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  1. I am Going crazy
  2. I may get to see my baby soon!!!
  3. I finaly got to see Shawn
  4. Suspended Visitation Privileges at NorthFork Correctional Facility in Sayre, Oklahoma
  5. OSP Visiting Questions
  6. visitation in oklahoma
  7. Visit's Approved and Marriage
  8. Visitation??????????
  9. Special Visits to OSP
  10. Hello to other people in Oklahoma - Visiting at Bill Johnson CC?
  11. Visitation at Mack Alford Correctional Ctr.
  12. Visits O.S.P.
  13. No more foreigners!
  14. need help thanks
  15. Finally I'm APPROVED!
  16. I know I've asked this before but....
  17. Did You Get To Visit Friday June 11th
  18. Visitation approval time
  19. Is anyone in the Tulsa Area headed to HoldenVille
  20. Can't visit friend because I'm married???
  21. My Visit :))
  22. Visitation Approval
  23. Does any one from Oklahoma go to new mexico to visit a inmate ,looking to share rides
  24. Dress code / leave for sick mother?
  25. Question About Visits
  26. Christmas in Oklahoma prisons
  27. Couldnt Visit:( I Am So Upset!!!!
  28. Why doesn't Oklahoma have conjugal visits
  29. Need help with OK contact visitation
  30. No Visiting At Cushing !!!
  31. Permenant removal from visitor's list and no correspondance ever again with inmate
  32. Massive Vent...HELP!!!!
  33. Exonerated...Sort of!
  34. Visitation all fixed
  35. Has anyone had problems with Great Plains corr. in Hinton? UPDATE
  36. Can I take an adopted child to visitation?
  37. Extremely Upset About My Visiting Experiences Lately
  38. How long to get approved for visiting (OSR) and see case mgr?
  39. Does anyone want to carpool to Lawton from Seminole & Shawnee
  40. I got approved AGAIN
  41. Another visitation question (Jim E Hamilton / OK)
  42. Who Goes to Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester??
  43. No SPECIAL visits in oklahoma
  44. need info on hospitality houses
  45. First Lawton Visit-What can I expect.
  46. Visiting on Veterans Day
  47. Finally Got our Visitor Forms!
  48. no visit for medium at OSR
  49. Visiting At LARC
  50. Going To Visit
  51. We're Home
  52. Emergency Visits (personal stories, information, etc)
  53. Finally Get To See Him!!!! (first visit in a long time)
  54. Need directions to facility in Oklahoma
  55. Work Centers
  57. Dic Connor In Hominy~ Has Anyone Been To Visit Lately?
  58. Visitation at Cimarron Correctional Facility
  59. Visiting at OSR - Granite (Oklahoma State Reformatory)
  60. Prison Restrooms Yuck!
  61. visits (being denied for not having a car?)
  62. Sister-in-law needs ride!
  63. Visiting at Howard Mcleod in Atoka
  64. inmates carrying around their own drugs? (medication)
  65. All Lawton Facility Rookies/Veterans!!!
  66. Finally getting to see my baby (Bill Johnson Facility in Alva questions)
  67. sister-in-law needs ride!
  68. Need Help W/ Mangum Visitation
  69. Visits at OSP
  70. Independence Day
  71. Safe Clothes, any suggestions?
  72. Hospitality House McAlester
  73. My baby's moved need info on NOCC
  74. Still looking for members with.....McAlester
  75. Car Tags
  76. First visit
  77. what not to wear
  78. Van Service to Oklahoma Prisons
  79. Transportation Question
  80. Does anyone go to Lawton Correctionl Facility
  81. Approved or not?
  82. Visiting at JC Lilley
  83. HMCC in Atoka (Rules for bringing children)
  84. Some idiot ruined it for all of us once again!
  85. Great Plains Correctional Facility Hinton, Ok
  86. What do you call yourself on visitation forms?
  87. North Fork Correction Facility in Sayre, OK need info on visiting there
  88. Diamondback Correctional Facilty Visit
  89. Jess Dunn visitation
  90. Visiting From Ireland to Cimarron CF???
  91. Hawaii-Girl Traveled To Diamondback!!!
  92. There will be visits on Thanksgiving Day at Cimmarron
  93. Does anybody know anything about Davis Correctional Facility in Holdenville,OK
  94. I Got To See Him! :)
  95. How close can you get?
  96. Being on two visitation lists
  97. Visitation dress code for Cimarron
  98. Lets Update The Visitation Forum
  99. Weekend visits cancelled at JBCC, OSP & possibly MACC due to weather conditions.
  100. Does anyone know when visitation will be open again at Jackie Brannon?
  101. how long untill i get approved for visitation?
  102. Visitation At W.s.key Facility In Fort Supply
  103. North Fork Correctional Facility
  104. My visit was wonderfullllllll!
  105. Visiting at Union City CCC
  106. Visiting at Union City CCC
  107. Visitation rules Howard McLeod CC?
  108. jim e hamilton
  109. Visiting while on supervised probation
  110. Anyone with someone in Big Mac?
  111. sister-in-law needs a ride to JCCC IN Helena, Ok
  112. Sister-in-law Still needs ride!
  113. Is there any transportation to any prisons
  114. no visiting
  116. Is there anyone who goes to JCCC in Helena, Ok. ?
  117. ride to JCCC in Helena,OK.
  118. Does anyone have info on Mac Alford?
  119. What type of back ground check for Oklahoma prison
  120. Conners Correctional Center
  121. Number of Friends Limited on Visit Lists?
  122. Visiting John Lilley CC in Boley Oklahoma
  123. Visitations At Lexington Correctional Center
  124. Policy Violation at Cimarron
  125. Anyone Have William S Key Visitation Info?
  126. sister in law needs ride
  127. Approved to visit at OSR in Granite
  128. Husband moving to Stringtown need info
  129. El Reno, OK-questions"Help"
  130. BJCC Visitation
  131. Mack Alford Visitation
  132. Open Toed Shoes Ok For Visiting?
  133. Any of you wild and crazy kids going to visit
  134. Visitation For ex-co...
  135. OK CURE Message re: Visitation @ OSP
  136. ride to J.C.C.C. in Helena,OK.
  137. I finally got to visit my man!
  138. Heart of the dove
  139. Can I Visit While On Probation?????
  140. visitation at cimarron
  141. Carpool Info!!!
  142. Visitation at minimal security yard
  143. Visit termination?
  144. Oklahoma Work Center Riverside - need info
  145. Frustrated....
  146. RID Unit @ Fort Supply
  147. Contraband....
  148. Ridiculous!!!!
  149. I finally got to visit...BJCC
  150. LCF Visitation List Questions
  151. carpooling to LCF??
  152. visitation form in pdf
  153. Visit denied from ION scanner?
  154. Please read before you arrange to carpool/rideshare.
  155. Ride to James Crabtree C.C. in Helena, OK.
  156. Advice on ex employee visitation, lletters and ph. calls!
  157. LCF Dress Code
  158. He doesn't want me to visit
  159. Oklahoma Staff Member Wants To Visit Inmate
  160. Granite visit
  161. looking to carpool to granite from tulsa on sat
  162. Someone let me know how??
  163. common law marrage?
  164. Granite.... Anyone?
  165. Just so darned happy!!!
  166. One child per adult? WTH
  167. does this mean he is almost home??? 500 drug program
  168. Oklahoma SO visitation?
  169. Holiday visits for county?
  170. LCF-Thanksgiving....
  171. problems with visit at JHCC??
  172. Visitation and Confused
  173. carpool to lcf
  174. Contact Visit
  175. Setting next to your man!!
  176. Family Visits or Conjugal visits
  177. Visitation Termination
  178. DOWC program??
  179. Request?
  180. Cushing Visitation
  181. William S. Key
  182. Does anyone know someone that goes to WSKCC for saturday vists?
  183. Back to square one again!Ride to James Crabtree
  184. No visitation william s keys
  185. Visitation at Cushing
  186. Waiting to be approved to visit
  187. Lawton Visitation
  188. Denial?
  189. Sister in law needs ride to James Crabtree!
  190. Visitation at Jim E hamilton Correctional Facility in Hodgen,Ok
  191. Granite(RIDE) PLEASE
  192. Still Waiting
  193. Eddie Warrior Visits
  194. info MACC/med in Stringtown visitation needed:)
  195. This sunday!!
  196. Finally!!!
  197. Got to see my sweetheart yesterday!
  198. I miss my husband!!!!
  199. Anyone at all going to JCCC in Helena?
  200. 9 wks since visitation form rcv'd by jdcc & still waiting to be apprvd
  201. Visitation at NOCC in VInita
  202. Pictures!!!
  203. Visitation Questions
  204. I can't believe him...he didn't tell me he couldn't have visits
  205. Question about special visit in OK?
  206. He put her down as his aunt
  207. Fourth of July-LCF Visit...
  208. Making a plea to a warden?
  209. Visitation Question-are they allowed in Disciplinary Seg?
  210. Former felon - Will I be able to visit my husband?
  211. dresses at visit?
  212. I visit at H-unit - can answer questions.
  213. any1 having probs making appts???
  214. Sayre...
  215. How long to be approved?
  216. OK DOC Visitation Regulations
  217. Anyone visit Lawton
  218. Ride Share
  219. Looking for Rideshare to OSR
  220. Is there such thing as conjugal visits anywhere in Oklahoma?!!?
  221. My first visit, is it normal to be scared?
  222. Special Visit With A Sick Parent?
  223. Does anybody know about visitation at LCF ??
  224. Ride Share!!!!
  225. Got in trouble please help me feel better
  226. visiting hours?
  227. Visitation for weekend of Jan. 15th-18th 2010
  228. Howard Mcleod Visitation?
  229. Lawton, Okla - visitation
  230. This weather & Visitation at Cushing
  231. Cimarron - CCF
  232. Osr visitation - cancelled
  233. 30 day visit period
  234. LCF-Visit Issues...
  235. Visititation
  236. John Lilley
  237. New Vistation Schedule at Cushing - Cimarron Correctional
  238. Has anyone from California gone to visit at NFCF?
  239. Any visitations @ Cimmaron
  240. ride share from checotah-lawton
  241. Our very FIRST visit!!!
  242. I'm crushed...(One hour visits, behind glass)
  243. Ride-share?? Going from Lawton to DCF
  244. Visitation
  245. Visitation and outstanding warrants....
  246. metal detectors
  247. question
  248. I just need to complain for a moment!!!
  249. He called!!!!!! And visitation!
  250. Having the greatest day!!! (approved for visits)