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  1. Am I wrong?
  2. another boyfriend/husband survey!
  3. I am so lost!!
  4. Jail time for not mowing your grass???
  5. Is caffeine in coffee more potent when coffee is iced?
  6. I got my grandmothers birth certificate!
  7. Just too impatient?
  8. Parole pulled his file...
  9. An Update To: His Mother Is Dying
  10. Good Morning!
  11. What in the world goes through that man's head??
  12. What are you guys zodiac signs?
  13. Do you think some men think expressing there feeling makes them soft?
  14. He's soooooooooo depressed and there is only so much I can do.
  15. How dumb are we?
  16. Being Grateful and Taking Things for Granted
  17. an understanding ear,non-judgemental heart
  18. Presidential politics
  19. Am i so wrong???
  20. Fed up with legal drama!!
  21. All Silent... I NEED YOU LADIES!!!
  22. Much Needed Vent
  23. Just venting: having a rough day!
  24. If He Were Allowed To Vote who would he vote for?
  25. Where Do They Get the Courage???
  26. Feeling a little low today
  27. Any Good Quotes?
  28. why am I letting this upset me so much
  29. Hes in the hole
  30. Take a break- General daily chit chat!
  31. Any advice on finding a therapist?
  32. im still strong ladies.
  33. Upset and crying?
  34. falling for him before he does?
  35. is it just me or does the time drag?
  36. Safety Precautions That Could Save Your Life
  37. I lied..I had to post.. very sad tonight...
  38. Please tell me I am overreacting!
  39. I won a $350- laser hair removal Gift Certificate.
  40. Do You Ever Cry But Don't Know Why?
  41. I am all alone
  42. Got into a car accident!
  43. How to send SMS? w
  44. I'm Not Doing Any Better Am I?
  45. Got Flaws?
  46. A crappy situation
  47. Why??????????????
  48. Please tell me its ok?
  49. I don't know about you but...His letters are odd
  50. Is it just me or are the comments getting crazy?
  51. How Has Prison Changed Your Spouse?
  52. an emotional week.
  53. Gift Ideas for Father's Day
  54. Hillary Clinton's quote about regret
  55. I broke down today.
  56. So confused, hurt and unsure.....
  57. At the inspection station
  58. I am so mad.
  59. What are your thoughts about this?
  60. Why did i feel so selfish
  61. Progressive Car Insurance
  62. Im dreading this.
  63. Does Dysfunctional Ever Function......
  64. Need Advice-ex getting sentenced and I still have feelings
  65. Just A Quick Update
  66. Today I just hate this
  67. You Are Admired...
  68. What did you buy this week?
  69. Changes! changes?
  70. ANOTHER day of cancelled visits!!!
  71. found out hes talking to his ex!!!
  72. Opening up about being sexually abused***Mature Thread***
  73. The fires of Life
  74. How embarrassing!!!
  75. Sometimes It Doesn't Really Matter What We Do
  76. A House Free & Clear or A Premier Education???
  77. Happy Fathers Day!
  78. Single Parenting and Prison........
  79. time to be real
  80. ok I just need to vent...
  81. THE HOLE??!!! Ugh!!!
  82. sick and tired of court!!!!
  83. I need a hug!!
  84. What made you MAD today?
  85. This is Bs!!! His counsellor thinks EVERYONE is an alcoholic!
  86. vets doing time....
  87. Looking for Sam/Samantha
  88. A Simple Letter
  89. arrrggghhh!! Frustrated!!
  90. Here's my full story part2 he's coming home in 2013!
  91. Can It Get Any Worse?
  92. omg I'm such an idiot!!
  93. Oh Boy Did I Ever Lose It !!!!!
  94. need advice.
  95. Sad Today..Just Need an Ear...
  96. Ka boom
  97. I Need Some Advice
  98. His Fam Is Pulling My last String. Help!
  99. His Mother
  100. wtf is he doing all day?!
  101. Who do people think they are?!!!
  102. First Argument In 5 1/2 Years!!
  103. How has Prison Changed You?
  104. I can't do EVERYTHING....
  105. Venting...big time!!!!
  106. losing my job for standin by my guy
  107. If you miss your man!!!
  108. Mother In Law Had 3 Mini Strokes
  109. please excuse me as i freak out!
  110. Delayed Reaction... :(
  111. God Help Me... (cheated on my man)
  112. On a crying jag...
  113. I Miss My Kids!!!
  114. He got another Letter
  115. Doin the happy dance :D
  116. Bad visit. Took son for first time
  117. Bad Visit an CIW
  118. 2-22-08<3
  119. Parents? Still? Really? PLEASE HELP
  120. Can This Week Get Any Worse?
  121. No friends
  122. Update On Mother In Law
  123. just a vent
  124. Concerned About His Brother
  125. A crappy situation gets worse.......
  126. Wtf!?
  127. George Carlin has died
  128. Am I A Bad Person?
  129. Is it normal to still be so sad
  130. anyone need a husband?
  131. 3 grade supplies
  132. just a dollar- -or two??
  133. just need to scream for two seconds
  134. Need to Vent
  135. Not fair ) ;
  136. Just Need Some One To Talk To
  137. I just want to SCREAM today!
  138. No More Mrs Nice Guy!
  139. R U Kidding Me...........
  140. Can I strangle him??? Was I wrong?
  141. My Self Worth
  142. I Feel Like Were Drifting Apart
  143. Feeling down and out
  144. In need of a females perspective:)
  145. Just One Of Those Days
  146. Going Backwards with Men...
  147. A vent... on visiting approval..
  148. where is my dang letter?
  149. Where do I begin!!!!
  150. missing him like crazy
  151. platonic friend said "do not visit"
  152. How did his mom raise him?
  153. just alittle update
  154. More CRAP!
  155. a little about me;;AND MYSPACE (its a long read im warning ya!) =]
  156. My friend was arrested
  157. Friends
  158. Is This A Red Flag??
  159. Our family could use some healing thoughts
  160. Missing The Man I Love
  161. ok...That's it!!!
  162. Checking In...
  163. No More Crap!!!!!!
  164. Omg!
  165. I Heard From My Baby!!
  166. And you say he's just a friend...
  167. Having a Terrible Day!
  168. High gas prices+no summer vacation
  169. High gas prices=no summer vacation
  170. why does he treat me different?
  171. Are you KIDDING me? Who does that?
  172. Very brief vent about the "short-time-blues"
  173. What does "white-washed Mexican" mean?
  174. I Was Better Of With Out A Call
  175. omg he actually don't want me to go see him?
  176. I guess just a lil rant....
  177. I am gonna miss him so much *Surgery Update*
  178. Facts about the human body:
  179. I Need Him To Hold Me When...
  180. he thinks I cause his detainer..............
  181. Flashback! PTO just before it turned 1 year old
  182. Nothing worse than a naggin' man!
  183. It's been 2 years since I've seen him
  184. I just need to vent.
  185. Is this standard procedure, or just cruel???
  186. The price of freedom - a reminder
  187. Happy 4th!
  188. Most Embarassing
  189. Help in NJ
  190. Rant: how can some allow themselves to be so STUPID?
  191. Just need to get it out.....
  192. Where you are Rashaan Patterson
  193. Fireworks
  194. How Many Times Have You Been Married
  195. Too beyond pi$$ed.....
  196. Wtf? (problems with PO and meds)
  197. The Honeymoon's over!!!
  198. independence day sucked!!
  199. Why Wont The Phone Ring!!!
  200. *teary eyed* and heated
  201. Help Me! Freaking out about driving test.
  202. Neighbor talking about my son... Need Advice
  203. How do you feel about naming boys after their father...
  204. my weekly "need to scream for a min" post.
  205. I'm not stimulated! Where's my check?
  206. Do you have a MONSTER IN LAW???
  207. my hairs falling out...
  208. Ohhhhhh he's got some F'in nerve!!!
  209. As i sit here
  210. No Visit Just venting Huggs Welcome
  211. Cut Off a Friendship of 9 Years
  212. Would you get a restraining order on one of his family members???
  213. Any Ladies Have There Man @ Gowandas Correctional Facilty?
  214. Disgusted with the U.S. Justice System. I am appauled!
  215. Thank You
  216. HeartBroken
  217. Paroled from State while in Federal
  218. Made it through the day but it was tough!
  219. Seven wonders of the world - What are they?
  220. Practical Jokes - Do you play them on each other.
  221. a really tough day.
  222. How do we forgive them?
  223. Nothing to do with my baby..except...
  224. if you're a trashman, I found u a girlfriend
  225. What do I do now????? His sister passed away
  226. My boo's starting to piss me off.
  227. I Cant Belive This
  228. I Want To Cry!!!
  229. Rant: Ignorant People
  230. People can be so selfish at the wrong times!
  231. UUUGGGHHH!!!!!...Teenager Blues..What is a Mother to Do!
  232. **no Pity-parties Here**
  233. I'm Sad
  234. My Guy Survey
  235. Ive seen that same look
  236. I Cant Sleep And Needed To Vent
  237. he's pms'ing and im venting
  238. Would it be ok to send my daycampers post-camp cards?
  239. Whats a mother to do
  240. OMG! a PTO Stalker!
  241. Not a huge deal, just irritating...
  242. No wedding?????
  243. if you are rich, you got ,short sentences
  244. I hate my mother
  245. So Far So Good..........
  246. Do You Ever Sleep?
  247. Just Frustrated!!
  248. vacated threads-do they upset you?
  249. ok I am venting now....
  250. Myspace & Prison