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  1. I am Going crazy
  2. I may get to see my baby soon!!!
  3. I finaly got to see Shawn
  4. Suspended Visitation Privileges at NorthFork Correctional Facility in Sayre, Oklahoma
  5. OSP Visiting Questions
  6. Phone Information for Oklahoma
  7. Got a Letter...wooohooo
  8. visitation in oklahoma
  9. no letter :(
  10. Visit's Approved and Marriage
  11. Mailing Letters
  12. Stamps Upside Down
  13. Phone Calls Overseas
  14. Visitation??????????
  15. Calenders in Jail
  16. Level Change and Phone Calls
  17. Special Visits to OSP
  18. Hello to other people in Oklahoma - Visiting at Bill Johnson CC?
  19. Visitation at Mack Alford Correctional Ctr.
  20. Visits O.S.P.
  21. No more foreigners!
  22. Phone Info
  23. oklahoma Inmate phone systems
  24. need help thanks
  25. Phone Calls
  26. Bill won't cut inmate phone rates
  27. Phone calls (again)
  28. I'm fairly sure this will never happen, but
  29. phone priviledges
  30. Mail at OSP
  31. Finally I'm APPROVED!
  32. I finally got to hear his voice!!
  33. I know I've asked this before but....
  34. Did You Get To Visit Friday June 11th
  35. Phone calls blocked
  36. mail
  37. Blown Off
  38. POEM written by OKLAHOMA INMATE~~~
  39. HELLO T-netix wants our help <phone co.>
  40. Speaking of "pieces" fitting...
  41. Prison Ministry Rally(Angel Tree Program)
  42. Quarterly Packages????
  43. Phone call from my son
  44. profanity for inmates?
  45. Visitation approval time
  46. Is anyone in the Tulsa Area headed to HoldenVille
  47. Good News
  48. Can't visit friend because I'm married???
  49. Fast mail to Dick Conner?
  50. My Visit :))
  51. Visitation Approval
  52. Does any one from Oklahoma go to new mexico to visit a inmate ,looking to share rides
  53. Dress code / leave for sick mother?
  54. Does anyone know if theres a way to get collect calls on my cellphone?
  55. Phone Service???
  56. Question About Visits
  57. Phone calls ODOC
  58. Packages For Lawton Inmates!!!!!!!!
  59. Question about Christmas Packages
  60. Christmas in Oklahoma prisons
  61. need ok holiday program web address plz!
  62. Basic phone serv. $1.00 a month
  63. How long do money orders take to get to OK?? Mag Subscriptions?
  64. Couldnt Visit:( I Am So Upset!!!!
  65. Got a letter......
  66. First time to do parole
  67. Letter from Larry
  68. Writing an inmate at Davis Correctional Facility
  69. Need help on how to file for early parole!
  70. Why doesn't Oklahoma have conjugal visits
  71. What can you send an inmate at Lawton Correctional Facility?
  72. Need help with OK contact visitation
  73. April Parole List
  74. No Visiting At Cushing !!!
  75. Does anyone in Oklahoma use Prison Calls Online?
  76. Does anyone with loved one at OSP receive collect calls?
  77. Permenant removal from visitor's list and no correspondance ever again with inmate
  78. Massive Vent...HELP!!!!
  79. Exonerated...Sort of!
  80. Visitation all fixed
  81. Has anyone had problems with Great Plains corr. in Hinton? UPDATE
  82. Can I take an adopted child to visitation?
  83. Being Accused Of Something I Didnt Do! (sending money to multiple inmates)
  84. correctional billing is driving me crazy!
  85. Son moved to JHCC! phones?
  86. Walkmans
  87. Extremely Upset About My Visiting Experiences Lately
  88. Name on caller ID from LARC
  89. How long to get approved for visiting (OSR) and see case mgr?
  90. Just had to share this letter with ya'll
  91. Does anyone want to carpool to Lawton from Seminole & Shawnee
  92. I got approved AGAIN
  93. Cimmarron Correctional MAIL...
  94. I Got A Letter!!
  95. Another visitation question (Jim E Hamilton / OK)
  96. Who Goes to Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester??
  97. Whats Up With Oklahoma State Penitentiary (OSP) Mail??
  98. I got a Letter!! AND A Phone Call
  99. Lawton Correctional Facility : Items you can send
  100. No SPECIAL visits in oklahoma
  101. Question about letter writing in Oklahoma prisons
  102. Gift packs for inmates - Holiday Care Packages
  103. Where to find pillow?
  104. Question About Letters To LARC
  105. need info on hospitality houses
  106. First Lawton Visit-What can I expect.
  107. Pictures at LARC
  108. Visiting on Veterans Day
  109. Finally Got our Visitor Forms!
  110. How long does it take before they can write after being moved to a new prison?
  111. no visit for medium at OSR
  112. Visiting At LARC
  113. Anyone else get calls from OSP
  114. Going To Visit
  115. calls from home
  116. a christmas idea
  117. We're Home
  118. PHONE INFO- Please share what you know
  119. What mail is allowed?
  120. Christmas Idea
  121. No word from Lee...
  122. Phone Bill From Holdenville
  123. I Gots me a letter!!
  124. Emergency Visits (personal stories, information, etc)
  125. Info on calendars with NO staples in them!!??
  126. Phone problems/ Bills needed
  127. a kite question (sending inmate to inmate mail)
  128. ACCESS GIFT PACKAGES for Christmas
  129. Finally Get To See Him!!!! (first visit in a long time)
  130. Envelopes (can you send them in Oklahoma county jails?)
  131. Need directions to facility in Oklahoma
  132. Finally made it to Lexington! - Question about phone calls
  133. HERE comes V-DAY..Some Romantic Quotes
  134. Work Centers
  135. How you can help lower prison phone calls
  136. If you want to help lower your phone bills
  138. Dic Connor In Hominy~ Has Anyone Been To Visit Lately?
  139. Help-Granite and Phone calls/Service
  140. Visitation at Cimarron Correctional Facility
  141. Visiting at OSR - Granite (Oklahoma State Reformatory)
  142. Prison Restrooms Yuck!
  143. HELP...Want to send a package to OSP (Oklahoma State Penitentiary)
  144. Sending wedding rings in (what's allowed & how to do it)
  145. visits (being denied for not having a car?)
  146. Sister-in-law needs ride!
  147. Money on books
  148. No Call or Letter in over a Week..Lawton
  149. Sending mail to more than one inmate in the same facility
  150. Visiting at Howard Mcleod in Atoka
  151. I learned something! (pre-paid phone calls - Lawton)
  152. trust accounts
  153. inmates carrying around their own drugs? (medication)
  154. All Lawton Facility Rookies/Veterans!!!
  155. Finally getting to see my baby (Bill Johnson Facility in Alva questions)
  156. does this sound right? (paying for collect calls twice?)
  157. What is allowed at Dick Conner
  158. sister-in-law needs ride!
  159. Oversized Cards
  160. Need Help W/ Mangum Visitation
  161. Mabel Bassett Mailing Address
  162. Visits at OSP
  163. Independence Day
  164. Safe Clothes, any suggestions?
  165. Hospitality House McAlester
  166. My baby's moved need info on NOCC
  167. Do all DOC facilities use Correctional Billing Services?
  168. Correctional Billing Services question
  169. Still looking for members with.....McAlester
  170. Car Tags
  171. First visit
  172. what not to wear
  173. I Got a Question? How long does it take to be added to call list?
  174. Van Service to Oklahoma Prisons
  175. Transportation Question
  176. Not his Handwriting?
  177. Does anyone go to Lawton Correctionl Facility
  178. Approved or not?
  179. Visiting at JC Lilley
  180. HMCC in Atoka (Rules for bringing children)
  181. Some idiot ruined it for all of us once again!
  182. Summer packages
  183. Great Plains Correctional Facility Hinton, Ok
  184. Phone Question-How "sexy" can you talk
  185. What do you call yourself on visitation forms?
  186. Correctional Billing Services, ZPDI, Value-Added Comm Questions
  187. North Fork Correction Facility in Sayre, OK need info on visiting there
  188. Diamondback Correctional Facilty Visit
  189. Pictures - How many can be sent?
  190. Oklahoma Interstate Compact Phone Numbers
  191. Lower rates for prison phone calls
  192. Phone cards - When can they purchased and used?
  193. Jess Dunn visitation
  194. Visiting From Ireland to Cimarron CF???
  195. Why isn't he calling me from OKC JAIL???
  196. Hawaii-Girl Traveled To Diamondback!!!
  197. Can they buy calling cards at the jail????
  198. There will be visits on Thanksgiving Day at Cimmarron
  199. Does anybody know anything about Davis Correctional Facility in Holdenville,OK
  200. What can I send my man for Christmas??
  201. Husband in William S. Key Correctional, what can I send him?
  202. Modern Day Witch Hunt at LARC/Letter to Warden regarding visits
  203. I Got To See Him! :)
  204. How close can you get?
  205. Mail slower than usual???
  206. Looking for the name of the company that sent out the food orders at Jess Dunn
  207. Being on two visitation lists
  208. Visitation dress code for Cimarron
  209. Lets Update The Visitation Forum
  210. Weekend visits cancelled at JBCC, OSP & possibly MACC due to weather conditions.
  211. Does anyone know when visitation will be open again at Jackie Brannon?
  212. How Can I Block Mail From An Inmate?
  213. how long untill i get approved for visitation?
  214. Restricted Mail - Unsure about Magazine
  215. LARC- no unit/quad number listed
  216. Visitation At W.s.key Facility In Fort Supply
  217. Limit on phone calls LARC??
  218. North Fork Correctional Facility
  219. Mags at Davis CF
  220. larc-has anyone heard anything unusual??
  221. I am trying to find out if any one is having trouble geting calls fro Jim E Hamilton
  222. My visit was wonderfullllllll!
  223. Question!! on allowing photos and magazines
  224. Visiting at Union City CCC
  225. Visiting at Union City CCC
  226. Visitation rules Howard McLeod CC?
  227. I want to no how i can find out about getting a h and book from the priosn my husband
  228. Lockdown at NFCF
  229. Where am I supposed to post????
  230. jim e hamilton
  231. Visiting while on supervised probation
  232. How can I mail an inmate @ Dick Conners Correction Center?
  233. What items can I send?
  234. Anyone with someone in Big Mac?
  235. sister-in-law needs a ride to JCCC IN Helena, Ok
  236. Sister-in-law Still needs ride!
  237. Is there any transportation to any prisons
  238. They "lost" money for commissary?
  239. Money still "lost" in Cleveland county
  240. no visiting
  242. Calls & Mail at Holdenville
  243. Is there anyone who goes to JCCC in Helena, Ok. ?
  244. Can they have mail in recieving at lexington
  245. What phone service serves Eddie Warrior?
  246. ride to JCCC in Helena,OK.
  247. Does anyone have info on Mac Alford?
  248. What is Mack Alford allowed
  249. What type of back ground check for Oklahoma prison
  250. Conners Correctional Center