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  1. Free help for Mississippians wanting to appeal convictions
  2. is it true that you get conjugals in mdoc??
  3. Mississippi Parole Information
  4. Sending Funds..
  5. curious question how many visit at Parchman?
  6. sending funds to an inmate
  7. Need INFO on Mississippi Department Of Corrections
  8. Answers most questions
  9. Anybody in Jackson area going to Parchman?
  10. how are you treated at visits?
  11. question about inmate searches (Does it bother you?)
  12. what is the difference between private and state prisons?
  13. question about family visits
  14. 30 for 30 law?
  15. Need to know information when dealing with the Mississippi Department Of Corrections
  16. Rid (regimented inmate discipline) program
  17. sending magazines to parchman
  18. I want to hear from those who fall under the new 30 for 30 law.
  19. Anybody in MS using Telenet?
  20. just wondering (questions on the consequences of an RVR)
  21. inmate transfer
  22. determined to visit!!!!!
  23. phone calls
  24. Memorable Visiting Experience
  25. 30 for 30 violent offenders
  26. Questions (Can I contact his counselor & are funds taken for diciplinary reasons?)
  27. Visits Thread
  28. Trusty they decide who gets it.
  29. Phone calls (debit calling from MCCF)
  30. mississippi prison transportation
  31. Ers Dates (how likely is release on that calculation?)
  32. 30 For 30 (Can he lose it?)
  33. Inmate Transfers?
  34. Questions about Custody levels
  35. It Is Working!!!! (MDOC page working again)
  36. newbie here w/a question (parole information)
  37. Please Help (question about visitation at Parchman)
  38. 30 For 30 (when does it apply?)
  39. Mail Limitations
  40. New Mandatory Law (anyone heard of one?)
  41. Family Visits Vs. Conjugals
  42. More Visitstion Questions (RE: Parchman)
  43. Can someone explain how the ERS calculations works?
  44. Refused Mail ???
  45. Christmas Packages
  46. Mississippi Department Of Corrections site (problems accessing?)
  47. can anyone tell me about holidays in parchman
  48. Worried (looking for information on the RID Program)
  49. one last question about visitation at Parchman
  50. 30 for 30/85% (finding out how much mandatory time one has to serve)
  51. trusty status (what are the determining factors?)
  52. Mississippi Department Of Corrections Inmate search
  53. Veteran's (MDOC asking for service records from inmates)
  54. sending money to Parchman?
  55. merry christmas and nervous (first visit at Parchman)
  56. FCI Yazoo City (FBOP)
  57. Signed Plea on Fed charges, but have pending MS state charges QUESTIONS
  58. Has anyone heard any buzz about this? (new early release law)
  59. MDOC site-Down again or is it just me??
  60. Do you send magazine subscriptions to your loved one in Mississippi?
  61. Any rides to Parchman from Jackson, MS area?
  62. Delta Correctional Facility-Greenwood MS (questions about the phone system used)
  63. State & Fed Sentencing
  64. NCIC checks for trusty status approval??
  65. Need to know (good time and release date questions)
  66. Stepfather lost visitation privileges at CMCF, who can I contact?
  67. UPDATED!! Prices changed!! Mississippi Department of Corrections Canteen Price List
  68. question about (possible) returned mail
  69. Books, Magazines at CMCF
  70. Interstate Corrections Compact
  71. 65% law?
  72. Does any1 have any idea how the T.V Visits work??
  73. Movement date on MDOC site
  74. Question about sending books to MS prisons and gift wrapping
  75. Has anyone else checked out MS DOC's new PSA ads?
  76. Mississippi Department Of Correction (website's search function questions)
  77. Mississippi Department of Corrections Phone Policies & Procedures
  78. Not Allowed To Visit More Than One Facility? (MS prison system)
  79. Mississippi doc Phone Scam
  80. Looking for information on transfering an inmate closer to home.
  81. Wedding Ring????
  82. Need info on parole board in Mississippi
  83. The book I tried to send him was returned.
  84. Need Any Info On New Mississippi Laws As Of 7-1-05
  85. Visiting Mississippi inmate from out of state
  86. Can any1 tell me why an Inmate not be able to call?
  87. Anyone for car pooling to SMCI?
  88. Probation/Parole Supervision Fees - When do you think they'll reach $50?
  89. Probation/Parole Officers - Do they set their own office hours?
  90. Who do I contact for wrong time calculation?
  91. Phone Calling Cards
  92. Visits at CMCF and SMCI this weekend halted
  93. Husband going to Rankin....questions about the process
  94. he didn't qualify for 30/30, does he automatically get 10/30?
  95. Mississippi DOC inmate accounts it open?
  96. Mdoc Canteen & Visitation - Cmcf - Smci - Msp
  97. Are Children Allowed At Visitation In Ms State Prisons?
  98. anyone heard of 10 for 1???
  99. (Are special visits allowed for) holidays
  100. Slow mail in Mississippi Prisons?
  101. Husband in Leakesville (looking to carpool...or at least get directions)
  102. Information on the Mississippi Holiday Program 2005
  103. Anything for the Holidays?
  104. What can she take with??
  105. Sending money to MS prisons--how do you send yours?
  106. Driving to Yazoo - what are the road conditions?
  107. question about probation violation from Kansas will he be picked up?
  108. Help! How do I get a Divorce when he is in prison?
  109. Question about phone list in Mississippi
  110. No Idea what is going on! - where is my husband?
  111. Questions about release dates - what do they mean?
  112. Need information on visiting Parchman
  113. Visitation cancelled at Parchman due to flooding
  114. should i send money to his account before he goes to classification?
  115. Who needs a ride to Hattiesburg Satallite?
  116. Need Info (early release for terminal family member?)
  117. Question about sending money to his account
  118. Is it a law that county prisoners are to be taken outside for exercise?
  119. Care packages - Any programs available in Mississippi?
  120. What facilities are mentally ill inmates housed?
  121. toeangel (Questions about marriage and time served in Mississippi)
  122. Which Satellite's allow Violent Offenders
  123. Is the 65% rule a law or rumor?
  124. Questions about short term A&D
  125. Mississippi Family Visits: Have you been & how much did you spend?
  126. Need help with an appeal
  127. Wrote up & visit denied for camera phone in car
  128. ex employee visitation?
  129. ATTENTION MEMBERS - If you visit a Mississippi Prison NEW policy in effect
  130. ex employee visitation update
  131. Question about MET time & Trusty time
  132. More Mail Ideas...please contribute!
  133. R & O previous in system has MDOC #
  134. Global Tel*Link? Are they the provider for MS now?
  135. how soon can they write or call
  136. Parchman Visitation Issues
  137. inmate info on mdoc website
  138. What kind of photos are allowed?
  139. Classifications Point System for M.D.O.C.
  140. Your Mississippi prison visitation weather forecast
  141. friend in serch of a ride
  142. I desperately need help!!!! Regarding other charges
  143. Updated Mailing Address for Pre-Pay Calls
  144. Can they use Calling cards in Mississippi Prison or Jails?
  145. Has anyone had a mississippi prison wedding
  146. Is the Mandatory time Ever Lifted?
  147. I need help with how to handle other charges
  148. Wccf Commissary List A & B Custodylong!
  149. Can a Former Employee Visit someone at a former prison they worked in?
  150. Help!?! My pictures didn't get to him
  151. Need a Ride - TX to MS
  152. bolivar county long term A&D - Anyone have any info?
  153. Sending Books or Magazines to A Mississippi Prison - Who do you use?
  154. WCCF "Free World Food" for a day!!
  155. Have questions about the phone company pco
  156. I get to see him soon!!
  157. my first contact Visitation At Parchman
  158. Any hotels around South Mississippi Correctional Institution?
  159. Parchman State Prison in Mississippi - need info
  160. Question Question Question??!?!?!?! - Possibility of early release?
  161. Non contact visits @ South Mississippi Correctional Institution
  162. Can I send a money order without knowing housing?
  163. Need Information on visiting Marshall County Correctional Facility
  164. How can my fiance' get closer to home?
  165. a few questions about serving time
  166. What happens when my Daughter is sent to max
  167. Mdoc Website - Tentative Release Date Info
  168. Does Mississippi Have Family Visits
  169. Creating a Collage!! How/can I send it to him?
  170. Important: Phone Policy Change
  171. Change in Mail Policy @ SMCI
  172. Can I still visit if my address is Different from the Address on my ID
  173. visitation problems @ South Mississippi Correctional Institution?
  174. 8 yrs. mandatory - can his sentence run concurrent?
  175. Will he ever be able to vote?
  176. Marion Co Correctional Facility
  177. How do Magazine Subsriptions need to be ordered?
  178. South Mississippi Area 1: Some visit days have changed.
  179. Trouble With Inmate Banking and his transfer...
  180. Summer Packages
  181. 85% for violent offense? Need to Know!!!
  182. why is he STILL in county jail???
  183. South Mississippi Correctional Institute Visitation Question
  184. I'm so excited!!! I get to visit!!!
  185. My visitation UPDATE!!!
  186. 1st visit to MS death row
  187. I finally got to see him!!!
  188. When will he be able to send mail?
  189. Manila envelopes at MSP (Parchman)?
  190. Oh how I HATE CBS!!!!!!!!!!
  191. An Average Visitation Day at Parchman
  192. Mail ??(mail restrictions affect visitation privileges in MDOC?)
  193. Collect Calls!!
  194. 2 weeks..NO MAIL..=(
  195. Question about Ms Death Row Mail
  196. Confused!! PLEASE help if you can!
  197. My First Contact Visit!
  198. Canteen Price Increase at SMCI
  199. CMCF Max
  200. 2006 Holiday Packages
  201. Are Mississippi Inmates Allowed to Correspond with Out of State Inmates?
  202. I am so damn aggravated
  203. can i turn a life sentence around
  204. Inmate Telephones Provider Information
  205. Mississippi Circuit Clerk Listings
  206. Mississippi Supreme Court - Link
  207. Microwaves in Cell?
  208. Parchman Visit; New to this
  209. Im New and have questions about visiting Parchman
  210. Please Share Phone Policy Information.
  211. Is the 85% shown with the release date
  212. Are Pictures at Visitation allowed
  213. Can Felons vote who are transferring from another state ?
  214. Is Anyone Else Having Slow Mail Issue to or from CMCF??
  215. Southern Mdoc Visitation Rules & Procedures
  216. Smci Visitation Rules And Schedules
  217. Holiday Package Program!!
  218. Parchman Unit 32 Visitation
  219. Mail really lax?
  220. Puzzled - can you pay off your time?
  221. Visit Suspended
  222. Can MSP inmates get packages?
  223. Need answers ASAP - death in family
  224. Almost time! Need directions!
  225. Marriage Process
  226. Question concerning Hinds County Visitation and sentencing question
  227. Mississippi Legal Ethics
  228. Please Help he has too much time
  229. Switching units effect mail?
  230. Hotel info for Parchman - Mississippi State Penn
  231. Does anyone have the Marion address?
  232. Concurrent Sentencing
  233. Burglary of a dwelling - Violent or Non-Violent
  234. Visitation Policy Question
  235. Questions Regarding Judge's Recommendation and Education
  236. are 3-way calls allowed at Central Mississippi COrrection Facility?
  237. Question about transfers
  238. Are Post Cards Allowed to be mailed in?
  239. Can pictures be sent to CMCF?
  240. question re: Transfer due to RVR's
  241. Question re: Transfer to Satellite
  242. Commissary Deposits
  243. Half Way House Needed Gulfport/ Harrison CO
  244. Mail from South Mississippi Correctional Institution
  245. Is there a limit on number of photos sent to CWC?
  246. Are there exceptions to visitation days and times?
  247. Living 300 miles away
  248. Question about court fines...
  249. Does anyone know an answer to this problem?
  250. Health issues on conjugal visits