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  1. Can anyone help?
  2. The Headed to Prison Forum Intro
  3. Degger Tx Understanding the Pre-sentence
  4. What Happens After The Pre-Sentence Investigation
  5. Digger Tx The Three-way Phone Call:
  6. Digger Tx The Defense Rests -- Permanently
  7. Digger Tx Legal FAQs
  8. Digger Tx Federal Prison
  9. The games they play......
  10. Reducing Prison time
  11. Programs to reduce sentence
  12. Federal Women's Prison Bryan Texas (need info)!!
  13. Need info on Federal Camps
  14. Scared and clueless in Texas
  15. Digger Tx Federal Sentencing Practice
  16. What to Expect
  17. Mickie - Preparing for Prison :(
  18. Info For People Getting Ready To Do Fed Time
  19. Fort Devens Info?
  20. Riker's Island info
  21. Does anyone know information about the FPC Bryan or FMC Carswell Texas federal prison
  22. sending books to federal inmates
  23. What to expect when I go to federal prison?
  24. should i bring my medicne with me?
  25. I am a level 21
  26. TDCJ Female Units --- What to expect ?
  27. Any Info regarding Federal would be so helpful
  28. SO in State Prison
  29. silly question re fed prison and typewriters?
  30. Skeletons In the Closet
  31. Please help us!!!!! I'm so scared
  32. monday is my sentencing
  33. Government Tyranny
  34. thank you everybody
  35. Federal Boot Camp (Shock Incarceration) Details?
  36. What do you tell somebody going to prison?
  37. Texas Women's Prison - what should i expect?
  38. What should I expect?
  39. waiting for the letter
  40. need a little help
  41. Question about Federal 1/2 way house
  42. Presentencing investigation
  43. Going to Leavenworth in May...
  44. Health care prior to going inside
  45. Update On Kim Harkley
  46. need info for LA COUNTY JAIL
  47. Most likely headed to Federal Boot Camp. Have you been or know someone that has?
  48. Harncw / Christopher Harn - My Address (Update & Comments)
  49. Prison 101
  50. Pregnant And Going To Prison
  51. What to expect, going to Medium Security Prison.
  52. Possible assistance programs for my wife and kids?
  53. ToniB is now in Carswell... what I know so far
  54. Differences in security levels in Fed Prisons.
  55. Going to Carswell Womens Camp on June 20 - help, please
  56. Questions about Trust Fund/Restitution
  57. Sentencing on July 15th
  58. any info on female prisons?
  59. How to deal with staff
  60. Going to Federal Prison Soon Maybe? Please advise
  61. 26 points and counting down
  62. sentenced today
  63. what's next
  64. New here and alot of questions
  65. Former Wyoming Inmate
  66. Need Some Help
  67. Sentenced to 1 year and one day. What should I expect?
  68. violence in prison
  69. SEATAC or Sheridan Better?
  70. nevada prison
  71. going to Fed camp at Geiger
  72. Federal Medical Prision??
  73. I'll write, if you want
  74. Federal vs. State prisons
  75. JAM29..questions aplenty..
  76. Post offense Rehabilitation
  77. I need advice please (for brother going into prison)
  78. What to expect at Corcoran Prison?
  79. Time between sentencing & incarceration
  80. coming out of prison
  81. Choo Choo-A Railroad Job
  82. new at this, lots of questions...
  83. Denied Pre-trial diversion - Sentencing on Thursday
  84. Will it get better?
  85. :(
  86. My mom's going to Pekin, IL
  87. Sentencing date postponed again
  88. I'm going ot prison - Looking at doing federal time, i'm 18...Need advice
  89. Pre-Sentence Interview scheduled for Friday 10/3/03
  90. How long before transfer???
  91. Has anyone ever gotten sentenced and then promised to get a 5k.
  92. Federal Level system
  93. Reporting to Fairton, NJ Camp
  94. MCC New York
  95. Please Share Some Info On Beaumont Low Facility
  96. I go to Prison Fri OCT 17
  97. What to expect from a Level 1 or Level 2 prison?
  98. Wife Going To Bryan,Tx need penpal
  99. I have never been to prison. Please help
  100. Making It -A survival guide for entering prison
  101. need information on federal sentencing
  102. psr and sentencing at fed level
  103. What is expected in federal prisons!
  104. any news about ElReno, Ok?
  105. NO DRUGS-NO WAY-testing positive??
  106. help husband leaves monday
  107. How do we prepare before the report date?
  108. items allowed in
  109. Shock incarceration, elligible for GTC?
  110. need help
  111. Just located my X after three years!!!
  112. How much can testimony help a downward departure?
  113. What can ease the fear of separation from parents?
  114. 24 months please help calculate
  115. what to do?
  116. Going in Jan 12th....release date ??
  117. 16 month sentence??
  118. Being sentenced on Jan 22
  119. Can I get accepted?
  120. The sheriff's bus ride 2 prison was a nightmare~~Ck this out
  121. Surrender Jan.26 Fpc Bryan
  122. Convincing judge to let me self surrender...
  123. Just back from sentencing... please help
  124. What Sentence for Airport Hoax Girl?
  125. Anyone have an idea of where I might be heading???
  126. Pre Sentence Investigation?
  127. What is a 60 day evaluation?
  128. What restraints are used?
  129. Information for people headed to prison
  130. Also going to Bryan prison camp ...
  131. Will there be computers?
  132. Distance transferred to prison??
  133. Can they really do this?
  134. Opinions on the federal 500-hour drug program
  135. are there blow dryers?
  136. Self Reporting in 7 days and still dont know where
  137. Urgent Question!
  138. Well this is my last day. I check in tomorrow
  139. What would you do if it were your last evening?
  140. Prayers for Casselblanc
  141. Framingham
  142. Thoughts and Prayers for Seekoffreedom
  143. Self Report in 2 Days - Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Los Angeles
  144. Just Got Word
  145. Reporting to Lewisburg PA ICC (bootcamp) March 5th I have questions
  146. A week to go
  147. Self-surrender and alternatives
  148. CRC in Orient OH I Think
  149. Son's first time incarcerated - need help w/ some questions
  150. Drug Offenders Work Camp???????
  151. Questions about evaluation center??
  152. Please help me
  153. clueless
  154. awaiting placement w/questions?
  155. Going to Prison
  156. Susan McDougal interview on Greta Van Susteren show - What BS!
  157. i just have a question
  158. one more question
  159. Does county time count ?
  160. Should My Sister Tell Her Children?
  161. Going to jail, what to expect?????
  162. Enforced haircuts for women
  163. help me
  164. questions??
  165. Reception at San Quentin
  166. Going to Concord NH first time. What to Expect. HELP
  167. Need help on understanding sentence
  168. Pto Rules!
  169. "Sometimes you just have to have a little faith"
  170. CA trouble
  171. Going to Prison! Know Your Rights!!! (great reading for anyone going to prison!!)
  172. Transfer time to Lexington?
  173. i want to know what i will be stepping into...
  174. Need Help With Just About Everything!
  175. Any women headed to state prison?
  176. Help Again...aaah
  177. Guidance from the Movies
  178. Preparation?
  179. Time Sentenced/time Served
  180. 4 Months Federal/4 Months House Arrest...
  181. 5 month sentence
  182. Sinlge Parent - First time in trouble
  183. Are you preparing for a prison stay?
  184. got my copy of judgement
  185. Sex Offender Going To Butner, What Should I Expect?
  186. My Dad is officially an "inmate"
  187. Sentence date is July 26th. What to expect.Any answers?
  188. screwed by fed goverment
  189. Thanks to PTO I am gonna make it
  190. DNA 'evidence gathering' entering prison
  191. Self Surrender To Jail Then To Prison
  192. FCI-Phoenix Female Camp HELP
  193. Thoughts on going to prison.
  194. Missed Jury Duty, now what?
  195. If you are going into a Federal Prison ~ Click Here ~
  196. HELP LOOKING FOR Sbrown110
  197. Going To Prison and Need Help! - CA
  198. Need Help with Family Response
  199. Heading to Coleman, please help
  200. Martha Stewart's Prison Consultant
  201. preparing for 4 years in N.J.
  202. Self reporting to US marshalls/ Have no idea where im going?
  203. child abuse resulting in death
  204. CA - Bay Area Federal Departure
  205. Going to Massachusetts House of Corrections in 30 days..
  206. Is this good? (long)
  207. On My Way to Rikers.
  208. Headed For Muncy
  209. substanical risk to human life
  210. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  211. I'm going to prison - need to get some clues
  212. What exactly is "work furlough"?
  213. First Post Headed to Federal
  214. Tell me ALL you know about Federal Prison/Camp
  215. Need advice on Fed women camps Going in Jan for 30 months
  216. I Just Found Out Where I'm Going!
  217. On My Way
  218. Child Support and Going on Vacation
  219. Any Women Turning themselves in?
  220. Turning yourself in ... In Florida
  221. So many questions-all this waiting...
  222. My Husband's Going to Edgefield, SC
  223. Who wants to Write me!!!!
  224. Does Anyone Know Anything About Edgefield Sc Camp???!
  225. Please help--many questions
  226. Please help, going in - in 13 days
  227. I just found out where I'm Going!
  228. Just charged with 30 months...scared
  229. Anyone wknow anything about womens state bootcamps?
  230. husband & wife sentenced
  231. RDAP Questions
  232. Sentenced to 13 days in Los Angeles County Jail ..need help
  233. First time in adult prison, what to do
  234. Info on Miami camp Please
  235. I'm sentnced on Thursday, 9/16!!
  236. Fiance sentenced.
  238. Good Behavior-Gain Time Credits???
  239. prision camps
  240. Restrictions at halfway houses??
  241. Any other Self Surrenders this week?!?
  242. 23 hours a day - How do you cope?
  243. They changed the game!!!
  244. Help! I think I've been giving out the wrong address
  245. getting sentenced in a few months help
  246. re. County jail time
  247. Dont Do This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. British chick on my way to Fed US jail in 1/05
  249. making trustee at a county jail...
  250. Medical Help In Prison