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  1. NCDOC Policy and Procedure Manual
  2. Craven Correctional
  3. Finally getting Married
  4. Transfer Day for inmates
  5. Looking for minister in NC....Weddings getting close!!! :)
  6. Restitution After Serving Sentence
  7. Inmate Construction Program?
  8. daughter going for bank robbery in nc
  9. How does honor grade work?
  10. New Prison Murray Nc..
  11. NC Probation
  12. How do you contact transfer coordinator?
  13. North Carolina Department of Corrections/FAQ
  14. North Carolina's Offender Search
  15. Understanding DOC
  16. NC DOC Classification
  17. Infractions and Admin. Segregation
  18. Infractions and Admin. Segregation in NC prison
  19. Sexual Assault charge information please
  20. Question from downunder (re:gifts)
  21. rights lost as a felon in NC
  22. How much time would he actually have to do?
  23. psp?
  24. Questions about MMPI Test
  25. Likely Sentence?
  26. How correct is NC BOP website???
  27. Sent to Piedmont CI for Processing
  28. S.T.O.P. Program
  29. DOC policy & procedures manual- Can I get one?
  30. What does P&P status mean?
  31. Post Release Supervision
  32. He was awarded Mapp and they have not upgraded him
  33. Habitiual Felon Law
  34. Transfer From Illinois Doc To Nc Doc
  35. Questions about Thanksgiving food at Mountainview
  36. Question about transfer close to home
  37. Looking For Penalty Information
  38. Nc Court Dates
  39. filing a false police report Help for Son
  40. Custody Review
  41. Question about north carolina sentencing...
  42. Court Recommended Work Release
  43. Point System
  44. Nc Department Of Corrections Policies&procedures Manual-how do I get a copy?
  45. Question about structured sentencing
  46. Structured sentencing charts
  47. Gain Time Formula
  48. Chance of Getting Out Before Minimum is Up?
  49. Burke County
  50. Custody Levels???
  51. Statue of Limitations in NC????
  52. Missing Canteen Money
  53. Prison Programs
  54. Can I write a grievance letter to have him moved closer to home?
  55. Restitution after release
  56. help on getting married in nc
  57. MEL I need your help - security levels
  58. Case Managers/Counselors
  59. Out-of-state Transfer
  60. jail no bond
  61. Is there a resource library at Alexander CI?
  62. Looking for information on DART Cherry in NC
  63. Someone Please Help... We Want To Get Married!!
  64. Question on how the chain or command works at NCCIW
  65. Max-Out Date for Lifers?
  66. Divorce from prison
  67. Social Security?
  68. Medical
  69. Rules on moving from one prison facility to another
  70. What should I expect? Min. or Med. security?
  71. Inmate Transfer
  72. Need Help Writing A Transfer Hardship Letter
  73. Help With N.C. Habeas Corpus
  74. Mountainview Correctional Center?
  75. Honor Grade?
  76. Stronger Evidence Law - It's Meaning
  77. Reduction in Sentence
  78. Lawyer Confidentiality?!?!
  79. job for ex-felons in North Carolina
  80. Pro-Bono Att.
  81. Withdraw Guilty Plea?
  82. Are they cutting time in half at BCC?
  83. Need help in N.C. with 2255 for brother
  84. Can't find a minister!
  85. Is the defendant usually at the hearing?
  86. HELP!! Re: Post Release Surpervision in NC!!
  87. Getting married in prison??
  88. A Motion for Appropriate Relief???
  89. Sex Offender laws/rules in NC
  90. Minimum Custody Levels in NC?
  91. Income Tax Question
  92. Cinderella License
  93. information needed - number for Central Prison?
  94. Should I go to prison?
  95. Work release questions
  96. Re-processing for inmates
  97. Mistake On The DOC Website..
  98. Need help getting answers about daughter at NCCIW
  99. Daughter was almost successful with suicide attempt last week at NCCIW
  100. Is Butner Federal Prison only housing the disabled or sick?
  101. Minimum Custody
  102. Benefits For Ex-Offenders
  103. Need Advice: Daughter Being Punished for Suicide Attemp
  104. Incorrect jail credit
  105. Have questions regarding his total term
  106. Motion for Appropriate Release
  107. Help With Release Date
  108. Change from 85% to 65% served???????
  109. Court Ordered Release
  110. Transfer Coordinator...any advice??
  111. Ex-offender Employment
  112. Can inmate get a special release for funeral
  113. Commissary
  114. classes & programs
  115. New ID Cards...
  116. Can probation be reinstated after voluntary revoked
  117. No More Street Clothes
  118. Classification
  119. Can Someone Answer Me A Question?? What should I expect next?
  120. My doctor said DOC Medical Letting People Die
  121. Social Security For Nc Inmates????
  122. Transition Aftercare Network (TAN)???
  123. Restitution Question...
  124. Getting consecutive sentence changed to concurrent
  125. Requesting move to another facility
  126. Medical Release?
  127. Honor Grade Camps near Winston-Salem? Anyone know?
  128. N.C. D,O.C. combined Records
  129. yet ANOTHER question about HONOR GRADE
  130. How long does a request for transfer take?
  131. Vinelink and has anyone used it before?
  132. fire camp info
  133. nc interstate compact
  134. probable cause hearing
  135. NCCIW Infraction Payments
  136. Will they let us get married?
  137. Put in a transfer Oct 15th...
  138. Plea Bargains?
  139. Any suggestions? Who do we contact about the horrific conditions in county jail?
  140. I am writing a letter to NC Transfer Coord...
  141. I am writing on behalf of my fiance'...
  142. How long does it take to find out status of transfer?
  143. Is anyone here in NC on an interstate compact from NY?
  144. Need help writing a letter for a transfer
  145. need help with community volunteer passes!?!?
  146. Need help about marrige sessions!!
  147. Is there a state funded program to help the families of those incarcerated?
  148. Tyrrell PWF
  149. Honor Grade Camps
  150. Info on STG
  151. I have questions about loved one's profile
  152. where will he go
  153. Need advice, hes not getting medical attention (Central Prison)
  154. 2021-Difference b/t gain, merit and earned?
  155. new to this-Question about warrants/jail..
  156. TRD and PRD
  157. question about "good time" sentence reduction
  158. Robeson correctional center classes or programs
  159. sentence reduction (consecutive to concurrent)
  160. Marriage
  161. Questions regarding the Structured Sentencing Act
  162. Who do I contact to get a detainer removed?
  163. Wanting to get married at Wayne Correctional
  164. Need help really bad... Where can he live?
  165. Will all of his "previous time served" be credited?
  166. Transfers?
  167. Time reduction....
  168. Getting down to minimum time.
  169. Inmate Transfers
  170. gain time?
  171. Seeking info on Nov 2007 memo about rules for inmates convicted of sex crimes
  172. need info on getting married
  173. US Department of Labors Culinary Apprenticeship Program
  174. Control Review
  175. Control Review
  176. Need info on Tabor CI
  177. Transferred to Tabor City
  178. Any updates about early releases?
  179. What is a Detainer?
  180. Gain Time?
  181. Work Release in Mecklenburg County?
  182. Question: How do I send him money??
  183. What To Expect... NCDOC
  184. Status change
  185. Need info. on Pamlico prison
  186. How do I get records expunged?
  187. Divorce question
  188. Need help, he got an infraction
  189. Random questions
  190. has enyone heard about the prisons going smoke free?
  191. At least 8 months to transfer after custody change??
  192. Advanced search for offenders...
  193. Filing a MAR????
  194. need your help guys....about inmate classification
  195. Need List of North Carolian Halfway Houses
  196. Questions about Marriage while inside
  197. Administrative Segregation
  198. Smoking in Prisons
  199. Transfer Question
  200. Need Help Getting A Transfer
  201. Help! How to get him moved closer to home?
  202. Wedding Ring
  203. Need Info on drug tests before release
  204. What are the requirements for marriage?
  205. Fugitive Extradition w/pending new case/charges
  206. What's it like at Polk Correctional Institute?
  207. If you get an indictment wile free do they arest you
  208. Question about the raw data screen
  209. Need Raw Data: Information
  210. green clothes - brown clothes???
  211. Offender Information??
  212. My man is in a Halfway house..and I talked to Him for
  213. Surgery for inguinal hernia
  214. 2nd habitual DWI - 2021?
  215. motion for appropiate release/relief...
  216. Does anyone have any info. on Foothills CI?
  217. Midemeanor questions
  218. Iam new to this site and have questions about DOC in North Carolina Avery County
  219. My husband is at Tabor got questions
  220. Legal Advice - getting sole custody of son
  221. Can prisoners with assaul crimes work outside the prison?
  222. Craggy Asheville NC
  223. Custody Review, etc
  224. inmate shoes (How are ones provided by the DOC?)
  225. Commutation Applications for Clemency (or reduction in prison term)
  226. Child support filed while in prison
  227. Advanced search on NCDOC website question
  228. Close Custody to Medium Custody
  229. Question about going from medium to minimum security
  230. Does Anyone Have A Canteen Price List?
  231. Questions about NCCIW!
  232. How do you find out a Release Date?
  233. What happened to raw data screen? 2021??
  234. How does Honor Grade work?
  235. statute of limitations on investigating crimes?
  236. Christmas rush? (Early releases)
  237. How do I find the Raw Data Screen?
  238. Transfer out of DART Question
  239. Medium to Minimum question
  240. raw data
  241. Christmas Package 2009
  242. Custody Level Question
  243. How can I contact him, he doesn't have to go to court?
  244. So Empty
  245. "Proud of Accomplishments"
  246. Someone to perform a wedding
  247. New to it all!!
  248. Care Packages
  249. What can my brother do to be promoted to honor grade?
  250. Calling for info?