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  1. Finding someone in ODOC to give a straight...
  2. have a question?
  3. Help! Question Regarding Custody
  4. Oklahoma Prison Policy on Geds
  5. OKDOC Drives Me Crazy wait till you hear this!!
  6. Exactly how many years is Life????
  7. write ups discilpinary etc
  8. Movement from Maximum to Medium Security Facilities
  9. Wedding bells- ALL wedding info, questions and announcements here! :)
  10. how can i find out
  11. inmate college students, who pays $
  12. HELP any actions I can take to get boo home sooner
  13. Requesting A Lower Security Prison
  14. Good time - Earned Credits
  15. Archives?
  16. Work or Boot Camp - What's The Difference?
  17. Can't get info from DOC
  18. Levels ????
  19. Time Computation
  20. Inactive??
  21. Interstate Compact Corrections Transfer
  22. Employee lawsuit against doc?
  23. Community Center Passes
  24. Special Visits
  25. Corrections Compact Transfers In and Out of State
  26. Inmate Tracking
  27. Split Sentence Time Interpretation
  28. Help with prison policies.
  29. Minimum for lifers
  30. (Skunette)Maintenance and Access of Offender Records
  31. Disciplinary Cases
  32. "Waiting List" is it real or not?
  33. Electronic Monitors
  34. CAP Reinstated?
  35. Management of consecutive sentences in Oklahoma.
  36. Does Fed Government ever get involved?
  37. Parole to another state
  38. Changes on DOC inmate page/jacket review this month
  39. Prisoner pays hourly wage for case manager to do his job??
  40. Understanding DOC "offenders" page
  41. what exactly is segregation?
  42. Lower Security
  43. Where do I call with complaints...HELP?????
  44. Case Workers at Mabel Bassett?
  45. Lawton going No Smoking
  46. Handicap scooters allowed??
  47. Early release-free up prison space
  48. Inmate wants to transfer to Oklahoma from Florida
  49. Leg Monitors
  50. Need info about sending money to friend
  51. 85% Law With Medical
  52. Interstate compact
  53. Question about Judicial Review
  54. Oklahoma Educational Courses
  55. Anyone know what BOT Unit is?
  56. Cost to Inmate for anti-smoking patches
  57. Can someone tell me what 610 DOC (Chain Pull) means?
  58. Who to call next?
  59. commutation application
  60. Can we get the same answer twice?
  61. Directions to Lexington & Harp for Parole
  62. Smoking Ban
  63. Cigarettes vs. Marijuana
  64. Leg Monitor
  65. discharge?
  66. Need info for Appl for Post conviction Relief
  67. Medication Assist
  68. inmates being allowed to attend funerals
  69. "Best" max security in OK?
  70. Help out guys?? re: prison division of OK Health Dept
  71. New here w/ question re: transferring to LARC
  72. Prison overcrowding?
  73. transporting inmates
  74. Concurrent sentence- Oklahoma earned time?
  75. Lawton - Case Manager Qualifications?
  76. Help with DOC policies and procedures (please)
  77. Have Questions About OK DOC
  78. He was found guilty, what does this do to his time?
  79. Have child support questions for OK
  80. Anyone successful at getting a transfer?
  81. SO Registering while incarcerated?
  82. Please help...LARC has sentence as consec. not concurrent(-long)
  83. inmates pick when going from max to min?
  84. Lexington Assesment and Reception Center (LARC) questions
  85. Need Some Info On Signing A Min Security Packet..
  86. 5Year review?
  87. Son finally transferred to Oklahoma Lexington (LARC) - questions
  88. How to send money to inmate in Jackie Brannon
  89. Question about sending MO to LARC
  90. urgent! can he attend a funeral?
  91. odoc info please
  92. How Do Inmates Lower their Points?
  93. Need info about trustees
  94. Halfway House Eligible (how many days)
  95. Another Transfer Question
  96. Lexington Phone Number & questions
  97. I Need Answers..i Am So Confused (parole date changed)
  98. DOC will take 20% of all the money you send
  99. Can you go to a work center with Unpaid fines?
  100. Transfer Questions
  101. Code terms on Offender look up
  102. Smoking Once Again
  103. Emergency Medical Help
  104. He was approved for a halfway House 3 Months ago
  105. Downhill Conditions at JHCC (Joseph Harp Correctional Center)
  106. confused- DOC website - out date increased by 20 days?
  107. Diabetic in LARC (Lexington Assessment and Reception Center)
  108. Choosing a prison
  109. Son going to prison for the first time - questions on a little of everything ;)
  110. Can he attend a funeral?
  111. Transfer Requests
  112. Bars or Plexiglass? (for Oklahoma prison cells)
  113. wondering about lexington...(assesment and reception center questions)
  114. Needing suggestions (best minimum security prison near Tulsa Oklahoma)
  115. Sending money to inmates in Oklahoma Department of Corrections
  116. question bout transfers
  117. Calling Lexington?
  118. Smoking in Oklahoma prisons
  119. Help
  120. visitation forms
  121. My son signed his minimum packet
  122. Changing Levels
  123. Heard guys that have 2-5 years in DOC are getting let go from LARC, is this true?
  124. questions
  125. DOC Offender Lookup - Question?
  126. Oklahoma Yards-Looking for info...
  127. Oklahoma DOC - Spending more tax money
  128. DNA Testing by DOC is this statewide?
  129. Do prisoners pay income tax on money they earn at prison jobs?
  130. Parole Question (paroling to a girlfriend)
  131. Minimum yard differences?
  132. He was approved for parole BUT............ (program conditions not being offered)
  133. Question about parole dates (moving a parole date closer)
  134. Out of State Visitors
  135. hes gone (sentenced to prison and have questions on levels)
  136. KOP meds in ok facilities (keep on person medication)
  137. What are the cells like?
  138. Question about federal hold
  139. Indigent Inmates? (how do they qualify)
  140. Has any transferred from another state? (Interstate Compact - Virginia to Oklahoma)
  141. Is this true? (Going to private prison if they have pending court cases not allowed?)
  142. property and phone question-lawton
  143. Offenders Page (location changed overnight)
  144. Oklahoma sentencing guidelines
  145. Necessary medical treatment and medication being denied
  146. 5 year review???
  147. Keys to Life...
  148. Buying eyeglasses
  149. Question on Meds at Women Facility's
  150. Any Ideas Who should I contact, and what should I do to address his health problems??
  151. How does state of OK courts work?
  152. help need info regarding my daughter & living w/ an SO
  153. The R.I.D. program?
  154. How can my honey and I get pregnant?
  155. Write up classifications and punishments
  156. Earned credits and level? what are they??
  157. I think we can help this guy!!
  158. Anyone familar with Oklahoma City Jail?
  159. Looking for info on getting married at Lawton Ok Prison
  160. Oklahoma DOC Offender Orientation Manual
  161. The Service of Sentences & Credits
  162. How much time of a sentence is served?
  163. Time Cuts For Classes
  164. Need Compassionate Answers
  165. About overcrowding
  166. What can we do about the 20% withholding of OK inmates deposits?
  167. Write-ups /Reprimands
  168. Any Vermonters here in Oklahoma prisons?
  169. Hodgen OKlahoma Jim E hamilotn
  170. Prices for commissary items
  171. No changes in the 20% withholding of families money
  172. Questions regrading Boot Camps?
  173. Jewelry?
  174. Interstate Compacts from OK to Texas
  175. Help! Husband looking at going to prison....
  176. Brother in Ft supply
  177. How Long Does It Take
  178. indian casino
  179. any info on JDCC in Taft, OK
  180. My fiance', an AZ. inmate volunteered to be transferred to OK.
  181. help me please?
  182. TADD Program
  183. sentence concurrent with another state
  184. okc
  185. My Dad Died while at LARC and I need awnsers
  186. Dept. of Corruption!! That is what it really stands for!
  187. I'm Confused
  188. they read my letter
  189. Sending Money When At Larc
  190. I Need Help Understanding Credits
  191. Mental Ward at McAlester
  192. My Husband Pulled Chain Today
  193. Getting personal items delivered
  194. Help for inmates when released
  195. SO program
  196. Hey showing you guys a sample of the 85% law!
  197. Does anyone know a good attorny?
  198. Is this where?
  199. Offender Orientation Manuel
  200. He has a staph infection, who do i contact?
  201. i need adviece please
  202. Questions about the points system
  203. Sentencing question
  204. urgent- trying to locate an inmate
  205. College Courses
  206. OSR Canteen
  207. Writ?
  208. Can someone please help- question about atty
  209. County records
  210. Delayed sentencing?
  211. Could inmate attend funeral?
  212. Car Confiscated
  213. Truth in sentencing act
  214. New to OK prison system! BF moved from county!!
  215. Population Control??
  216. New transfer from arizona
  217. Question about state to state transfers
  218. Lateral moves
  219. How much time
  220. New and need info
  221. Need some help lookin for lawyers
  222. Lexington
  223. help please- parole question
  224. Question about sentence modification
  225. Offender Banking System
  226. Classes and Programs
  227. Computers in prison
  228. How to get J and S papers?
  229. Need to know some info on LARC
  230. My Dad died while in LARC and we still don't have awnsers. Can you help??
  231. Questions about work release
  232. About rehab in Tulsa
  233. Can anyone help? Need info?
  234. Levels? How long on each one?
  235. What does "NCIC" stand for?
  236. Help - Need infor Re: Ft. Sill Army Regional Correctional Facility
  237. He got moved 5 weeks ago & I haven't heard from him
  238. What does "inactive" mean?
  239. Looking for info on Lawton prison
  240. Does anybody know about inmate transfers?
  241. Questions about work centers
  242. 85% Sentencing Rule
  243. 85% Sentencing Rule
  244. Release process
  245. DOC Page
  246. How can i find the balance of trustfund??!!
  247. Loss of Good Time Credits
  248. Jess Dunn Correctional Facility
  249. Jess Dunn Correctional Facility
  250. "Transit SHU" ??