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  1. ost in calipatria stat prison
  2. Anyone have someone in Caliaptria?
  3. Calipatria Hunger strike starts Monday July 14.
  4. calipatra informations
  5. calipatria
  6. Mail Service from Calipatria
  7. Any info on Centinella? Any info is helpful!
  8. Help can't seem to get there (to Calipatria)
  10. calipatria state prison on lockdown?????
  11. Need Info On Calipatria
  12. Tucson, AZ to Calipatria, CA
  13. Visiting Calipatria with a baby, help!!
  14. Anybody travelling to Calipatria??
  15. Calipatria State Prison
  16. Calipatria
  17. Calipatria state prison - Need Carpool Info.
  18. Any 411 on Visitation @ CALIPATRIA STATE PRISON?
  19. does anyone have trouble finding a ride to see your loved one?
  20. Any ladz out there that carpool to Calipatria State Prison?
  21. need ride share to calipatria,anybody out there?
  22. Calipatria Mail
  23. Calipatria Prison -Any Airport close by?
  24. Lock down at Calipatria?
  25. Calipatria - Visiting & Fire House
  26. Urgent! Need Someone To Ride With Me To Calipatria!!!
  27. Calipatria Visiting
  28. Does Anyone Go To Calipatria?
  29. Inmate phone times
  30. Calipetria state prison.
  31. Calipatria-A Yard
  32. WHat happen at Calipatria
  33. visiting questions for calipatria
  34. Visiting Staff Gone Wild @ Calipatria
  35. Calipatria A-yard
  36. Any Info On Lockdown At Centinela Prison
  37. Calipatria-A Yard
  38. Riot At Calipatria
  39. Calipatria State on Lock Down
  40. CALIPATRIA-Institutional lockdown
  41. Calipatria-lock down/visiting update
  42. Re: Calipatria State Prison
  43. Fighting 4 visits @ Calipatria
  44. Calipat has visits by appt only!!!
  45. Inmates found unrecieved mail in trash
  46. SNY at Calipatria?
  47. Anyone driving up to Calipatria State Prison? we will pay for gas!
  48. Calipatria - D Yard Visits? Yes Or No?
  49. Calipatria D yard
  50. Centinela is off lockdown !
  51. Calipatria prison visits
  52. Calipatria State Prison
  53. Calipatria "C" yard lock down for hispanics
  54. Centinela - C Yard ?????
  55. D-yard At Centinela
  56. Visiting!
  57. The Mail Room Sucks @ Calipatria
  58. Centinela C Yard
  59. Centinela B yard
  60. calipatria
  61. Calipatria 2012 Mail Questions Thread
  62. Hispanics on lockdown at Calipatria
  63. calipatria prison-lockdown info needed
  64. lock down at calipateria
  65. Centinela State Prison
  66. A Yard On Lockdown?
  67. Does Some One Nows Something From Calipatria!!!!!!!
  68. calipatria
  69. Lockdown in Centinella= Im getting weak
  70. Welcome to Calipatria State Prison
  71. Transfers
  72. Who has a loved one in Calipatria?
  73. Welcome Guests
  74. PHONES (A Yard)
  75. Does anyone have a telephone number for a Counselor on B yard
  76. My Baby Is At Calipat!
  77. Appt Only Visits.....
  78. Nobody.... Calipatria Check In
  79. Questions re: Inmate Release Procedure/Dress Outs
  80. Hunger Strike?
  81. I Need A Little Help about Dress Out..
  82. Whats up?
  83. Which yard are you representing?
  84. Anyone went to visit?
  85. 92.3 Sunday night dedications
  86. Confused
  87. lock down???
  88. Can Calipatria inmates get books/mags?
  89. Anyone Visiting
  90. What Happened????
  91. Mail at Calipatria?
  92. To All Da Latina Mommies!!
  93. Newspaper Articles -What are the rules?
  94. Anyone Know
  95. hellp!! Car broke
  96. Calipatria Prison Mail
  97. Treatment of our love ones at Calipatria
  98. Anyone get married at Calipatria?
  99. calipatria not on lock down
  100. Ad seg visit in A
  101. can we send blank envelopes
  102. I got a call today from my hubby!!!
  103. What is the difference between C yard and B yard?
  104. What phone service do you use?
  105. Carpooling/Rideshare to Calipatria
  106. No Visits For Hispanics This Weekend
  107. Anyone Sick At Calipatria?
  108. Youngsters doing life
  109. Visiting Calipatria--Which airport to use?
  110. New To Calipatria
  111. hispanics in b and c yard modified visits
  112. Dress Outs???
  113. 2016 Calipatria State Prison Information Guide
  114. Packages??
  115. The Weather
  116. Visiting Line
  117. Things U Miss About Ur Man Out Here??
  118. 1st vist yay
  119. Do They Stop Visitor Processing for Count
  120. Where do I pick my man up from???
  121. Check the info line before you go visit!!!!
  122. What kind of shoes can you wear to visit????
  123. Hello To All That Have Loved Ones In Calipatria
  124. Photos With your Man, now we can buy picture tickets
  125. Summer Time In Calipatria
  126. Phone Calls & Rolling Blackouts
  127. A-Yard Lock Down??
  128. Telephone problems with recordings
  129. Thieving CO's in the mail room
  130. Anyone going to Cal this weekend from OC area?
  131. Lockdown at Centinela State Prison
  132. The Hole at Calipatria
  133. Books (How many can we send? Which P.O. Box?)
  134. Two weeks and no mail!! Calipatria
  135. New to Calipatria
  136. first time visiting
  137. Taking pictures at Calipatria
  138. Calipatria on Lockdown Again, Again, Etc.
  139. Anyone Have Experience with Speaking to your loved one's counselor at Calipatria?
  140. HeY GuRls!! Loved one at Calipatria
  141. What's up all you loyal familia to Calipatria guy's?
  142. 1st time visiting at Calipatria State Prison
  143. Are we looking at a possible lockdown at Calipatria?
  144. CCWF (Chowchilla) Lockdown
  145. Can I phone an inmate at Calipatria?
  146. CSP-SAC Band C -yard
  147. One Day To Find Answer - Visiting at Calipatria
  148. Lets figure the mail out at Calipatria
  149. No "papers." How will she get in to visit at Calipatria?
  150. New Visiting Procedure at Calipatria?
  151. What if he is in the hole at Calipatria and I can't visit?
  152. Has Anyone Heard About Inmates Being Offered To Move to diffrent States?
  153. Thanksgiving Day Visiting....
  154. MaIl @ CaLiPaT???
  155. Driving someone to Calipatria
  156. hubby's been moved to calipatria from chino
  157. Alternatives to driving to Calipatria?
  158. ?'s about day of release
  159. Is A yard SNY?
  160. Have They Done Portraits At Cal
  161. new to all of this, need some answers about visits, mail, and marriage
  162. A little help please!!
  163. Queston about music cd's sent to Calipatria
  164. Has anyone recieved phone calls from their loved one
  165. Visiting This Weekend at Calipatria...
  166. Questions about marriage prices
  167. Who does ny husband have to talk to to get a special purchase vending form????
  168. Traveling centers by Calipatria
  169. Orientation at Calipatria
  170. New at Calipatria
  171. Cheap Motels Near Calipatria???
  172. He's at Calipatria
  173. Christmas Visits @ Calipatria
  174. Calipatria Visiting Procedures
  175. Is Calipatria on lockdown?
  176. Did Calipatria go on Lockdown
  177. how many visitors can they have at once?
  178. B-yard;Hispanics on lockdown
  179. State Wide Lockdown, No visting for new years eve or new years day???
  180. I called up to the prison, and so far no visits for this up comming weekend 1/06/07
  181. visits are on for this weekend
  182. Sending a package to Calipatria
  183. What Programs Does Calipat Have??
  184. is there any places around the prison
  185. are visits on first come first serve basis
  186. What kind of food do they have in the visiting room?
  187. I'm driving down to calipat anyone want to ride with me?
  188. Carpool to Calipat From SD
  189. Neep A Ride To Calipatria
  190. San Diego
  191. Phone Number 4 Visiting
  192. Missing my Man in Calipat!!!
  193. Limit on number of sheets
  194. Calipatria Visiting
  195. ?'s about calipat prison
  196. Rental car keys
  197. Phone Calls!
  198. Is there an SNY yard?
  199. David and I are getting Married!!! (Calipatria)
  200. Valentine's Day-Anyone heard from their guy?
  201. How do I fill out this money order?
  202. New... Please help, I need answers.
  203. Visiting
  204. How bad is Calipat?
  205. good news for calipat
  206. This is refreshing
  207. Wow......
  208. What can I bring with me to visit?
  209. Bone Yard Visits!!
  210. Anyone know whats up with phones tonight?
  211. Sleeping in my car
  212. Mci?
  213. Lining up is B.S.
  214. Calipatria... Pizza??
  215. calls
  216. Jewelry and Perfume?
  217. Is anyone going to visit Calipatria on Saturday?
  218. Hinting about marriage during visit at Calipatria
  219. TB Testing
  220. Showin' some love for our men
  221. new here
  222. TB Testing
  223. When do I visit?
  224. Got a marriage date =) ??????
  225. were do they get released
  226. What's up with the phones?
  227. It Was Hot As Hell On Saturday at Calipatria!
  228. anybody visting 03/24/07
  229. "A" Yard at Calipatria on Modified Lockdown
  230. Yay-Ya I'm Going To Visit My Hunnee Again! Calipatria
  231. Lodging Info, Travel Centers, Gas Stations, Etc.
  232. Anyone sharing a ride coming from Palm Springs to Calipatria?
  233. Are lockdowns different at each CA prison?
  234. CaLipaTria LadYs ShoW Off Your InmaTe!!
  235. I Feel So All Alone Literally
  236. He took his pictures!!
  237. anybody up north going to calipat
  238. _Where_My_Calipat_Wives_Girlfriends_@_?_
  239. calls
  240. Ok ladies!!! I'm Coming Back To Calipat!!!
  241. curious about visits
  242. return to sender
  243. Address Labels & Calipatria
  244. Family Visits Calipatria
  245. where do you go to get your marriage license?
  246. Crowded Easter Weekend at Calipatria?
  247. spo packages???
  248. Early Release???
  249. Getting Visitors List From Calipat
  250. RV's to Calipatria