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  1. How to Advocate for a Loved One who is being Mistreated in Prison in Georgia
  2. Prison Medical Malpractice Lawsutis - How to file
  3. Georgia Parole Information
  4. Thinking Caps on Please
  5. prisoner in need of help
  6. Questions about mail
  7. Georgia carpool/rideshare
  8. Mobile Construction
  9. What can I expect
  10. Info for future inmates
  11. Needed information
  12. wrong charges
  13. Early Release??
  14. Visiting questions for Lee Arrendale
  15. Families of prisoners meeting
  16. Visitation at Telfair State Prison?
  17. 1st Offenders Act??
  18. Can't make it but need to know
  19. Georgia Info Needed
  20. Update on GEJ Meeting.
  21. Georgia Sentencing Record for the "7 Deadly Felony Category"
  22. James, my 19 year old son
  23. Time Served?
  24. I need some answers
  25. 90% Act for Violent Offenders
  26. I got to hug my son for the first time in a year! :)
  27. MCI All over the country?
  28. Do men have rights to their children while in prison?
  29. Coastal Questions
  30. Contact Visits
  31. hello! please help!
  32. Do anyone have a package list?
  33. postpone visitation
  34. Question reguarding visitation
  35. What is diagnostics for and how long does it take?
  36. Please Help
  37. visitin in macon ga
  38. Help please (Senate Bill 440 and 441)
  39. Need Help!
  40. What about 'the hole"?
  41. sentence reconsideration
  42. They came after me in GA....
  43. need a anwser please
  44. I Need Help From Georgia
  45. Question about Visitation at Coastal
  46. Anyone ever been or know a prison guard?
  47. I need info please help if you can
  48. Time Limits for Indictment
  49. once someone is sentenced....
  50. Georgia (medium Security) Inmates
  51. what is this GRID he keeps telling me about???
  52. 90% Rule
  53. How to calculate county time for a State sentence???
  54. need a lawyer
  55. Wheeler Correctional Facility - carpool?
  56. Legal Assistance Inside for Prisoners
  57. Looking for info
  58. Sending a present
  59. do they make exceptions for holidays???
  60. just found out (he will get 87 days credit)!
  61. is it even worth trying????
  62. The hole
  63. can anyone help me with some needed info
  64. Greetings
  65. microphones in Columbia County Courthouse
  66. spider bites
  67. websites
  68. Victim Impact class
  69. Out of State Visitor question
  70. Staph
  71. Is there anything I can do?
  72. my visit to Rogers SP
  73. no idea
  74. Georgia please contact your officials
  75. EF Number, whats next
  76. Question about employment/licenses for felons in GA
  77. mail
  78. Need Help!
  79. Who sells Cheap Cards?
  80. Can Someone Explain Conditional Transfer GA?
  81. now I have a question
  82. Ga. Early Release?
  83. Talk About Confusing.....?
  84. Website
  85. how long can you legally...
  86. Sitting in County?
  87. where can i find mail rules?
  88. boot camps in georgia?
  89. Georgia phone priveleges
  90. How long did....
  91. Visitation Problem at Jackson
  92. ga doc website?
  93. I guess I am a newbie? I will need support!
  94. Trying desperately to find an answer for hi, help??
  95. Armed Robbery
  96. has anyone heard anything on the 90% law
  97. Please Help!!Need some advice
  98. Why transfer to another county??
  99. GA Security Levels
  100. HELP ....MCI must hate me.
  101. Need Information Re: Georgia Laws
  102. Help please i am still learning
  103. New and need help
  104. Very First Visitation.. Rogers State Prison, Need advice..
  105. Please help need help with mail
  106. Grid Sheet
  107. Significant Other form
  108. Georgia 90% Policy
  109. Georgia Life Sentenced Inmates
  110. Crime Severity Level?
  111. GA - State Board of Pardons and Paroles Annual Report
  112. How long before your visitation application was approved?
  113. Georgia's 7 Deadly Sins and 90% Crimes
  114. I need help, suport, and information PLEASE
  115. Effects of medications while incarcerated?
  116. need help, very confused!!
  117. Georgia Department of Corrections Site (errors/changes)
  118. who has tried to figure out their chances?
  119. Moving Questions
  120. Unadilla hotels? (visiting Dooly State Prison, Georgia)
  121. Good News...I think (transfering soon)
  122. Georgia Crime Severity Levels
  123. Georgia Inmate Handbook
  124. Please help (question about serving time)
  125. Georgia Visitation Information (from 1999 Handbook)
  126. Kebela1.... how did your visit go?
  127. My visit at Dooly State Prison
  128. letters to warden
  129. Just a reminder (PTO Policies, Rules & Information)
  130. Georgia Mail Rules
  131. Happy Friday (and a ? about TPM)
  132. Georgia Contacts, Reference and General Information
  133. Georgia Contacts, Reference and General Information
  134. Mothers Day Visitation
  135. I am approved for visitation!!!!
  136. Met/Seen New Commissioner
  137. May I ask a couple questions? (sending books & PTO Buddy list)
  138. Figuring 90% of a sentence
  139. Job Fair for Georgia Female Inmates (GDC Press Release)
  140. Georgia Prison Operating Costs
  141. Fairness for prisoner's familes
  142. first visit
  143. I'm new & have a Nephew going to prison in GA
  144. fairness of sentences
  145. 90% and Jackson ? again.....
  146. Hi Everyone... boot camp question
  147. "Under Construction" here in the GA forum
  148. Extradition question
  149. Just want some thoughts (GA juvenile case)
  150. First letter from Jackson!!!!
  151. Question about out of state visits
  152. Need Answers about VINE
  153. Transfer Help
  154. Doing time in Georgia- and then some
  155. was your visit?
  156. What are the next steps
  157. state time/county time
  158. We have an opportunity and must take action!
  159. Georgia State Board of Pardons & Paroles, OPEN MEETING 5/20/04
  160. problems with GDC website
  161. More About Houston Co. DA
  162. I'm going to visit him in Coffee Co.
  163. Prison Visitation
  164. final interview with counselor... moving soon???
  165. crazy question about visits
  166. General Information on Georgia State Prisons and Correctional Institutions
  167. Rumor about early release of GA inmates
  168. using inmate labor for personal use
  169. New law for Drug Offenses as of June 1, '04 ???
  170. issues with Prison Counselors
  171. new and just getting started.....
  172. Sentencing/credit question
  173. Four years as a county inmate? Can this happen?
  174. Just a question (re: GA 90% policy)...
  175. Questions regarding Carroll Co. and phone issues
  176. can inmates use calling cards???
  177. Need to find out about 15 %
  178. I am looking for my nephew Roger.
  179. Had his Pre-Parole interview...Quetions, Help, Very confused now?
  180. A conversation with the Parole Board's Director of public affairs
  181. Information
  182. The use of computers in prison
  183. Driver Licenses
  184. 4th of July visitation
  185. Ride To Dooly State Prison
  186. He got transferred....
  187. Question about GDOC website
  188. Does anyone knows who handles inmate phones in GA diagnostics?
  189. Lee Arrendale Visitation
  190. Sentencing Monday (Need Support)
  191. Are prison officials allowed to throw away things we send to our loved ones???????
  192. Info on visitation approval
  193. Need some info. for a friend
  194. we made it back to GA safely....
  195. Sentenced-What Next?
  196. Confused
  197. What are considered Violent Crimes in Georgia?
  198. Can anyone help me? (who to call for case info.?)
  199. Hope For The 90%
  200. MORE HOPE FOR 90%ers
  201. curious to metro atl. x offenders
  202. Lawyers in Floyd County
  203. notes on 7/20 PSC cost of prison calls hearing
  204. Carpool To Dooly State
  205. GA, Mail Rules
  206. How many of your loved ones....(actually stayed 8 weeks at GA Diagnostic)
  207. Savannah Impact
  208. Early release in ga ?
  209. GDC website
  210. long-term maintenance
  211. Help - Father's Rights Attorney
  212. Dot Pinkerton/Lighthouse Ministries
  213. Where to Stay when visiting central Georgia Prisons
  214. New and troubling "feature" on GDC web site
  215. Receiving Collect Calls from Clayton County
  216. What can be sent to inmates at Dooly SP?
  217. Sentence Modification?
  218. New Grid/15% Rule
  219. New Source for Help
  220. Rogers SP Visitation Questions
  221. I Sooo Need Help!!!! (can I figure out how his sentence will be determined?)
  222. Does anyone know about Consecutive Sentencing?
  223. Question About First Offender!!!!
  224. MY Visit to WSP
  225. BC#-What diagnostics center?
  226. How much time are they actually serving?
  227. Visitation with the hurricane coming..
  228. Help me please..
  229. Weather in Georgia
  230. Who do I talk to? (regarding time served in county jail)
  231. GDC website
  232. Inmate Callng Solutions? Anyone tried them yet?
  233. Closing Of 5 Georgia Prison
  234. Question regarding MCI for Georgia residents
  235. Help/Information/Advice needed...
  236. I think they need to re-define "Violent Crime"
  237. Can someone help me find a GA Inmate???
  238. Can 90% crimes qualify for 2 for 1?
  239. How can an inmate get transferred?
  240. PIC Dates...How accurate are they?
  241. We Are In Deep Trouble!!!!!!......HELP
  242. Inmates being charged $4 dollars for Protective Custody?!?!
  243. How Long Before His Ef Number Is In The System?
  244. Question regarding visiting
  245. I need some info regarding PIC please!
  246. Webpage for Carter Foundation
  247. Our first CONTACT visit….
  248. Carter Foundation Open House
  249. Counselor requesting transfer
  250. Christmas Care Packages