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  1. Rumor's about only doing 1/3 of the time
  2. Who knows about Extraditing?
  3. two meals a day weekends and holidays
  4. Minnesota DOC website
  5. Pre trial
  6. What are Levels?
  7. What severity levels mean?
  8. Bootcamp
  9. a new law for non violent drug sentences?
  10. Building Houses Program...
  11. Programs.......
  12. House File 1037
  13. Husband uncomfortable with female guard
  14. Caseworkers.........
  15. something to check into
  16. MN Sentencing Guidelines meeting
  17. "Time"...How does it work if...
  18. Hes ready but they wont take him
  19. Fingers crossed....
  20. Info needed re: Interstate transfers and MN medium facilitys
  21. Civilally Committed for Sex Offenders?
  22. Need a good lawyer!
  23. Treatment Directives?
  24. Medical / Dental care while incarcerated...
  25. So many questions, need support please help.
  26. What's New in Prison Gossip?
  27. is there a way to find...
  28. Anyone heard of this possible new law???
  29. Losing Patience GRRRR
  30. When they're transferred.....
  31. Highway Robbery by the Department of Corrections
  32. help keeping families together
  33. Are they planning to send our Minnesota Inmates out of state as well.
  34. Happenings in our legislation that affect our loved ones
  35. I.C.W.C. So many people want to know what it is....
  36. what will they cut next
  37. Minnesota Counties - District Courts
  38. Question about rape.
  39. Are you headed for Minnesota Correctional Facility Saint Cloud and have ???'s
  40. Question: Furloughs
  41. already Knew
  42. Help
  43. How does Blakely apply to Minnesota
  44. Question on 1/3 vs. 2/3
  45. Roadblocks after re-entry questions for the State of Minnesota
  46. Bureau of Justice Statistics Bulletin
  47. Need your help...PLEASE!
  48. Question.....anyone heard of this or had this happen???
  49. Question about state to state transfer
  50. Gone in 2 weeks, advice???
  51. worried in ramsey county
  52. help! need info
  53. Back to Moose Lake...
  54. Thoughts on the recent Supreme Court Decision?
  55. Is there a webiste to lookup criminal history in MN?
  56. Confused
  57. Help With programs for my bro.
  58. Stillwater this weekend
  59. We got a Senate Hearing!
  60. Here's the Latest - WE GOT THE VOTES!!!!
  61. Treatment--What the....?
  62. seeking advice?
  63. Sentencing Consultants
  64. question
  65. Help (HF 928)
  66. Stat of limitation
  67. Transfers from Idaho to Minnesota are in the works
  68. 10 mo. in County....when is sentencing?
  69. need criminal attorney referal
  70. In House MN Administrative Appeal question.....
  71. Question (regarding felony's and getting parental rights)
  72. My public PRETENDER is a sellout! NEED help researching law myself!! PLEASE
  73. Questions about MN prison systems
  74. MN does STD testing upon arrival, but not departure
  75. Past boot camp time count for present sentence??
  76. felon in possession of a firearm
  77. Minnesota DOC Canteen Sheet
  78. Minnesota Department of Corrections Info
  79. Is There a Statute of Limitations for Felony Forgery???
  80. Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines
  81. Which Facility? What happens next?
  82. Questions about PSI
  83. SO treatment programs in MN
  84. College courses
  85. Transferring Minnesota inmates back soon?
  86. REC - Residents Encounter Christ
  87. Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney??
  88. Restitution-- what if its wrong?
  89. Sentence calculation help
  90. Minnesota DOC and medical emergencies
  91. From High to Medium Secuirty
  92. I.C.W.C question
  93. Minnesota Court Help
  94. Need some Help (anyone know what "ROL" means?)
  95. What kind of things are inmates allowed to have??
  96. Transportation to Facilities
  97. Son in system..
  98. How long after transfer?
  99. federal charges in minnasotta
  100. Transcripts?
  101. need answers on sentcing in minnsta?
  102. Points!!
  103. Execute Sentence?? Anyone done this?
  104. Information Please
  105. Medications?
  106. Help!
  107. Transfer
  108. Isotona Sheriff's Ranch
  109. How to get my daughter help?
  110. How much of this crap is true????
  111. Abiding by plea agreement in MN
  112. County jail charges for room and board?
  113. Prison points?
  114. My finace is innocent
  115. added time
  116. Additional Time At Lino Lakes
  117. Weights in MN?
  118. is thier a way to see if inmate has gotten in trouble
  119. Lookin For a Friend in Minniesoda prison don't know which one.
  120. How do you get The OID # ????
  121. Looking for Edward Brian McClure
  122. Appealant Attorney
  123. why from WA to MN?
  124. Boot Camp Criteria
  125. up here in nw MN
  126. I have found Edward Brian McClure.
  127. Does anyone know...
  128. Minnesota Programs
  129. GOOD PRO BONO LAWYERS-Minnesota
  130. Weird...
  131. What exacly is a caseworker SUPPOSED to do?
  132. Unit Question
  133. I have questions..Please halp!
  134. What are Canteen slips?
  135. Marriage question!
  136. Looking for Micheal Holiday
  137. I need to get a message to him!
  138. MN DOC facilities
  139. Something in the juice?
  140. Anyone hear or used Howard Bass of The Bass Law Firm?
  141. getting placed-with 296 months where will he go?
  142. What are medical services like in MN DOC?
  143. statue of limitations minnesota
  144. Workhouse in Plymouth, MN
  145. Any advice going to a workhouse in plymouth, mn
  146. Kandiyohi??
  147. Minesota DOC
  148. I just have to say WTF
  149. Hello from Texas
  150. Question???Minnesota bill to shorten prison sentences?
  151. Anyone have info on wedding bands?
  152. college/bachelor program
  153. Convicted felon and out of state wedding???
  154. Help/ How long of a sentence is he looking at
  155. No contact order removed?
  156. Question about how court works?
  157. Help please/Questions about the system
  158. Food - What do they get to eat?
  159. Eyeglasses
  160. Anyone have any expeirence with gun possession charges?
  161. What will happen to my uncle??
  162. County Jail Anyone - Dakota County Surrender March 1st
  163. Medical and medication needs
  164. Plymouth workhouse
  165. His sentence got extended!!!!!!
  166. Does anyone know about being on a waiting list ?
  167. Out of state transfers
  168. Transfer to?
  169. Does anyone have any information on Divorcing a MN Doc inmate?
  170. This affects children!
  171. SandStone, MN
  172. Extradition from Minnesota to Wisconsin
  173. Help me understand this whole "Prison" deal...
  174. Do inmates in Minnesota get quarterly packages?
  175. Do women have to cut their hair when they get to prison?
  176. How does an offender qualify for bootcamp?
  177. Dealing with a spouse that failed a ua
  178. IFI program in Lino Lakes
  179. "New Dimensions" treament program at Faribault?
  180. Daily regiment ?
  181. Tv prices
  182. What is segregation (aka "the hole") like?
  183. Help needed with appeals
  184. List of Felon Friendly Apartments?
  185. Looking for info on drug treatment program at Lino Lakes
  186. Bootcamp
  187. What is happening in Faribault?
  188. 2 weeks till my girl gets her first canteen?
  189. Moneygram, Western Union...what's the easiest way?
  190. Minnesota commissary list?
  191. Minnesota canteen list????
  192. Can an inmate be moved closer to home?
  193. Finding an officiant to marry in prison?!