- Differences in Addictions due to gender?
  58. Addictions Counseling
  59. No drugs or alcohol afer time served?
  60. Need Info. for Tennessee Please!!!!!
  61. Prevention, treatment tools to halt meth use
  62. Rehab/drug treatment inpatient programs
  63. Prisoner addiction media and books
  64. Does anyone know anything about (SAFPF)
  65. Judge recomends RDAP Taft says no?
  66. RDAP: Is it worth attending?
  67. Rehabilitation Programs
  68. Inmates graduate from meth program
  69. Please Please Someone Help Me. Need to Locate Rehab in Louisiana
  70. Question about RDAP
  71. Research Network Testing Drug Abuse Treatment After Incarceration
  72. "The Hunger" written by recovering addict - *a must read*
  73. Rational Recovery
  74. Substance abuse program, CRC Norco
  75. SATP Program
  76. Drugs inside??
  77. Anyone know about Daytop?
  78. alchoholics anonymous inside?
  79. Visiting at a Rehab
  80. Difference between Rehab and Prison?
  81. RSAT in riverside county California
  82. Drug Court In KY
  83. How do they get drugs in jail?
  85. Do They Return To Meth After Prison Time Is Served?
  86. The addict after prison
  87. anyone know about Y.o.p. boot camp in TEXAs, can anyone help me or with something?
  88. Drug Rehab
  89. The Advantages of Prison Rehabilitation
  90. my hubby just got sent to rehab
  91. Rehab
  92. Strung Out in CA Prison
  93. Advice needed re: 500 hour drug program!
  94. Looking for halfway house in Bakersfield,california
  95. walden house
  96. Practicing Yoga and Buddhism - Understanding That The Addicted and Imprisoned Can be
  97. Freedom From Prison, Freedom From Drugs, Freedom From Defilements and Hindrances
  98. Using Drugs: What Are You Searching For?
  99. meathadone treatment program in arkansas
  100. reality house
  101. Just found out he is going to AA meetings inside...
  102. Does anyone know about drug furlough thru SARP Program?
  103. Topic:safp
  104. Scholorship program for long term Rehab in Hawaii
  105. CLIFF PROGRAM - State of Indiana
  106. Is Prison A Security Blanket ??
  107. Help Please Difference Between Rehab And Halfway House
  108. Why would they take someone out of the program (DUI) and move him to another unit???
  109. Hello From Sacto 916
  110. Evergreen Rehabilitation Center
  111. Lubbock County Residential Treatment Center
  112. 500 hour Alcohol treatment Program
  113. How to get suspended drivers license reinstated after drug conviction?
  114. probation infraction
  115. PLEASE help me to understand his addiction.
  116. addict love one
  117. Drug Rehab Program? Is it possible to shorten sentence if he is in rehab?
  118. i need info on stephen hoyle rehab
  119. drug abuse treatment in prisons/jail - HELP!
  120. RDAP Questions
  121. Unjust Alcohol bid in NY
  122. Inf. On Csp-satf
  123. Prisoners treating prisoners for addiction
  124. Drug Program in FPC Pensacola?
  125. Meetings in prison!?
  126. Hoe do they get drugs in there
  127. approved for residential rehab for convicts
  128. law student would like to hear your experiences with drug treatment in the CJS
  129. Need some advice on newly sober inmate please!!!!
  130. Injustice in DOC Treatment facililty
  131. Drug/Alcohol program at Alderson?
  132. i am new need help. I need to turn myself in but how?
  133. Alcohol Program/Early Release
  134. Safp Winnsboro johnston unit family ed. class
  135. HELP...this is really stressing me out!! How does ASAT work?
  136. Pursue Probation Violator from one state to another?
  137. which prisons have substance abuse programs.
  138. Anyone know of rehab programs for someone Harris County Jail?
  139. chances of completing AA
  140. Methadone and RDAP?
  141. Prison Recidivism Reduction in Michigan
  142. RDAP needed and BOP refuses RDAP relocation
  143. Letter Requesting Rehab
  144. Drug Program Question
  145. NA Meetings in Dallas, Tx.
  146. where is a safpf in texas?
  147. RDAP Accepted not time off
  148. NC help
  149. rehab instead of jail
  150. Any Information on TAIP
  151. Info on RDAP
  152. Help! Ex-inmate is relapsing!
  153. What is the SAP drug program about??
  154. drug program while incarcerated
  155. Doing Step Work while incarcerated
  156. how to get a 12 step sponsor on paper
  157. Oxford Houses
  158. how do you know if your loved one is still on drugs in prison
  159. Loving an Heroin Addict
  160. PLEASE HELP! Am I being Selfish???
  161. What to do when my bf gets out of rehab! helpp
  162. Help with Information
  163. Any experiences with drug court?
  164. Info on rdap
  165. Why?(about drug rehabilitation and recidivism)
  166. Peden Aftercare
  167. DART cherry visitation
  168. thank god for drug court
  169. Has Any One had a loved one go to after care?
  170. Help! How to get an addict on parole addiction help.
  171. Sasca
  172. PSAP for the 5th time.
  173. does anyone know about the sb 1453 drug program?
  174. What can I expect when he goes to a treatment facility?
  175. Sisters in Recovery
  176. Land Manor Beaumont TX?!?
  177. 90 days in an inpatient alcoholism treatment program
  178. SATF in San Antonio/Bexar County
  179. DART program any good?
  180. Please help! Who determines who does treatment?
  181. Information-Does Fulton Prison of Missouri have educational or training programs?
  182. My husband is a hard core Alcoholic
  183. Need info. about SATF
  184. 6 month Alcohol Rehab/Treatment - What to Expect?
  185. Make sure loved ones don't get discouraged waiting to enter drug/alcohol program
  186. Any Info On Rational Recovery an alternative to rehab A/A
  187. Questions - Drug Court in Virginia?
  188. Does your loved one have access to AA or NA meetings inside?
  189. Need sober housing in mass...please help
  190. anyone have information about programs inside prison? CASAT ?
  191. Prison might have been better!! Rehab w/no visits, calls, letters???
  192. DWI & Treatment Program @ Gowanda
  193. question about rehab sentencing
  194. Has anyone had anyone in a TC?
  195. Any experiences as client in "Sober Living"?
  196. Looking for alcohol/addiction resources in Springfield, Mo
  197. Habitual Offender seeks inpatient therapeutic help
  198. drug program
  199. Need Advice!!!! I Found A "Substance"
  200. RDAP Rule Violation Questions
  201. SASCA Sober Living Homes
  202. Need Help on finding a program for my nephew
  203. Help in NY
  204. What is ICDTP?
  205. Intense Supervision Program (ISP)
  206. No Program Upon Release
  207. To SAFP or NOT
  208. Scared to death! Going to Jail - Treatment
  209. Any Info on DayTop Addiction Rehab Program in NY -
  210. Need more info on drug and alcohol treatment
  211. Questions with transfer before 120 Treatment in Prison
  212. How to survive after prison? Dealing with a drug addiction.
  213. Vietnam Vet incarserated seeks alternative treatment program
  214. Low or FCI RDAP Program
  215. Which FCI gives the most time off sentence for RDAP program?
  216. D.A.R.T cherry program NC
  217. Question about Narcs Program
  218. Is there a Drug Program that takes Inmates straight 4rm Jail???
  219. SAP program?
  220. Narcotics Anonymous Pen Pal
  221. McCabe Center Austin, Texas
  222. Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation, Delray Beach Florida Drug Rehab Clinic
  223. What is the longest required stay in Sayle Safp unit in breckenridge, tx?
  224. EAP/ CIP questions from Wisconsin
  225. Drugs on the inside?
  226. Pretrial drug testing
  227. Researcher seeking prisoner experiences with anti-depressant side effects
  228. Having a few rough days...
  229. Good news Maricopa County tent city inmates
  230. Help finding rehab post prison for 61y/o man
  231. Bridges of Hope in Georgia?
  232. Oxford Houses
  233. RDAP at FCI Jesup, GA Low Male?
  234. Rehabilitation Programs ~ 2011 Update
  235. Dual diagnosis treatment facilities???
  236. PTO Wallpapers ~ New Apps
  237. Freakin PCP...
  238. RDAP Programs
  239. SAFPF IB/4C Program ~ Questions
  240. Are the rehab programs in prison any good?
  241. Casat programs in new york state
  242. Rdap program
  243. He's sentenced to long term treatment- What should we expect?
  244. Anyone know about prop36 in los angeles county
  245. Question about Inpatient and Outpatient treatment
  246. Rehab for a parolee help..
  247. Fighting an addiction and got violent :(
  248. Outpatient Program in lieu of Prison Alcohol Program
  249. Does SASCA fund Parolees on Community Supervision?
  250. Questions About Injectable AntiDepressants