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  1. Just to say "hi"
  2. Oklahoma Member Introductions!
  3. Intro Makeover
  4. Hello fellow Okies (Oklahoma Member Intro)
  5. about me and why i'm here (Oklahoma Member Intro)
  6. New & looking for any body in davis oklahoma center
  7. New & searching for family member in Ardmore
  8. New & inquiring about the prison in McAlester, Oklahoma
  9. New here
  10. Unreasonably long sentence for crime
  11. New Member
  12. Intro-New Here
  13. im new here
  14. i'm new
  15. Help!!!!!!!
  16. Thank You
  17. does anyone have someone in North Fork in Sayer Ok
  18. Not enough punishment.....
  19. Oh boy, do I need help!
  20. Son going to William S Key Correctional Facility
  21. Hello to ALL!!
  22. New to PTO - TakinHisName - Getting Married Soon!
  23. hi im new here...
  24. new user name
  25. Hello Everyone...I'm new...
  26. new to this
  27. New to this
  28. Hi Everybody!! Im New At This...
  29. Please help...I'm new to this.
  30. New here, have questions
  31. new and have questions
  32. Hi...New Here
  33. New to OK
  34. New Member - Boyfriend Awaiting Transfer to Lexington
  35. ?'s about Joseph Harp
  36. hello new to this
  37. My mother is in Eddie warrior correctional center
  38. I'm new, son going to Keys to Life
  39. hello
  40. Big Moe's Mom / Mccleod / Oklahoma
  41. New to site, info on Davis CF
  42. hey is anyone in here who is still in or just got out of granite
  43. Intro--sta
  44. Do you need a real man in your life?
  45. Oklahoma Corrections sucks
  46. Who to talk to?
  47. New Here
  48. Hi Everyone
  49. new
  50. JC in Arizona my person is at John Lilley in OK
  51. TULSA October 6th
  52. RTP program for Offenders
  53. new girl
  54. I don't know what I am doing
  55. Fci El Reno
  56. I am looking to talk to anyone with family members or friends in Lexington
  57. Need some help
  58. Ca Inmate Transfered To Oklahoma From Mississippi.
  59. My daughter is in 'Mabel Basset C.C.' .
  60. I'm LOST!
  61. do you need info on BJCC?
  62. judgment/sentencing
  63. Need Info, Just started this
  64. ***New To North Fork & Need Help***
  65. I lost him today and I have ?'s
  66. Confused!!
  67. Hello.... yup I'm new...
  68. Hubby waiting to go to lost!
  69. I'm Scared! I Found Out I'm Preg....
  70. way off topic, but i have a question
  71. Hi...
  72. i need some support
  73. Question reg Lexington Assessment and Reception Center and RID program
  74. Almost free
  75. Updated Okie Intros
  76. Mom in Arkansas ~ Son in Lawton
  77. To new members
  78. husband in James Crabtree in okla
  79. New Member- Boyfriend in Stringtown
  80. Husband at LCF
  81. We got married at LARC
  82. Need info
  83. new here
  84. Back again...hubby at John Lilley CC
  85. i'm new!
  86. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  87. Hi, my name is I'm new!
  88. Greetings
  89. New here fiance is in William S Keys
  90. My son arrived at Oklahoma City FTC today
  91. I am so glad I found this site
  92. Hi, I'm Foggy. My brother is at LARC for the moment.
  93. I'm new at this whole thing...fiance is currently in jail
  94. New here
  95. new
  96. Looking for Granite, Oklahoma contacts
  97. newbie
  98. I'm new this all need info please
  99. A question about write-ups, ex-COs and other tangles.
  100. Daughter at EWCC
  101. Looking for Civil Rights Attorney In Oklahoma
  102. Holding My Breath.
  103. OSP questions
  104. Help....FCI EL RENO
  105. New Here
  106. New and have questions!!
  107. Live from Wagoner, OK
  108. Greetings from LeFlore County
  109. bro just arrested
  110. Oklahoma FTC
  111. hello to all
  112. does anyone visit someone in granite@osr?
  113. Intro- MyHeartsNPrison (Fiancee in county)
  114. Hello from Tulsa...
  115. Cowboysgal in NY- "Getting harder as the years go by"
  116. hi all
  117. I feel so weak
  118. new to pto, my friend is in lawton.
  119. La Palma, Arizona to Oklahoma?
  120. new to pto, family member in kay county
  121. I Need Help!
  122. Need your help
  123. New and confused!!!
  124. Newbie
  125. Newbie Here
  126. Intro
  127. Hi-I'm the new girl.
  128. New and alone...husband in WSK
  129. Intro--RangerRon
  130. first post
  131. New 2this
  132. Kenneth's Sunshine
  133. Looking for a friend
  134. Wish he was here
  135. Nanny
  136. New to the site!
  137. New experience
  138. Help if you can, information needed
  139. Going to be a long two yrs in OK
  140. New to the site
  141. Daughter is pregnant in prison
  142. Intro--Missmyjack
  143. Intro--mrsscott
  144. Intro--kero
  145. Intro--JieNinja
  146. Intro--ronswife2010
  147. Intro--cdwilson74
  148. Intro- big_black1979
  149. NFCF Trips...
  150. Intro--hissapphirestar
  151. Intro--Ciancio123
  152. The life of melissagreen70
  153. Hello from Australia
  154. Hello Oklahoma
  155. New here
  156. Eddie Warrior RTC conflicting w/J.R???
  157. Hello All :)
  158. Happy Birthday Lisa Rae!
  159. Heyy.. I'm new to this!
  160. Hi there, How I ended up here!
  161. Hello! New from Oklahoma.
  162. Looking for some of you with someone in Lexington
  163. Hello new to prison talk
  164. Intro-minniedeb
  165. My man just went to LARC.. Help??
  166. Anyone in Oklahoma???
  167. Hello Okies!
  168. Hallo Everyone
  169. Waiting on good news.
  170. Hello Again!
  171. New To Prison Talk from OKC!
  172. So happy I found this site!
  173. Intro--new to all this
  174. Here we go again
  175. Payne County Jail
  176. LARC
  177. New to this...
  178. New to all this
  179. Not a lot of help
  180. Phone calls...
  181. New - scoobyathome
  182. Help!!!!! How I'm here
  183. The begining
  184. Time in pawhuska jail
  185. Soon to be inmate at Mable Bassett
  186. Father at James Crabtree, live in CA
  187. So new to this! Ex currently in Lawton Correctional Facility
  188. I'm new. Anyone else have a loved one at Lawton Correctional Facility?
  189. Ftc okc
  190. New to all this.
  191. New to PTO
  192. New...from tulsa HELP!
  193. Craig County Jail Overflow for DOC?
  194. New to this fiancee is OSR
  195. Here we go again
  196. Brand new to this :(
  197. I got a buddy in Jim E. Hamilton CC, Hodgen
  198. Son has served 8 years of 15 / We're close to a sentence modification