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  1. Rules at Ely SP for postal plus I've been waiting 12 weeks+ 4 approval
  2. Help - what can we mail to a Nevada prison?
  3. Phone List Drama at Ely...
  4. Inmate access to Internet
  5. New way to send money
  6. Collect Calls
  7. We can SEND MONEY to our loved ones ONLINE
  8. Postcards...
  9. MCI"s collect calling rate plan
  10. Sending stamps?
  11. Getting a T.V?
  12. Snail Mail!
  13. Mail rules in Ely State Prison?
  14. Ely state prison phones
  15. WHAT is the problem w/ JPay???
  16. Pre-Paid Calls in Nevada?
  17. No phone call
  18. Typical Mailroom Woes
  19. I Love pre-paid calls!
  20. Confused about phone calls
  21. Warden's Reply To Mailroom Woes
  22. Nevada food and clothes program may/june 2005
  23. What can be sent to guys on Death Row?
  24. Southern Desert prepaid phone cards?
  25. Higher phone rates
  26. Nevada package (clothing) program
  27. Cindi-lu and others - Phone Calls
  28. Nevada State Prison - phone privileges revoked - who do I call?
  29. How long will it take to hear from him?
  30. Can I send a calendar to Ely state prison?
  31. Anyone know if there will be prison Christmas packages this year?
  32. No calls!! WHY? (just moved to a Nevada prison)
  33. Ely Calls and SBC Forwarding
  34. High Desert State Prison Mail Problems
  35. Can they recieve cassette tapes?
  36. Cassette tapes for inmate???
  37. Inmates using calling cards
  38. What About The Store?
  39. Inmate calling from Nevada State Prison in Carson City
  40. Where Is His Money Going?
  41. Ely State Prison again: sender info on envelope
  42. Frustrated with mail in Lovelock!
  43. Help please relating to High Desert State Prison Death Row Mail
  44. CD's
  45. Packages in Nevada
  46. Calls from Ely State Prison
  47. More B.s. From Mci!!!!!
  48. I was told yes to stamps...
  49. Mail Returned(blank cards not allowed)
  50. Bummed out and Worried-haven't heard from my loved one
  51. L@@K Ely State Prison I want to buy my friend a small TV or CD player any info please
  52. Are Nevada Inmates Allowed to Correspond with Out of State Inmates?
  53. Gift packages to DR inmates at ESP
  54. Number of people on mail list @ ESP
  55. Mail in the hole.
  56. Calls from Nevada to Britain
  57. Cost of a TV in Ely State Prison???
  58. Does the prison listen in on phone calls?
  59. MCI collect call charges
  60. Reduced to Tears by MCI
  61. What can I send to pal in Ely state prison?
  62. Why haven't I been charged for any calls yet?
  63. Posting an address?
  64. Are they on lockdown?
  65. Are we allowed to send goodies for the holidays?
  66. I haven't heard from him and I'm worried
  67. Can inmates use phone cards bought on the outside?
  68. Confused and heartbroken
  69. Colored pens/pencils
  70. Questions about Nevada Packages
  71. THANK YOU ESP Mailroom .... (NOT!)
  72. Ely State Prison....Is There A Problem With The Phones???
  73. Really Worried about not getting my calls...Can Anyone Please Help
  74. Question about vonage phone service?
  75. Need help with questions about phone calls
  76. What kind of cards can you send in?
  77. Has anyone heard from anyone at Ely today?
  78. I finally got a phone call from him today!
  79. SDCC Mail and cards
  80. Ely bad connection is this common ?
  81. What's up with the Mail?
  82. New Zip Code for High Desert Prison??
  83. My man hasn't gotten my mail in a week!!!
  84. Posting Money
  85. Tracking Letters
  86. Is there a limit on money you can send?
  87. What do I do? I haven't received any mail from him
  88. Anyone using outside connection??
  89. Calls from Ely
  90. Got letters...and my mans is going to SDCC...anyone know anything???
  91. "The Fishtank" High Desert
  92. Can they call cell phones with their calling cards?
  93. How does Vonage phone service work in Nevada?
  94. Mail to SDCC
  95. Questions about PCO
  96. Any info on sending books to inmates?
  97. AR's for mail at HDSP
  98. Ely Mail Restrictions ?
  99. HDSP Canteen Help Needed - Again
  100. Cost of phone calls
  101. Global Tel Link????
  102. Phone service
  103. If I send envelopes and stamps.... will he receive them?
  104. What provider is used for calls from Ely State Prison?
  105. Anyone have Vonage for their phone company?
  106. No mail for recently transfered inmates to HDSP
  107. How often can they call from ESP?
  108. Question about ESP phone calls
  109. My family is falling apart and i get blamed for doc bs
  110. phone cards, how do they work for NV?
  111. Mail from Cali! How long does it take?
  112. JPay Fees
  113. Problem with phones at Ely? help!
  114. Need help getting catalog for my guy
  115. 2 hour phone calls
  116. ? about phone calls from SDCC
  117. Staples in mail at HDSP?
  118. Christmas stuff
  119. Gtl pre-paid with cell phones?
  120. Does anyone use
  121. Does anyone use Local123?
  122. How long until they can call after transfer?
  123. Questions about setting up phone calls
  124. I Finally Got A Letter!!
  125. Ely + GTEL + International
  126. What kind of account do you have with Global Tel?
  127. Just put in for change of phone #
  128. Embarq awarded inmate telephone contract
  129. GTL Phone Service Sucks
  130. Problems w/GTL again!
  131. Inmate Calling Solutions
  132. Can they get pictures in fishtank at High Desert?
  133. Inmate Calling Solutions....cell phones?
  134. Local123 and ICS
  135. Husband not getting my mail at High Desert
  136. Getting calls from Ely ?
  137. Does ESP allow calls to cellphones ?
  138. Has Anyone Used J Pay?
  139. Mailing packages...
  140. Any news on the phone situation?
  141. What's happening with the phones at Ely?
  142. Phone Confusion - Help !
  143. Printed pages
  144. He heard my voice!
  145. Nevada Packages Is Ready
  146. He Finally Called
  147. Ely Unit 3 phone problems
  148. Wwhhoooo Mail
  149. Will He Receive Mail while in "The Hole"?
  150. North Las vegas Detention Center Help
  151. Ely Phone Disconnected me today!
  152. JPay e-mail... anyone ?
  153. How do I send money to my brother?
  154. Can I send coloured in drawings?
  155. My man can't call my cell phone using a calling card
  156. Need to know lots and lots!! What is address to write to High desert?
  157. Help! Need to know if there are certain hours inmates are able to us the phone? also.
  158. Collect Call Credit limit reached.. whaaa?
  159. He was transferred to Southern Desert from High Desert! yay! Mailing address same?
  160. Stickers allowed on envelopes at Ely?
  161. Need to know about sending pictures!!
  162. Are there certain times DR inmates can use the phone?
  163. JPAY website HELPPPP
  164. Ely state prison mail question
  165. 2008 Gift Coupon
  166. Typed letters front and back ok at High Desert State Prison?
  167. When will the website open for holidays?
  168. Please check your phone bill for this scam
  169. Can they recieve overnight mail ? ?
  170. What kind of pictures are not allowed??
  171. Can inmates write letters to PO boxes on outside?
  172. One more... How long does it take for an inmate to be able to use the phone..
  173. Hdsp mail-is mail backed up there?
  174. Need some info on inmates calling cell phones
  175. Jpay email to SDCC
  176. Opinions please...Seriously I am worried- he hasn't called me
  177. Questions about phones?? SOMEONE HELP SOON....
  178. Rumor or true about inmate store selling XBOX? Updated
  179. If someone is incarcerated at HDSP (NV) do they have to put me on their phone list?
  180. Need info on Lincoln co sherrif office in Pioche,Nevada
  181. Any one talking with someone in NNCC that is still in intake or on 7b block?
  182. How efficiently does the FMWCC Mailroom run?
  183. Ordering Appliances at High Desert-how long does it take to get them?
  184. Ohhh my man isnt happy today-jpay letter issues
  185. IC Solutions not working at NVDOC
  186. Ely Unit 3 phones
  187. Looking for "The Q" - old member
  188. Trouble with receiving money?
  189. Has anyone else been having problems with phones at ESP? (July 28,2009)
  190. My very first phone call NEED HELP THOUGH!
  191. Questions about inmate store..
  192. Helpless and mad-problems with phone company
  193. Important Question about sending things (Can you send cards?)
  194. Return address needed??
  195. Regarding JPAY letters on Weekends
  196. SCC are they having problems with phones?
  197. Im so fiance didnt get my letters :(
  198. Nevada packages were reinstated!
  199. ESP no stamps!!
  200. Will he get my letter???
  201. Is Lovelock on lockdown? He hasn't called in 4 days!
  202. Nevada Prison Mail Rules
  203. Under Investigation for a phone call I made?
  204. High desert state prison? How long will it take for him to get a call?
  205. High desert sate prison mail info
  206. How did cellphone pass security??
  207. Anyone hear when unit 3 phones might be fixed?
  208. Question re: rules for mail to Ad Seg
  209. How can we get a message to them to call besides writing?
  210. Canteen/commissary list
  211. Will the inmate get letters if there is a picture colored with colored pencils on it?
  212. Ely - how many pictures allowed?
  213. Jpay website down
  214. What kind of pics can i send?
  215. Phone problems at Ely?
  216. Jpay problems help
  217. Ely - Amazon Used Books
  218. Question about what is allowed in pictures??
  219. queries about sending packages
  220. Mail in Ad-Seg..................
  221. Phone reception on Ely Unit 3
  222. Anyone have a "local" number for either HDSP or SDCC?
  223. Question about sending mail to Wells Conservation Camp
  224. HDSP mail
  225. Phone system for Lovelock
  227. What is Jpay? Can I send my bf emails?
  228. Phone Ely foreign countries?
  229. Question about Inmate Packages...
  230. magic jack and ics - how will that work?
  231. Different Caller ID #
  233. Internatinal calls from Nevada State Prison
  234. Help! How do I set up a phone account for Nevada??
  235. Google voice and ICS???
  236. How to send books?
  237. High desert number
  238. What's My Brother's Address?
  239. What's The Address To Nevada State Prison
  240. Sending Mail !
  241. Mail to FMWCC
  242. Need address for Warm Springs
  243. HDSP soon can I expect a call?
  244. Inmate Envelopes
  245. Newspapers not being delivered
  246. Question about phone calls
  247. long does it take to get a tv?
  248. Music by mail
  249. NDOC "stealing" phone funds?
  250. Ordering Food & Clothing online for inmates in Nevada