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  1. Marriage in South Carolina Prisons
  2. Medical Treatment in SCDC
  3. Cooper Trust Fund for Inmates in SC
  4. Truth In Sentencing
  5. SCDC Institutions
  6. Case Report Online - Does Anyone Know How?
  7. Hardship Transfer - Relocation Question?
  8. Post Conviction Relief (PCR)
  9. Hardship Relocation-General Info
  10. What Exactly Happens At A Preliminary Hearing?
  11. What is the difference between First and Second Degree Burglary?
  12. Change to SCDC Policy PS-10.08, Inmate Correspondence Privileges
  13. Cooper Trust Fund - Fees??
  14. Cooper Trust Fund /
  15. Medical Treatment within SCDC
  16. SC Youthful Offender Program
  17. Photos at Correctional Institutions
  18. Work Credits
  19. Can inmates buy TV's in the CANTEEN?
  20. Shock Incarceration Program - SCDC
  21. Where can I find pictures of Inmates?
  22. South Carolina County Inmate Locator
  23. Hardship/Transfer Letter
  24. Can inmates have Cds or cassettes?
  25. Power of Attorney
  26. SCDC Medical Complaints - Advice Please!!!
  27. SCDC Security Levels
  28. Level 2 Institutions
  29. Hardship Transfer Information
  30. Here's the Phone # for Medical complaints/problems
  31. Overcrowding in South Carolina Prisons
  32. Trying to get son's medical records and treatment for him
  33. South Carolina charges a tremendous amount for items through the canteen
  34. Which South Carolina Prisons Have Air-conditioning?
  35. In your experience, how often will a man get transferred to another facility in SC?
  36. Of all the SC prisons your man has been in, which has been most tolerable and least
  37. Is there a Food Shortage In SCDC Prisons?
  38. How to send money to an inmate
  39. Where can I find the Ombudsman for SCDC?
  40. Divorce in Prison - need HELP!
  41. Inmates not allowed to attend funeral or visitation of immediate family member!
  42. How much money is ENOUGH???
  43. Hardship Transfer
  44. Divorce While Incarcerted
  45. SCDC / SC BOP - Important Phone Numbers
  46. question about transfers/classification changes
  47. Looking at the SCDC website, I see 2 newer crimes that SHOULD be 85%, but are not (m)
  48. What is the SHOCK Program in South Carolina? (prison / alternative)
  49. Sentencing for Vehicular Homicide DUI
  50. New SCDC Transfer Policy
  51. Question about Custody level
  52. SC Folks, how often has your guy/girl been transferred? Date ranges would be great..
  53. Post conviction relief
  54. Question about how to correct SCDOC error in release date...
  55. Medical care while in South Carolina Prison
  56. Sex Offender Program at Broad River Correctional Institution
  57. whats up with this 10% charge @ kirkland?
  58. SCDC - Yearly Review
  59. Why does the projected release date change?
  60. SCDC Classification - Who To Talk To?
  61. Does anyone know what a medical hold is?
  62. Youthful Offender Intensification Program (YOIP) - SCDC
  63. Youthful Female Offender Intensification Program (YFOIP)
  64. South Carolina Legislature - Bills to Watch
  65. J-pay Phone Number
  66. SCDC -- News, Programs, Rules and Regulations, SC Code, Juvenile Justice Links
  67. Question about hardship transfer
  68. SCDC Website - when are pictures posted?
  69. Need Information - Release date on SCDC website
  70. Any Suggestions? - (Medical Complaint Department)
  71. New Bill - Inmates Attending Funeral Services
  72. Is it taking an ungodly amount of time for money orders to post for you SC guys?
  73. Far-fetched idea about indigent packages
  74. Medical problems in SCDC?
  75. Indeterminate sentence YOA program - how much time will he serve?
  76. Why aren't coolers sold in the canteen?
  77. Have any of you successfully had your guy transfered to a County Facility (Jail)?
  78. Is time amount on SCDC profile right?
  79. Do the guys*have* to be on their jobs for 6 months before they can be moved?
  80. Hardship Transfers
  81. SCDC Web page
  82. Anyone had trouble with SCDC changing their sentence??
  83. How can I get my husband moved from state prison to county jail?
  84. what is a straight sentence??
  85. Handbooks For Inmates
  86. 90 day shock incarceration
  87. Statistical Reports
  88. Death while in prison
  89. Work Credits
  90. Please help!! Medical Question Certification List?
  91. New numbers coming into SCDC
  92. classification
  93. Can you appeal a guilty plea?
  94. Old Law percentage of time served?
  95. Charges - felonies or misdemeners?
  96. Being Transferred out...
  97. Inmate Status Inquiries - A phone number that may help some of you
  98. he's waiting to be moved
  99. New "cashless" system for vending machines
  100. are the fights that bad in a level 1 and 2 security prison
  101. What's this about TV's?
  102. Individual TVs for SC Inmates - fact or rumor?
  103. Custody Levels
  104. Level 1B facilites
  105. Dna
  106. I have questions about these charges.
  107. Parole for violent offenders..
  108. Maximum Date...
  109. Being Transferred...
  110. Walden?
  111. When is it appropiate to write to the Warden?
  112. Please Help, DESPERATE
  113. Facility
  114. Exactly what is the YOA?
  115. Projected Parole Date????
  116. Manning Correctional Institution?
  117. Divorce Help
  118. balance in cooper trust fund
  119. Kirkland R & E - parole date changed
  120. He has to pay a fine - how much will it be?
  121. need information quickly....please - regarding getting loved one moved.
  122. killing and death in s.c. prisons
  123. Canteen prices
  124. medical needs - covered by insurance?
  125. projected release dates?
  126. Moving Prisons
  127. How will I know when he is being transferred?
  128. Boyfriend lost all privileges (father has cancer)
  129. Thoughts on improving our prison system in SC
  130. State prisons to ban smoking on Jan. 1
  131. transferring back to a facility
  132. 5 to life
  133. some answers please sc?
  134. Lockdown - How Are They Treated?
  135. Are there any programs for inmates for education beyond GED?
  136. How can I find out if he's in lockup?
  137. more questions about hardship transfer
  138. Pay-key..How is it used?
  139. Moss Justice Center?
  140. The Short Term Offender Program (STOP)
  141. 4 ppl w/ones in york county in york south carolina
  142. this is a very important question, some 1 plz help!
  143. SCDC Marriage Issue
  144. Does anyone know about this program for children with a parent in prison?
  145. If U Have A Child With A Dad IN Prison Please Read This!
  146. Calling all supporters of inmates - South Carolina
  147. Annual Review
  148. How can my son get into the Shock Incarceration Program
  149. Help - Medical Emergency
  150. Plea to 12 years for Assault w/Deadly Weapon?
  151. WHERE Will My Husband Go - what custody level?
  152. Kirkland Correctional Institution...I think
  153. I found him in Tuberville...any word on that place?
  154. My fiance was just moved to Kershaw...whats is it like?
  155. 85% and other questions that need!!!
  156. anyone still trying to get married in sc i have news !
  157. How Do You Get A Custody Level Lowered?
  158. looking for info on edgefield prison the camp
  159. need information on kirkland
  160. Need Info On Shock Incarceration
  161. What is the monthly limit that an inmate can spend in the canteen
  162. Work Credits-How do they work to reduce time?
  163. Graham R&E
  164. out of state transfer?
  165. what happens if they get wrote up
  166. Watkins Pre-Release
  167. Work release for 85% non-violent
  168. Inmate Search online
  169. felony dui w/ death results
  170. Speedy Trial Questions
  171. DNA fee payment...
  172. protective custody is what?!? HELP
  173. Help with getting married
  174. How can i get him new glasses from his eye doctor?
  175. Work to reduce time
  176. New to the prison system
  177. Camille Griffin Graham
  178. Prison early release...
  179. help: Son being harassed
  180. Inmate classification question
  181. 2 meals a day on weekends - Ridgleland, SC
  182. How often does an inmate's time change???
  183. South Carolina PayKey
  184. Question About Commisary Funds
  185. Getting daily meds in prison
  186. Paykey Refunds
  187. Charleston County Detention Center
  188. Son is Hurt - Prison Won't Talk (Lee Correctional)
  189. DNA Charges Taken Out Of Inmate Money?
  190. What Can Inmates Purchase In Prison?
  191. Need some answers on how to get an urgent transfer.
  192. Classification question
  193. How does one get thing done?
  194. Address to lee correctional
  195. Interstate Transfer Help
  196. 18 years in, 2 to go and he's transferred. Why?
  197. Looking for info on transfers in SC
  198. Inmate Rights In Prison
  199. Inmate's property (house, car)
  200. Credit for Jail Time Served
  201. STOP Program
  202. Understanding Incarcerated Inmate Search Information on my husband
  203. Dont understand????
  204. Tryna to get time down
  205. YOA Program..
  206. Compatible Pay Keys
  207. June 2 2010-new law about violent offenders and time served?
  208. Felon Friendly State
  209. Headset or earphones?
  210. How often is SCDC inmate search updated?
  211. Early release bill summary effective June 11, 2010
  212. No parole offenses effective June 11, 2011 (summary)
  213. Credit given inmates for good behavior (summary)
  214. Fugitive from Justice charge in Ga but already in prison in SC
  215. Manning Correctional Institute...
  216. What to do about mistreatment?
  217. 2012 Bills that "died" in the SC House & Senate
  218. Transfer
  219. Transfer question
  220. Are email messages / video messages going to be allowed?
  221. CDV Sentencing
  222. YOA and evaluation
  223. My bf was placed in the wrong security level prison! Scared for safety
  224. Classification
  225. How up to date is the SC DOC site? YOA?
  226. Classification/Visitiation Question
  227. Kirkland r & e questions.
  228. JPay becomes exclusive agent on July 1
  229. Hardship transfer changes
  230. Work Credits
  231. South Carolina inmate mail question!
  232. How long does it take for their money to follow them
  233. Transferred and not showing on South Carolina Inmate Lookup?
  234. I Don't Understand What " EWC level is 2f5" Means, Please Help
  235. New to site with tons of questions
  236. Help with getting my husband time corrected
  237. Just sentenced, how quickly he is likely to be moved to Kirkland?