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  1. Question on getting OUT of county
  2. meds in doc
  3. Offender search question
  4. what to bring in
  5. need info on rdc
  6. help me find him in green castle indiana
  7. Suggestions for letter to judge
  8. How long do you have to be in to get a sentence modification?
  9. quick question..about being on lockdown
  10. R.d.c.
  11. It's been a long year!
  12. Central Office Admin Inbound
  13. Over-the-counter Meds now in Commissary
  14. tatoo
  15. Helping a friend
  16. ctp
  17. Adding time to Prisoners from New Castle Riot
  18. CLIFF Program
  19. Hubby Left For Rdc Today....don't Know What To Expect & Scared
  20. Just a quick ? for u....
  21. Good lawyers for a mod hearing around Fort Wayne area?
  22. Rdc
  23. Hendricks County????
  24. I need answers please
  25. County to DOC Transfers
  26. Osd??
  27. Question.. about appealing..
  28. The Re-Entry Center
  29. Time limit on Modifications
  30. How to get from county jail to prison??
  31. Question about offender information
  32. 90 Day Rule???
  33. Can anyone answer this?
  34. Death of a family member
  35. Fiance's lawyer won't budge
  36. Alturnative placement
  37. Help from the state?
  38. How Long Does It Take To Get Your Record
  39. Alternative Placement Modification
  40. ? about modifiying and time requirements
  41. Inmates sending money
  42. County jail transfer ???? Help??
  43. Appeal Question...
  44. Community Transition Program???
  45. Has this ever happen to anyone?
  46. Mom confused & in sooooo much sorrow
  47. Getting Married In Indiana
  48. Rdc-
  49. What do I bring the day I am sentenced?
  50. where do i find some good news?
  51. collage courses at doc
  52. Correct format in writing Judge
  53. I need so help
  54. sentencing
  55. i have a question about modifications??
  56. Will be extradited to Marshall county or sent directly to prison?
  57. What will happen???
  58. How long does it take
  59. Please explain...
  60. Worried about my friend, possibly dead?
  61. Plus program????
  62. Please help! Address Indiana
  63. Inmate DOC# stay the same?
  64. Help (with a number)
  65. I was just thinking
  66. Prison Choice?
  67. Do Inmates Have to Buy Their Own TV's?
  68. Westville Address?
  69. Need Help...What is this form?
  70. Rdc
  71. commisary
  72. RDC - what to expect
  73. New here with questions
  74. Does a PCR or Mod have to be done in the city where they caught the charge?
  75. They took him to RDC this morning.
  76. Need help with IDOC please
  77. with-holding medications
  78. Objected VS. Denied??
  79. cliff program
  80. Miami and Plainfield
  81. Can they do this???
  82. Self-defense?
  83. inmate locator site
  84. cliff program
  85. are these the same
  86. plus program??
  87. Pref.... need some info on the Plainfield Re-entry...
  88. time in rdc
  89. Indiana Offender Search Site Help
  90. HELP-Question about Indiana Offender Locator
  91. Anyone know about or went through P.R.E.F.
  92. Wabash Valley Correctional Facility Fights Flooding
  93. is there a site that tells you about time added on?
  94. About P.r.e.f.
  95. Can he get out sooner than 3 yrs?
  96. Going for a Petition to Revoke Friday 8/15 - NEED HELP!!
  97. Wondering about PCR??
  98. Should I be worried about branchville modification to safe house?
  99. Postal Money Orders ?
  100. You think he is ok?
  101. What does level 2 mean?
  102. no time cuts?
  103. Questions, questions, questions
  104. Intake process for women???
  105. Loving mom with questions
  106. Does time spent in RDC go toward time served?
  107. County before RDC.. mom confused??
  108. Another ? about time cuts
  109. Medical Advice
  110. do you have someone in the cliff program
  111. Unclear on Sentence
  112. do you know why?
  113. TC Program @ CIF
  114. CIF Commissary
  115. CIF work and educational programs - classes
  116. informatory(spelling?)
  117. Questions about RDC
  118. Writing a judge????
  119. Plainfield RDC
  120. Pref ??
  121. Can they do this? HELP!!
  122. State Pay
  123. ????Vocational / Educational Programs
  124. PEN Products
  125. PREP Program (at WVCF)
  126. Seriously! 1/3 of sentence knocked off?
  127. Modifications
  128. certificates of accomplishment
  129. Overdose @ cif
  130. GED Time Cuts
  131. Conviction reversed - waiver of right to counsel not knowing and intelligent
  132. someone heard this on the news
  133. Devestated....
  134. Sentence Modification Help
  135. i don't know
  136. being transfered to level 1..
  137. ?? about sentence modifications, RDC, etc. Help I am new to all of this!
  138. sentence modification?
  139. Classification Summary Question
  140. 3 days credit?
  141. Girlfriend sentenced..Looking for some help!
  142. so little time....
  143. Lambert Decision Paperwork
  144. Sag?
  145. Sentence Modifications
  146. Has anyone heard this rumor?
  147. cutting programs
  148. Indiana Budget Cut
  149. Do they get computer access?
  150. time cuts for short sentences?
  151. time cuts?
  152. location term
  153. Help Need info about DOC ASSIST
  154. RDC mugshots
  155. RDC length
  156. Help with sentencing??? confused
  157. HELP!!! (hunger strike)
  158. Please help, How does this process work from RDC?
  159. Does anyone know about alternative placements??
  160. Daniel's proposed prison expansions...
  161. question about placement
  162. Level 2's?!?
  163. the DOC website...
  164. Looking for some information on PREFF.
  165. Info on the PLUS program pleaseeee
  166. son just was put in the DOC site today..freaking out
  167. county time to DOC Modification ?'s
  168. my son went to rdc last week
  169. VERY confused, DOC site issues??
  170. Indiana VINE
  172. Any suggestions about medication help?
  173. Prison GED??? HELP!!
  174. How long does it take to get a Modification?
  175. time cuts
  176. Time
  177. Beyond mad--they took his shoes!!!
  178. vigo county and a place to live
  179. Should I get an attorney?
  180. Time cuts
  181. Medical Records
  182. Reducing time
  183. Indiana RDC
  184. Needs Help
  185. be careful
  186. Help with Medical
  187. Need help for my son
  188. Need info on pref
  189. Need advice/help/something
  190. Sentence Modification Hearing
  191. Modification Help
  192. Sentencing Question Pleas Help!!
  193. modification ?
  194. Classes question?
  195. Help! Cousin at Pekin almost a week and have not heard from her Family is worried!
  196. How long can someone be in seg.
  197. New Rules from DOC
  198. Hamilton County-Needing info on Community Corrections
  199. Sex offender rules?
  200. modification? maybe?
  201. Questions about Classes? Please Help!!!
  202. Average Time at RDC
  203. Lake County Community Corrections/Work release ?uestions
  204. Has this happened to anyone else
  205. Question about honor dorm?
  206. question about modifications?
  207. Inmates with Mental Illness..where do they go?
  208. wondering if anyone knows about this ... felony detain?!?!
  209. Filing a PCR!!!! Questions
  210. Indiana D O C RDC and work release
  211. No Contacts at County Jail
  212. Intake questions
  213. What is a Class A burglary?
  214. Question about credit for time served
  215. Marriage time cut
  216. which prison
  217. question about short timers in prison
  218. Good news, FINALLY, CTP was approved
  219. How long does it take for your loved one to show up on DOC?
  220. Amount of time in RDC
  221. RDC Question
  222. RDC versus DOC Holding
  223. Skipping RDC because of overcrowding?
  224. If you have someone going to Prison/RDC.. somethings they need to know
  225. My son was sentenced today and I ..........
  226. Hubby doesn't have a bed
  227. For those with loved ones in DOC holding
  228. Does anyone know if RDC is overcrowded or
  229. Help on time cuts ???
  230. From county to RDC
  231. RDC Overcrowded What Next
  232. sentencing documents wrong?!?
  233. Why does he keep changing his court date?
  234. How does this all work?
  235. Help Need some Advice.
  236. behind the glass?? I don't understand!
  237. How Long Does it take to transfer an inmate from a county jail to RDC?
  238. Info on OSD
  239. YAY got everything corrected!
  240. Info on RDC please?
  241. Haven't heard from my man in Tippecanoe...kinda worried!
  242. Website to retrieve criminal records?
  243. Info on how to fill out a money order for RDC
  244. repeat offenders and RDC
  245. second time at RDC
  246. New public defender? Help!!
  247. RDC-When will he get out???
  248. Questions about Rdc
  249. Where Will My Son Be Sent To?
  250. Write up class A