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  1. Marriage and the NDOC
  2. Have you gotten married in a Nevada Prison?
  3. NV Prison: Education & Inmates
  4. ELY STATE PRISON a stupid question
  5. Prison Intergration Experience (PIE) Re-entry support services.
  6. How to obtain medical records
  7. Need phone # for NDOC central office in Carson City
  8. Let me know if you have questions about NV system-I can try to help
  9. FPC Nellis (FBOP) - are they closing this facility?
  10. Questions on NNCC
  11. What's going on at ESP?
  12. NNCC is on lockdown after prison inmate escapes!
  13. Federal Prison Camp Nellis closing
  14. Information on Northern Nevada Correctional Center, Carson City, NV
  15. Nevada Prisons and medical services
  16. Nevada Inmate Locator
  17. Need Contact info for Ely State Prison
  18. Warden at SDCC?
  19. Nevada Dept Of Corrections Family Services Division
  20. Just a couple of questions about Ely S.P.
  21. Link To National H.i.r.e. Org
  22. Can anyone tell me about SDCC?
  23. Which NV state Prison is this?...Curious, I-80
  24. What prisons are in NORTHERN Nevada?
  25. Nevada Department of Corrections Administrative Regulations
  26. Question about different units at Ely State Prison in Nevada
  27. Looking for information about High Desert
  28. Anyone hear about a killing at Ely State Prison?
  29. Do you know if there is any news at Ely State Prison???
  30. Murder/coverup at Ely...again
  31. Update - Prisoners Denied Food at Ely State Prison
  32. Womens Prison
  33. Great Escape from Southern Desert Correctional Center
  34. What is the process for a transfer?
  35. Question about release dates
  36. Correctional Officers at Ely State Prison
  37. Lockdown Watch
  38. Nevada Womens Prison...questions?
  39. whats the real date? Nevada early release?
  40. Need Help with a question?
  41. What is the difference between prison and prison boot camp?
  42. Has SDCC been locked down?
  43. Jean Prison Closes, again
  44. Sdcc On Lockdown Due To A Deadly Virus
  45. Warden of Pioche
  46. Half Way Houses or Transitional Housing
  47. FYI All Females From SNCC are NOW @ Smiley
  48. Question about store that you can order things for inmates
  49. Northern Nevada Correctional Center - NNCC
  50. Please help! Need directions to Nevada state prison
  51. Request for assistance from anyone who uses the chapel at SDCC…
  52. Are they doing anything about prison overcrowding?
  53. Ely Conservation Camp ???
  54. How much does the fire box cost? Anyone have the Canteen Price list? PLEASE!!!
  55. Bootcamp in Lovelock, need information
  56. Angola State Prison
  57. Locating an old friend.
  58. Any info on Casa Grande? *and* the rules therein?
  59. What facilities are closing?
  60. Chainsaw--Do they separate violent offenders from non-violent offenders?
  61. Casa grande ad the prison system???????
  62. I heard it through the grapevine (husband being moved to lovelock)
  63. Questions about NDOC website
  64. Write-ups in NDOC
  65. Marriage Process_ESP
  66. Need help about the point system!!
  67. Classified to SDCC ...Hmmm Can I say duh???
  68. Putting points against a inmate when put into another inmates cell?
  69. Need to know also--will they put him in adseg if name is on enemy list!!!
  70. Boyfriend says he's approved for camp--where is this camp?
  71. What prison is near Stateline?
  72. How long can they keep them in the hole?
  73. Looking for information on the Rope program
  74. What will nevada prison system do next? Recipe for riot
  75. Just an interesting question about employee saying bad things about inmates
  76. How much do things cost in prison?!! Please help
  77. Duh!! Isn't there more info about NDOC?
  78. Need help with possible sentence.
  79. Question about SCC is like
  80. Which prison in Nevada is closest to Cali?
  81. Is High Desert State Prison Still in Lockdown?
  82. What happens during intake at Northern Nevada Correctional Center? Info needed.....
  83. What Prison is going North on Rt. 15 out of Vegas?
  84. TheGHN-can answer questions about DOC if needed
  85. Questions about fishtank/house arrest
  86. Does nsp have a "fishtank"?
  87. What kind of time is he looking at?
  88. Transfer from Nevada Unit to a Texas unit
  89. Nevada DOC messing with my nephew!
  90. Why oh Why do they keep moving him? CCDC
  91. Trying to get my brother help for his drug problems
  92. Does Anyone Know The Price of Things In Prison?
  93. EVOLVE re-entry center (Las Vegas)
  94. Hmm? Anyone know what a RRD is?
  95. From ccdc to prison
  96. How much time will he serve?
  97. Need info on the OASIS program in Nevada
  98. High dessert
  99. What is "close Custody"
  100. How much time?
  101. TV Tax???
  102. Are the guys on lockdown in NV
  103. Assistence with money owed to the prison....
  104. Ely State Prison Questions
  105. Needs his psi when he gets to the yard?
  106. How serious is close custody?
  107. What does that mean?/Days added to his min & max?
  108. Lockdown @ High Desert?
  109. Question about length of lockdown
  110. What is "closed" custody level?
  111. A little advice needed/How can I reassure him?
  112. How much time will he really have to do?
  113. Anyone have a love one in Pioche, NV
  114. Requesting Own Cell?
  115. Good time credit?
  116. How does it work?
  117. That fishbowl Carson City :)
  118. Sentencing Time?
  119. Friend in Carson City Jail, How long?
  120. Any good time in Carson City?
  121. Do tier one sex offenders require community notification upon release?
  122. Casa Grande Questions - !!?!
  123. NDOC Carson City Closing
  124. LO at Northern Nevada Correctional Center for intake
  125. Question about Location of Nevada Fire Camps besides Stewart
  126. Three Lakes Conservation Camp
  127. Info on SDCC?
  128. What happens to inmates money once they transfer from jail to prison??
  129. My hubby went to Oasis...
  130. Any info on HCC?
  131. Missing him
  132. Is being in the hole something that happens in a transfer?
  133. Has your loved one ended up in the hole for something he/she didn't do?
  134. What happens when they are transferred to HDSP in NV?
  135. Jpw can we get charges run together?
  136. Who do I contact for information on my husband's status?
  137. I need to know Info on parole. All the info I can get. Possibilitys
  138. HDSP Library or Sending books to Inmates
  139. Will going to camp take some time off his sentence?
  140. Time served -- warrants issued on release
  141. How to stop my husband from being transferred
  142. How are Good Time Credits applied to Class B felonies?
  143. Nevada DOC website
  144. FAQ: FOR HDSP (been there done that)
  145. What are the requirements to get in a Nevada state prison work camps?
  146. Classification Level For A First Time Offender
  147. Do they drug test whle on house arrest? how often?
  148. Parole website question
  149. What happens to icaregifts & inmate funds after transfer from CCDC to HDSP
  150. Questions -does it get easier? how to tell our kid?
  151. Need information for the days she gets off of her sentence and penal code
  152. House Arrest: what is the criteria and the process?
  153. Transfer to Ely: when will he be able to use the phone/send & receive mail?