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  1. Michigan phone system protest
  2. Evercom...????
  3. How do Visits work?
  4. Where do you send the visitor applications?
  5. About care packages
  6. phone calls
  7. Visit Restrictions
  8. How to send money to someone in Jail / Prison
  9. Woohoo got a call
  10. books at egeler?
  11. books at egeler correctional facility?
  12. Visit Restrictions
  13. Visit restrictions
  14. How do I get pics taken at visit?
  15. Guard tells me Robert has visitation restrictions
  16. Questions on what you can send???????????//
  17. Money orders during visits
  18. Restricting Visits?
  19. Supreme court to consider state limits on inmate visits
  20. Filthy Visiting Room
  21. phone ?'s
  22. Approved Vendors for Books, magazines, etc
  23. Visiting a prisoner in Michigan
  24. Omg...denim Is Not So Blue...visitation News!
  25. Bill to lower inmate calls in Michigan
  26. Tele-net phone number
  27. sending gifts
  28. Phone Deal
  29. We might get our visits back!
  30. Visiting clothing
  31. Mail
  32. Do you have outdoor visiting?
  33. Question about paper clips/staples on Michigan mail
  34. How Do I get back on visiting list?
  35. mail
  36. They won't let us have our visits back!
  37. Does anybody know the visiting rules at Bellamy Creek?
  38. Stopping outragous prison calls
  39. Visitation at Egeler Reception and Guidence
  40. visiting in milan fci...URGENT!!
  41. Memo regarding visitation posted at the prison- Updated changes in visitation
  42. Does anyone else have talk america
  43. Do Not Call Registry
  44. Can I send large envelopes to the prison?
  45. Visiting rules reinstated
  46. visitor caught at Parr Highway
  47. physical contact
  48. No More Visits For A Year
  49. sending books
  50. Finally Approved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  51. visiting at a camp is sooooo different..
  52. cards
  53. i need help with visit days and times - at Saginaw
  54. Mass Demonstration/lawsuit against CBS to be filed
  55. does anyone else have vartec for local phone service
  56. visiting at Deerfield this weekend was strange
  57. visiting
  58. sending pictures
  59. My first visit
  60. Michigan/Visitor List
  61. MDOC policy directive re terminating visits for overcrowding UPDATED
  62. I Just Had my baby 2 weeks ago - can baby go to visitation in Michigan?
  63. Visit Priveledges Being Taken Away
  64. mail not getting to him
  65. Can a big thick envelope go thru?
  66. Where to make a request for placement?
  67. Visiting
  68. i just got put on his call list
  69. Reliable mail delivery - any problems????
  70. visitation
  71. question about visiting application?
  72. Holiday mail Problems?
  73. Visitor Application needed: Urgent
  74. Yes My visits are reinstated!
  75. visitor application-what now?
  76. FOC & Surcharges
  77. phone call time limits
  78. Missed calls - forwarding - can they do it?
  79. Prison Telephones
  80. Mail Return?
  81. visitation, egeler
  82. and their used books
  83. approved subscription mail, egeler
  84. Phone Call Length
  85. Can You Get Mail While In Hospital
  86. People who want to carpool to visits
  87. Michigan Mail?
  88. getting approved????????
  89. Still not approved
  90. OMG .... I Got Approved.....YEAH
  91. A High Velocity Block!!
  92. me again - questions about visitation
  93. telephone conversations being heard by C.O.'s
  94. Picture question?
  95. Need phone help!!
  96. Outrageous phone bills due to collect calls from loved ones incarcerated?
  97. Another question about Evercom and Sprint
  98. MI Inmate Purchases Question
  99. He Took Me Off His Visiting List(long)
  100. Lets Campaign to get the $10 per visitor limit raised!
  101. bill regarding correctional telephones in michigan
  102. on line visitation forms
  103. No Visit Today!
  104. Prison Mail FYI
  105. Calls back to 15 minutes!!
  106. phone bill... WHAT A MESS!
  107. mail... WHAT A MESS!
  108. no more ordering books thru vendors..
  109. Getting Visit Approval
  110. Visitation for Michigan
  111. new visiting rules - hey roccop
  112. Whats with Michigan Phone system??
  113. Help...Need Fast Answer on Phone Block
  114. Level Four
  115. Are you still allowed to go to the restroom during visits? We aren't.
  116. Picking Up Stuff On Visits--they Gave Mine Away!!!
  117. I finally went and saw him for the 1st time on Friday
  118. Visits--Are They Worth It?
  119. Ladies how do you handle a phonecall that did not go well?
  120. Riverside Correctional Facility re:photos
  121. Phone Campaign - Please WRITE!
  122. Forwarding Mail
  123. Who goes in the dog house?
  124. Rules for letters and sending pictures?
  125. Statewide Visiting Changes Effective June 1st
  126. Visitors lists-Can you explain??
  127. Approved Vendor List
  128. Wheres my mail????
  129. Anyone getting hassle about the $15 for visitation?
  130. New Visitation Standards Effective 6/23/04
  131. phones and visits
  132. Juvenile--visited my son today!!!
  133. Dont like to write-Any other ideas????
  134. He called finally !!!!!
  135. New Statewide Visiting Changes-Yard & Cellphones
  136. Removal from Visiting List
  137. visits/probation/non contact visits?? anyone
  138. CRP Visiting Rules
  139. Story Time: Most MEMORABLE 'visiting' experience....
  140. Conjugal visits?
  141. Irrelevant Visitor App Question
  142. Inmate-to-Inmate Mail
  143. Can I send GREAT BIG CARDS???
  144. Question on approved vendors & art supplies
  145. Great News About the Phones in Michigan?? Hopefully!
  146. Phone Issues-PSC forums coming soon
  147. Great visit....
  148. Who's going to the Phone Forum In Flint Tuesday? UPDATE
  149. Debit Phone System - For Bellemy Creek
  150. PHONE ISSUE MPSC Forum Tuesday 21st-Results
  151. Prisoner Mail-Policy Directive-Please Read
  152. Phone calls from Egeler Reception
  153. A good visit
  154. Michigan prisoner phone accounts
  155. Visiting Query - What do you use for your change?
  156. Air Conditioning in the UP in Oct?
  157. Taking Calls
  158. Visitation Entertainment
  159. Wondering if there is anything I can do ab the pop machines @ Pugsley
  160. Update RE: Debit Card Calling
  161. Please Help, Visitors Application!
  162. "Privacy Manager" blocking calls from inmates to downstate loved ones...
  163. visitor ban for substance abuse misconducts
  164. Vizitation, What to expect. (visiting @ a Michigan prison)
  165. Which Michigan Prisons Are Using the Debit Cards?
  166. Comcast Digital Phone Service
  167. Another question about SBC
  168. Visiting a Level 4 at Thumb
  169. Cell Phone Use During Deliberations
  170. Visiting
  171. My First Visit
  172. Question about not receiving mail
  173. Guess I am going back for Visit #2
  174. Help, cant' find it!!!!/ proper attire at visiting
  175. Hearing His voice
  176. Help please,I have a couple of questions about restoring visits
  177. Phone Debit-Where is it running - UPDATE 12-08-04
  178. Less than 48 Hrs until our FIRST Visit!!!!!!!!!!
  179. Anyone Visiting Muskegon on Thanksgiving?
  180. he called
  181. My girls and I had our first visit :)
  182. No phone calls--Update
  183. Do I Have To Use Correctional Billing?
  184. Phone Calls- How Much Do They Cost?
  185. Muskegon/Brooks Phone Debit System.......
  186. Michigan Holiday Mail Delays
  187. They Crashed the phone debit system!!
  188. EVERCOM--Sprint Collect Calls
  189. PHONE CARDS in Hiawatha??
  190. Conjugal Visits?...
  191. Lingo Phone Service
  192. Michigan Phone Calls
  193. On Visitation
  194. Pin Number Won't Work
  195. Trouble with mail room and library....
  196. Stuff you send your guy to keep him busy.
  197. Current Michigan Visitation Policy??
  198. If you are visiting today
  199. Getting a Visitor Appilcation Question
  200. I have a mail question
  201. Question about Phone Debit System and Phone Companies!
  202. Question about sending pictures
  203. Going to visit my new man!
  204. first visit
  205. Visiting finally!!!!!!!!
  206. my 1st visit
  207. Mail Room Problem
  208. Visit denied
  209. Phone Blocks
  210. ? about Prison Calls Online
  211. Phone problems in Michigan
  212. Visit UPDATE
  213. Mail Rejection - Security Risk???
  214. Visitation form
  215. Visitation forms
  216. First Visit :)
  217. Michigan Picture Rules??
  218. Getting the MDOC CAJ-103 - Visitor Application
  219. My First Visit
  220. My latest phone bill
  221. Phone Call Time
  222. Which Phone Service Is Best
  223. ???'s about mail in Michigan
  224. inmate denied mail written in Greek as secret code
  225. Phone Number Change Months
  226. How long does it take for PIN to work?
  227. How often can phone lists be updated?
  228. Prisons in Mi. that are local - PHONES
  229. Prisoner Mail - Policy Directive
  230. WOW Phone Service
  231. Mail to Cooper Street
  232. FYI - Phone use after transfer
  233. Home phone number changes
  234. Book topics
  235. A link for anyone who wants to send there Man somethings?(romantic)
  236. Arielle Tours -- Free Ride Promotion
  237. Something weird happened with the prison phones yesterday...
  238. The strangest thing....(Calls ending before 15 minutes are up)
  239. Mail Question/Forwarding Mail when Transferred
  240. Questions about terminating visits due to overcrowding.
  241. Phones are Down at Baraga *Back up already!!*
  242. Phone Calls from Egler Reception
  243. How long till........ (he can call/write)
  244. Question about letters
  245. magazine subscription (question)
  246. quick question (MI Mail question)
  247. Does that prision call service really save money (PCO)
  248. Baraga Phone System?
  249. Need Help Please (visiting lists questions)
  250. phone call pricing? (Varying prices for same length of call)