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  1. Christmas care packages in GA
  2. Care Packages in Florida
  3. Inmate Emails
  4. FLDOC Phone Question
  5. Florida Prison Telephone calls-caller ID question
  6. Inmates working in the mail room?
  7. LOL, a new subforum about PACKAGES !!!!
  8. Empty Envelopes???????????
  9. Sending Magazines
  10. Calhoun Phones?
  11. A Fellow PTO from the UK has a question about her collect calls...please.
  12. Florida Inmate Call Information
  13. Does anyone use PCO?
  14. How long until they can use the phone when moved?
  15. Can I Mail a Calendar to him?
  16. Sending Envelopes/Stamps/Cards
  17. Collect or prepaid Call's
  18. call fowarding
  19. How often are inmates allowed to call?
  20. Can I send tarot cards 5 at a time?
  21. How many pictures can be sent at one time?
  22. Living in Scotland and need to hear my husbasnd Red Hawks voice!
  23. When can calls Start
  24. Mail to UCI
  25. Question about Changing phone nmber HELP
  26. no return address on mail!!!
  27. Unlisted phone numbers
  28. truck accident destroyed mail in florida
  29. Is it a privalage for him to send mail
  30. question about phone block
  31. New phone rates starting June 1st.
  32. need to contact
  33. Getting Discouraged
  34. Stamps and Envelopes
  35. phone to Europe????
  36. Central Florida Reception Center Phone Info
  37. Penpals Petition - EVERYONE SIGN!
  38. Perfume on letters?
  39. Collect calls on Cell Phones
  40. Call waiting question
  41. Mail Problems at Franklen
  42. What do they do with their Letters??
  43. S O S ! Lost Phone Privileges
  44. Does Mail Follow Them?
  45. How do Inmates call their lawyers
  46. How to Find Out about Phone Privledges?
  47. Writing Something On the Outside of the Envelope
  48. Mail: Lock of Hair
  49. Please Please Mr. Postman....
  50. MCI Info for Newbies
  51. Answering Machines-Will they cause problems with calls?
  52. Wooo Hoooo!!!! He Called!!!
  53. Tape on Mail?
  54. Book of the Month Clubs?
  55. Phone number(s) for Tally?
  56. Phone list-I'm not on his. Is it too late to update/fix it?
  57. how to write to a florida prisoner
  58. Lake Butler telephones
  59. Explanation from MCI
  60. anyone use global telink?
  61. Mail problems-what do I do?
  62. Pre-Paid Calling,is it possible with STPR???
  63. Mci #
  64. Can we send Calendars?
  65. Phone Prices-How much are the calls?
  66. need help to understand the mail rule
  67. Directly billed thru MCI???
  68. Can Florida Inmates Correspond with Texas Inmates if they are Immediate Family?
  69. Vonage and Pre Paid Account
  70. books "disappeared" !? (how long does it ususally take until they get their books??)
  71. sending books with amazon - need help!!!
  72. phone block
  73. How long does it take?
  74. MCI Phone Bill Verification Process
  75. FDOC Phones and Brighthouse?
  76. How will I be billed this month?
  77. Is it ok to send Postage on Blank Envelopes?
  78. Is Mci Needed In Order To Receive Collect Calls?
  79. Can inmates call, whoever, whenever or do they have a list they can update...
  80. Sending copy of letter from an old cellmate??
  81. Sending a blank holiday card????
  82. Do I need to set up an MCI account?
  83. How long until prison approves number?
  84. Limit On Pictures???
  85. Mail being held from inmate due to investigation?
  86. xrated letters-How racy can they be?
  87. What will happen to a letter I sent from another prisoner?
  88. Death Row Inmates
  89. Can I Send Stickers?
  90. letters from santa to inmate ;-)
  91. Verizon working with MCI
  92. Phone list. Please Help
  93. Mail confusion and fear
  94. Phone List
  95. Mailing a Christmas Tree
  96. Phone problems at Franklin?
  97. Quick question about mail order products being returned
  98. With holding mail! Why?
  99. When Do They Give Inmates There Mail?
  100. How many pictures can I send to FCI Tallahassee?
  101. She Called!!!!
  102. What can we send besides books?
  103. Sending something cute for x-mas
  104. Crfr Behind In Their Mail
  105. Christmas Cards for grandparents
  106. Boyfriend missed his phone list update time-now what?
  107. How long for letters out?
  108. How are they notified a number has been approved?
  109. What Shows Up On Caller Id?
  110. How long until they can call home?
  111. phone blocked
  112. Not accepting overnight mail?
  113. Quick MCI address verification question
  114. HELP! Phone call cutoff
  115. What happens if inmate has max. amount of books allowed & another one is sent to him?
  116. Verizon...any blocks I need to know about?
  117. Can we send them shoes
  118. Out of State Rate Reductions
  119. mail refused for no reason !? :(
  120. hardbound book question
  121. If your home phone service IS NOT with Bellsouth
  122. Info Please
  123. Question about mailing stamps and books
  124. Help I need advice! question about writing an inmate
  125. what magazines have you sent?
  126. pretrial detention center in Jacksonville
  127. Blank Card Rules
  128. What all phone companies will accept collect calls?
  129. No mail from FL prison in 5 weeks
  130. Phone list ?
  131. Books thrown away before BF recieved them!
  132. Want info about sending used books
  133. Are small valentines allowed?
  134. What kind of sexy pictures can you send ?
  135. Hello all. I need help with a question.
  136. Receiving mail
  137. Sports Illustrated - will the swimsuit issue be allowed?
  138. Mail forward question
  139. Help!! Mail at Columbia C.I. Annex
  140. Phone Calls
  141. Correctional Billing
  142. JPAY Mail
  143. prisoncallsonline -third party? yes or no?
  144. Anybody want to be a pen pal?
  145. New Phone List
  146. address stickers
  147. paper,envelopes, and stamps
  149. mail question
  150. XXL or Source are they OK to send?
  151. How much?
  152. Phone blocked?
  153. I'm Lost, need help
  154. Things we can send...a list?
  155. Does anyone use PCO?!
  156. Is MCI still in control of phones?
  157. evercome phone system
  158. Free Postage
  159. MCI & Glades CI
  160. Mail address question!!
  161. PH0NE NUMBER F0R MCi??
  162. Two FL inmates desperately hoping for pen pal
  163. What's up with Liberty's mail
  164. MCI Rates for Florida Calls
  165. AMAZON Rejected by the Prison
  166. UCI Mail?????
  167. Forever stamps!
  168. Global Tel*Link taking over MCI Corrections????
  169. Forgotten Return Address
  170. A newbie Question
  171. amtel phone service at lake city
  172. do they let them stack up or what?
  173. Manilla Envelope
  174. Changes with MCI?
  175. Have You Had Mail Rejected By Prison
  176. Phone help??
  177. is there an amount of times you can send paper, etc. a week
  178. bright house?
  179. phone list and MCI help pls pls pls help
  180. will..MCI call me when acct is set up?
  181. Phone help pls
  182. sending a book
  183. Central Florida Reception Center
  184. MCI Bill
  185. Phone List?
  186. Sending paper and stamps?
  187. The letters have stopped,worried
  188. D0N'T KN0W WHAT T0 D0... 0R THiNK =[
  189. Privatized Facility Phone ???
  190. typed letter.
  191. books.
  192. Envelopes?
  193. No collect calls. Help.
  194. Bikini-pictures got "lost" at Lake
  195. Can I send a picture of me and him
  196. A Newbie Question about Mail
  197. My Mail Not Getting To Him! Very Mad!
  198. someone help please!!!!
  199. He has not received mail yet
  200. I'd rather have MCI back.....
  201. global tel link
  202. anyone had this problem
  203. All his numbers DENiED!
  204. Payments to MCI credited to Global Tel Link?
  205. Empty envelope?
  206. Will they forward packages?
  207. Does Anyone have a Phone Number for MCI Corrections?
  208. Why aren't nude pictures allowed??
  209. transferred to CFRC
  210. Just got a phone hooked up and
  211. Envelopes and Labels
  212. Phone calls... GTL stands for MCI ?!
  213. Has anyone received their phone bill since GTL took over?
  214. Mail from Union CI????
  215. phone blocked
  216. New Phone Contract with DOC
  217. Mail at Cross City C.I.......
  218. Need Help Getting Gtl To Set Up Account
  219. international calls
  220. Question about letter contents
  221. Number Approval
  222. I need help..pls somebody!
  223. Is anyone able to make payment through Gtl today?
  224. What times are the phones on?
  225. No 3 way call
  226. I am approved! Also a Question...
  227. How can I block calls
  228. Can Any One Tell Me How To Start A Phone Line???
  229. Exactly what kind of books can I send?
  230. VENTING - Phones - CFRC
  231. Phone Number
  232. phone issues and other weird things
  233. my new phone co blocks collect calls!!!!! ughh!
  234. Anyone having probs w/ GTL... poss solution
  235. Globel Tel.....robbery!!!
  236. Dorm/Bunk must now be included in Inmate's address
  237. Did Anyone Get a Call from GTL regarding new Changes?
  238. Help Now Im Lost, How Does Gtl Work?
  239. mail returned because of address labels
  240. 33-602.205 Inmate Telephone Use.
  241. Someone Helppp!
  242. western union advance pay? does it work?
  243. Mail Not getting to him
  244. Caller ID display is different now that he's at work release??
  245. how do i obtain cross necklace
  246. bright house?
  247. please help
  248. CFRC-East General Question
  249. Mail rules for Everglades CI??
  250. Can you use glue on any cards/letters anywhere in Florida?