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  1. Release on 2/28/11
  2. Too Good to Be True
  3. Parole...Is it possible?
  4. Sad letter - reality settling in?
  5. Hattiesburg Halfway HOuse
  6. Update on my son
  7. Advice please..taking your son's girlfriend and baby in....
  8. Need articles on vehicular homicide esp California
  9. Who is the watchdog group for CA jails?
  10. son treated well in hospital
  11. Bittersweet Visit
  12. Son got 2nd Chance!
  13. Angels Come in All Shapes and Sizes.
  14. Burton County State ISF program
  15. Between a Rock and Soft son is facing 20 years in prison
  16. Will this feeling last?
  17. Calling all Mom's, Sisters, Auntie's-officers came w/ a warrant for daughter
  18. Son coming home in July!!!!
  19. Son up for release...happy turned to sad.
  20. Looking for a halfway house in Northern ca
  21. I'm so happy!!!
  22. Hearing on Motion tomorrow!
  23. What would you do? (son wants help w/ charges I pressed against him)
  24. Been gone to long
  25. I'm really angry inside today. (tired of the BOP being in control of son's life)
  26. You took the time to write to my son
  27. One Month Now
  28. Son Got His Hardship Transfer :)
  29. Prodigal returning *humble wave*
  30. Our Super Bowl Sunday Visit
  31. The Plight Of One Mother
  32. My daughter didn't make parole
  33. Another Mom needs our help- URGENT
  34. Nydocs
  35. Quick Update on My Son's Case
  36. I wonder if he is really going to court tomorrow
  37. Son has been without shoes for weeks
  38. Attitude of gratitude
  39. Up tonight thinking
  40. What else can go wrong?
  41. Money in County Jail?
  42. Cat was jumped
  43. My loving son wants to thank all my PTO friends.
  44. Any Body Son in Rockdale County Jail in Georgia
  45. Wonder why I have a headache?
  46. My husband is jealous of my time on PTO
  47. Kairos Outside ministiry
  48. Snitching - Is it ok to out someone who snitched?
  49. My First visit with my son.
  50. My son's Birthday behind bars
  51. No calls lately....:0(
  52. home leave
  53. Just a lil update
  54. Candelight dinner complete!!!!
  55. How has your child being incarcerated changed you?
  56. Visitation approved! (I think)
  57. Going on. - How do you find the strength?
  58. Half-Way House Denied..
  59. I want my baby home, please dear God
  60. Just Curious: Why more moms than dads here?
  61. My son is being punched and choked and I don't know how to help him.
  62. Sorry, but this is BULL$HIT!
  63. Happy News!
  64. There is Hope.. even the long timers come home
  65. From so happy to highly disappointed all in one day!
  66. Thinking about him 24/7
  67. Anyone have power of attorney for your child?
  68. is this true??? son can't live in an apt because of his felony
  69. Normal to feel like this ?? (depressed)
  70. Prayers please - son going before the parole board
  71. Visited with Lacy yesterday
  72. Reality Is Setting in For My Son...
  73. Scared...pretrial is coming up
  74. Writing to the warden
  75. Sos
  76. Last Trip to court (NOT)- Update
  77. I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen.....
  78. Every day I wait, and wait
  79. How to deal with old anger and resentments?
  80. Could you/would you ever ask tough questions at a visit?
  81. My son needs help
  82. His sentencing is coming, please pray
  83. Son coming home!
  84. Need your help!
  85. My Son Is In Denial
  86. I need some advice, I am beside myself
  87. The Other Side Of The Coin: Parents & Children Incarcerated Together
  88. Son finally transferred!!
  89. Dealing with a part-time dad?
  90. I need suggestions
  91. One week til furlough
  92. Spoke to the "investigator".
  93. This site has saved my sanity
  94. Was your child ever diagnosed with learning disorder, ADD, ADHD or dyslexia?
  95. making fun
  96. Tattoo's....make a difference???
  97. Finally-we know what we have to deal with
  98. How do I find out what event happened?
  99. Pcra
  100. Really?! Where is the justice?
  101. Hey why not, kick me while I'm down
  102. Son Called!
  103. Just wanted to share...
  104. Out of the program and not coming home in July
  105. Disgusted and sad
  106. What a downer....
  107. Son Finally Transfered....
  108. a bed is good
  109. bad visit with my son,,
  110. Son will be sentenced tomorrow morning:(
  111. Lawyer Will Plead Guilty By Reason Of Insanity
  112. The few things my son wants when he gets out
  113. Parents/Stepparents/Grandparents/Carers of the Incarcerated
  114. Sentencing moved up to tomorrow...hoping this will be finally done!!!!
  115. Our saga-update
  116. Mental illness as a new form of Entertainment ?
  117. Is it wrong for me to want to know the truth?
  118. A new road ahead of us...
  119. Is there No Justice anymore?
  120. Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On
  121. Home from road trip with son
  122. Would you take this deal?
  123. I Let All The Pain Go...
  124. My Boys
  125. UPDATE: Let's Pile It On
  126. no visit
  127. Second Halfway House Approved!
  128. Money/commisary-what do you do?
  129. Use my son's blog content for parole packet?
  130. Finally my son will be out on isp!!!!!!!!
  131. Any resources available?
  132. Parents, love your input please
  133. First Visit With Son
  134. Life inside and out....
  135. Thanking God I'm not alone
  136. First Visit Follow-Up
  137. How long does it take to get designated after sentencing?
  138. my baby boy
  139. Thank you for all the support and insight!
  140. Ohio - Transfer to Parent Prison (Richland)
  141. Women or men (inmates) working in the prisions / How much are they paid?
  142. Lacy "caught chain"
  143. ON-GOING With Son's Ex
  144. How did your child handle sentencing day?
  145. Son gave up the fight
  146. A letter I wrote to Ryan, maybe it will help others as well
  147. 1st time for everything=(
  148. Need a little help from parents...
  149. My son is out! Mixed emotions!
  150. My son is home now and going back downhill, I afraid he will go back to prison
  151. my son will be on home leave in 4 weeks
  152. Really good news from my son i am so excited!!!
  153. More indictments!
  154. Son is out!
  155. Having a bad day
  156. my son
  157. Son just called, Happy Happy Joy Joy....
  158. The hardest thing - stopped taking my daughter's calls
  159. Can Prison be a good thing?
  160. My visit with my son
  161. Answer from PB
  162. Good Visit
  163. He cant smile/laugh or joke anymore
  164. Is this true: prisons going smoke free?
  165. Son got the job!!!!
  166. Woefully Inadequate
  167. My baby son going to prison...
  168. writing a letter to the court?
  169. Son wants a pen pal?
  170. I need help to get through the pain!!!!
  171. Mz.Bmovinon
  172. Son sentenced to 15 yrs, please help
  173. CCA California City
  174. My Son's Phone Call
  175. Son got his release date!
  176. I need some advice
  177. My son - one week out!
  178. A light hearted prison story
  179. Mistrusting my own instincts about people...
  180. Having a Bad Day-so much anxiety grief for my son
  181. You warned me-son's sentencing date has been changed
  182. Bad Sad Day
  183. Regaining Trust (daughter in charge while boss out of town)
  184. FINALLY...Jen is on her way out Of County
  185. Tennessee! Lets hear from u moms!
  186. Got a letter from my son today...
  187. Is the judicial system and parents more tolerant with female offenders?
  188. Son in the "hole"....
  189. Family get togethers and "how's the kids?"...UGH!
  190. Finally get to visit!!!!!
  191. Letter to the Editor about Solitary Confinement
  192. State to State Transfer...How?
  193. I Did It! Told son would not bail him out again
  194. My Son Seems To Be Adjusting ...
  195. Why Do I Feel So Sad When He's Doing Well?
  196. Son lost id, said they won't let him eat without it?
  197. looking up a little..
  198. Bad Day, Going Crazy-son wants us to visit but we can't
  199. The Hole is not so bad!!!
  200. Visit went well
  201. Moved daughter's court date to the 13th w/ update
  202. How does one pay child support while in prison?
  203. Son gets sentenced Friday morning
  204. Today is My Son's Birthday :-(
  205. Case Made Public- UPDATE
  206. Sons Birthday - Very Sad
  207. So bummed...I missed my sons call-UPDATE- He Called!!!
  208. Doesn't get any better
  209. Things were getting a little better...
  210. Different letter for judge
  211. Sick to my stomach!!!
  212. Worried Sick about Diabetic Son
  213. I need advice re:Parole Board Visit
  214. Bad news-daughter taken from co. jail to hospital
  215. so confusing!!!!
  216. UPDATE: Son's Sentencing is Fri. 4/15 - Possible Release?
  217. What is wrong with me?
  218. hey everyone
  219. Moms with a gut type feeling
  220. Is there any special time you parents get on the chat?
  221. 777 miles away wasn't far enough!
  222. Good grief shes NOT dead...So why did I breakdown today???
  223. I have not got a call from son tonight and its getting close to 900
  224. Let It Begin with Me
  225. parole
  226. Tish comes home on Thursday- UPDATED
  227. Great News! Son transferring to the fire house
  228. the waiting for them to be moved is so much harder than I thought
  229. son sentenced today
  230. New at this
  231. Got 2 letters from Jen Today...
  232. Federal Appeals
  233. Got call from jail to come pick up sons stuff
  234. Here we go again..
  235.  My son did not call last nite...
  236. ok parents another question from a new at this mom
  237. 19-year-old son has status and arraignment hearing on May 2
  238. I wrote a letter to the Judge.
  239. son didn't call today
  240. Son-in-law lost in the "System"
  241. sons coming home wednesday 20th
  242. my sons coming home
  243. When does the sleep come????
  244. my son was 'Booked" while incarcerated
  245. my son called
  246. Update on my daughter
  247. Everything has changed son not being released
  248. What to expect
  249. I received a call from a mom who lives in my small town
  250. Was supposed to be picking up my son today