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  1. Useful Information - Web Pages - Phone Numbers -
  2. Mid-state correctional facility, NJ
  3. Use of Head Shots from DOC Website
  4. Classification
  5. New Jersey Dept. Of Corrections Offender Search
  6. New Jersey Dept. Of Corrections Website & FAQ's
  7. NJ DOC - Office of Transitional Services Information
  8. Link to National H.I.R.E. Org.
  9. Questions on South Woods
  10. Wondering if New Jersey DOC has an inmate locator for Bergen County?
  11. Entire NJ Administrative Codes are now Online-includes DOC/Parole Codes--It's FREE!!!
  12. Post-Sentencing Question-Will he be sent to county right away?
  13. New to the system- need information
  14. Info. on St. Francis Hospital, Trenton
  15. Ex Offender Visit
  16. How long it takes for a court to recieve a motion
  17. How long to be moved to CRAF?
  18. Work Release Question
  19. Who Can I Call To Check on Transfer?
  20. NJDOC Inmate Family Resource Guide
  21. Help I Need A Pastor to marry us
  22. Looking for information on Therapeutic community program
  23. Quick Question..(boyfriend got into it with CO-will it affect panel hearing?)
  24. Question re: time served before sentencing
  25. Procrastinated- now need help in monmouth county Re: speeding ticket
  26. New - need info on rhaway
  27. Maximum amount allowed when sending a money order?
  28. How long till he is moved?
  29. Just was long to get his state number?
  30. Looking for info on rahway camp
  31. How to contact the Ombudsman?
  32. Staph infections bad in sscf in nj
  33. Pier program closing at sscf in NJ?
  34. How long does it take for him to be moved?
  35. Question about how much time he will have to please!
  36. Jones Farm anyone? Most of the threads are old on Jones Farm, hoping
  37. Bayside points and A override?
  38. He's at Mountainview waiting to go to northern for tc program-is it mandatory?
  39. If one gets their record expunged in NJ is info removed from DOC website?
  40. Questions about sentencing and release dates
  41. Question about Columbus House in there a blackout period?
  42. He's in lockup! Is there anything I can do?
  43. Copy of GED
  44. Looking for information on video vistation
  45. Anyone have information on the "hole" at mountainview?
  46. Dui atlantic county
  47. Can i do anything about his classification?
  48. DOC Process - What you need to know
  49. General question (How long to get money when transferred?)
  50. Dirty urine results
  51. What does it mean when inmate is under 'Internal Affairs Magnified Class'?
  52. Question about the dates. Can I figure out when he'll be coming home?
  53. Need info on MAP Program
  54. Will his PED be adjusted when he gets to CRAF?
  55. How is work credit determined?
  56. Question-does time in county count towards PED?
  57. Points System?
  58. Alcohol Free Hygiene Products
  59. Question about Mandatory Minimum Sentence & Halfway House
  60. How does detention/lockdown work?
  61. Friend/ex in bergen county much time is he looking at?
  62. Son in garden state-he got parole date, but did not apply for it
  63. NewsFlash......I think......LOL
  64. My Boyfriend is very sick. How can we get him home?
  65. hubby messed up how much time can get he for escaping from Hwh?
  66. classification question
  67. What is the difference between Courtline & Classification?
  68. Questions about info found on the NJDOC Website
  69. Has anyone dealt with an appeal postpone?
  70. Inmates getting 6 months off their time??
  71. Police reports-Are inmates given a copy if they have new charges?
  72. Complaining about a Lt.
  73. A question about Classification????
  74. Trying to figure out a Release Date!
  75. Trying to figure out when court date will be...
  76. Help! I'm new to this & My friend is in Monmouth County Jail
  77. Understanding NJ DOC system - Any info on boyfriend's situation appreciated.
  78. Do they send them home once they reach their max date?!!!
  79. Question Re: Suicide Watch Infirmary/Visits/Mail
  80. What is 'Dry Cell'? And what other types of punishment is there in prison?
  81. What should I do? My friend is being threatened by Officers.
  82. After your sentenced how do they decide which facility they send you to to serve it?
  83. Would a sponsor getting a DWI be a problem
  84. Classification questions
  85. Help me understand his sentence
  86. How are Camps different from Prisons?
  87. how old do they have to be to be sent to prison??
  88. Nothing in Canteen to order!! Who do I call?
  89. How much are tv's?
  90. can i give him cigarettes?
  91. which prison is he must likely to end up in?
  92. How long do you have to serve on a 5 flat?
  93. Is it possible to go to the camps with an over ride?
  94. Question about sentencing...after signing a plea bargain
  95. Mother in prison- new to the system. Need information
  96. What is the TC Program?
  97. Help needed ASAP (honestly) for sister, what facilities do females go to?
  98. What does on a list to see the transition nurse mean?
  99. Mandatory Minimum Term, What Does it Mean
  100. 2011 Sending Money Order Question & Info Thread
  101. Trying to figure out where he'll end up...
  102. Medical Info Needed (how do they handle a persons medical conditions?)
  103. So freaking mad, bf got jumped and I need information.
  104. IN NJ approx how much time for Receiving Stolen Property?
  105. Not a good day (how can I find out if he's okay?)
  106. Medical info (trying to obtain info about husbands medical condition)
  107. Prison and severe mental health issues
  108. Hello All- 2 questions
  109. Catalog for ordering food on the outside?
  110. I need to know general info about NJ DOC
  111. Probation and parole
  112. Kintock- bridgeton info??
  113. NJ exit process?
  114. Good Time in New Jersey Prisons
  115. What happens after your LO sees Classification?
  116. What is full minium
  117. How does it work if he pays for the phones?
  118. Is there a limit on monthly calls?
  119. Which prison will I go to?
  120. Inmate Appeal
  121. Soon to be Prison Mom- Looking for advice
  122. Can I have any influence on which facility will be his home prison?
  123. Can't get info on my husband online
  124. First time in system, need help/advice
  125. New to all this. what to expect
  126. Newbie Headed to prison - need advice
  127. New - female headed to prison-Need as much info as possible
  128. Tobacco possession infraction
  129. How New Jersey DOC work and how do they add the time/goodtime?
  130. Helpful Links and Phone Numbers
  131. Difference between the current max release date, & the max date?