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  1. I'm Looking For... Jose L. (Tito) Greponne - Connecticut
  2. CT Prisons- Need all basic information available
  3. How do they decide what prison you go to?
  4. Rumor: Prisons Closing???
  5. Who will be transferred?
  6. Specialist for seizures
  7. Where can I find DOC's address
  8. Dui- Where are they sent to serve their time?
  9. Inmate transfers
  10. What is prison life like in level 2 vs 3??
  11. He never received his boots
  12. What are my chances of getting to visit?
  13. Does anyone know what this means.....Absconder?
  14. Is anyone else experiencing mail delays?
  15. How do I get Visiting Info??
  16. Where can I find an inmate charges ?
  17. Ct inmates in Virginia being transferred?
  18. What is an approved Private residential by doc?
  19. Do you visit a Connecticut Prison?!
  20. Can I send my brother a phone card?
  21. Getting married in Connecticut
  22. CT getting rid of contact visits!!!!
  23. Returned Mail!!
  24. How do I find a friend in a Connecticut Prison?
  25. DOC changes
  26. Where to search for a specific police officer in CT??
  27. RE: How Do I Locate an Inmate's Address at York Correctional??
  28. Changes in Offense, less time?
  29. Connecticut Prisons
  30. No visits this week?
  31. Important Questions!!!
  32. Anyone know what facilities offer conjugal visits?
  33. Any information on ignition interlock device
  34. Time served basis
  35. Connecticut Department of Correction Policies
  36. Question about mailing to an inmate
  37. Collect calls from a Conneticut Prison
  38. Statute of limitations
  39. Question on charges procedures
  40. Vonage for phone service?
  41. How much time do yo think he will get ??
  42. Does CT have Picture Days?
  43. Possession w/ intent to sell questions
  44. Address of juvenile facility
  45. Shuttle bus Info to connecticut prisons ! cheap too !
  46. How much time is he looking at?
  47. Interstate transfer information needed
  48. How can I get to see him
  49. Have questions LO going to prison
  50. Mailing Sneakers and Boots to CT Prisons
  51. Can I speak with his counselor?
  52. Any other New Yorker Visiting at CT prison???
  53. How does the DOC determine what level an inmate is?
  54. Ignition Interlock Device
  55. What can you send to CT prisons
  56. How are CT prisons ran?
  57. What is on their commissary list?
  58. How long for approval?- visiting
  59. Who uses Tel Net
  60. Recieved letter from dept of public service
  61. Out of state transfer?
  62. What phone company do prisons use?
  63. Comissary List for YCI and what to have when going in!
  64. Do bra's set of detector at HCC or Bergin?
  65. Transferring to a different facility.
  66. Can Inmates Get Conjugal Visits
  67. Connecticut Inmate Locator
  68. Sending Money to a Connecticut Inmate
  69. Connecticut Department of Corrections Official Website
  70. I need info about sending mail. Whats allowed etc.
  71. CT prisons with full medical facilites
  72. Level changes
  73. Husband is transfering to CT, NEED ADVICE
  74. How long will it be before he's moved?
  75. Anyone know how I can get a Vistor Sheet
  76. Can you send mailing supplies?
  77. Why was he moved with such a short sentence
  78. Injured in Prison
  79. Collect calls- What phone company should I use?
  80. Differences in level 4 and a level 3
  81. Estimated release vs. release date
  82. Time served question
  83. Segregation
  84. DOC returning pictures
  85. Visiting info for Carl Robinson and Osborn facilities
  86. What can they be fined or ticketed for ?
  87. Connecticut Prison Transfer and Visitation
  88. Does Ct prison allow prison visit photos
  89. Magazines- How do I send them?
  90. I'm having a hard time writing letters
  91. We've been talking a lot. How high should I expect my phone bill to be?
  92. Visiting at Different Facilities.
  93. Visiting Shuttle
  94. CT:Correction System Capacity
  95. Helpful Links- Connecticut DOC
  96. CT: H.I.R.E. Resources & Assistance
  97. Sending a CT Inmate Money
  98. What all can you send?
  99. Free van service to CT prisons and mentoring programs for children of prisoners
  100. Here is the commissary list
  101. Can Connecticut Inmates Correspond with Texas Inmates?
  102. Inmate Transfer from California to Connecticut
  103. Community Service Agency in CT
  104. Can someone explain custody levels?
  105. DUI Question for state of CT
  106. Shelters or programs untill I can get in a Home
  107. Has Anyone Used The Prison Calls Online???
  108. Prisoners getting things
  109. Connecticut Legal Ethics
  110. Whats going on with the mail???
  111. Confused on phones and on inmate account for holidays
  112. "No Contact" Contact visits in CT
  113. Holiday Info on Packages
  114. Books - Helped me understand my husband more
  115. Anyone know about skooters at prisons???
  116. HELP me locate mens sweat pants with NO POCKETS
  117. Can a inmate have Contacts?
  118. Being cleared for visits
  119. Help please- Only one of us were allowed in to visit
  120. Need directions to Bergin
  121. Sending items to inmate
  122. I have questions about my husbands trial
  123. Is mail effected during lockdown?
  124. Is anyone else having trouble recieving mail?
  125. Going in for 6 months, couple questions...
  126. Price of Ct calls and PCO
  127. How do I get an inmate to sign a birth certificate?
  128. Mack car service to CT prisons!!!
  129. Hotels near Ashland
  130. Can you mail music cd's ?
  131. How do I get their photo?
  132. Special visit for out of State visitors??
  133. Sending books hard cover VS Paperback?
  134. What books have you sent to your man!!
  135. Special visits?
  136. How do I send a book???
  137. Magazines and art supplies
  138. What is the correct procedure when someone has a broken foot?
  139. How long does it take to get put on the phone list?
  140. Stamps for Indigent Inmates
  141. Where do we order packages from?
  142. Global TEl link
  143. Anyones loved one ever go for a sentence modification?
  144. Whats going on- Boyfriend transferred
  145. Segregation vs Solitary?
  146. Questions on charges
  147. So confused about the system
  148. What does it mean when someone is listed as re-entry?
  149. Help in finding job for ex-prisoner
  150. Time Until Approved?
  151. Public Defender and other things
  152. How do we send Holiday packages
  153. Financial Assistance for Inmats
  154. Mixed Messages - What can we really mail to an Inmate?
  155. Ex-Con Self-Employed??
  156. Traveling to CT
  157. Optimum Voice and Blocked Calls?
  158. Writing letters
  159. Ongoing phone issue - any help with GTL
  160. I am going to be incarcerated for 4 months
  161. Sign posted, visits cancelled. Info needed
  162. Where can I get a commissary list?
  163. How many pics can we send?
  164. When do they receive mail/ when can they use the phone?
  165. FYI about out of state visits
  166. All new to me!
  167. How many pages per 8x11 envelope?
  168. Are all Connecticut prisons on lockdown?
  169. Lockdown Over
  170. NHCCC commissary
  171. What if he did'nt get his books? What next
  172. They deleted his file from the system
  173. Is there any way I can visit?
  174. Son was in a fight and hospitalized please help.
  175. Help - anyone who knows the prison system
  176. New To The Site...Didnt know if it was better posted here!
  177. Telephone- Can I use Skype with a local number?
  178. Furloughs
  179. Ride Help to Brooklyn
  180. Can I use call forwarding?
  181. For people that are out of State
  182. I just want to be with my man....hmm don't we all?
  183. Questions about visiting dress code
  184. Dress code questions for visiting in CT?
  185. How much do calls cost?
  186. Question and Hello Ladies!
  187. Have an odd question, what is profile y?
  188. Need help sending mail to my boyfriend
  189. Cancelled visitation for the following prisons
  190. Send clothes & sweat pants?
  191. Totally NEW to the system & SCARED...
  192. Totally NEW to the system & SCARED...
  193. Is any of the Ct prison on lock down?
  194. Important Visitation Question
  195. Spousal Rights to Visitation
  196. Please read before you arrange to carpool/rideshare.
  197. Ssuspension of CLass A ticket and contact visit reinstation!!!
  198. Contact Visits Finally !! Im So Nervoussssss
  199. Children visiting
  200. Anyone heard anything about the holiday packages?
  201. Holiday Ideas
  202. Not on the visiting list- can I send books?
  203. Letter...finally
  204. Sending pictures to CT jail.
  205. Global Tel-Link
  206. Valentines Day
  207. How long does it take for an inmates phone list to be approved?
  208. Visiting Questions at Webster Facility
  209. Questions about webster
  210. Visitation Approval - How long does it take?
  211. Mail questions
  212. Can I take pics into a visit with me?
  213. Can I contact my LO's counselor?
  214. Sending t-shirts, socks boxers...
  215. New to site, general info - what to bring, what to expect
  216. How many on people can be on visitor list?
  217. Putting money on books - Western Union
  218. Can CT inmates recieve mail from out of state inmates?
  219. Newbie w/questions...Responses are much appreciated
  220. Does CT allow Conjugal visits???
  221. DOC questions!!!
  222. Many, Many Questions about receiving phone calls
  223. "Visiting Custody Forms" - Has anyone heard of this?
  224. My LO is on restriction-Need info please
  225. Forever with GTL
  226. Questions Re: Bringing our daughter to visit
  227. Any others besides GTL?
  228. We can send our loved ones photo albums
  229. Question about fiance's charge...
  230. What is the number that comes up on the caller ID when they call?
  231. Hardship Transfers?
  232. Habeas Appeals
  233. What can they order off of commissary?
  234. Protective Order was placed, how will I be able to visit?
  235. He went Back to jail on a technical violation?
  236. Shuttle bus to gates correctional from waterbury??
  237. Hate waiting for phone calls & mail
  238. Please help! How do we address this warrant?
  239. Look at what he sent me!
  240. Excited about visiting
  241. Why is my bf not listed on the inmate search website & setting up Western Union
  242. Looking for records- boyfriend not listed on inmate locator
  243. How to accept calls...?
  244. P.O Boxes can they write to one?
  245. Sentence For a Technical Violation?
  246. Does anyone know about this (visiting w/a misdemeanor?)
  247. Questions about suspended phone calls..
  248. Finally a phone call
  249. What do I need to know about sending magazines to my LO?
  250. First visit