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  1. Does anyone know if it is possible to actually **WIN** an appeal in Arkansas?
  2. My husband is gone and i have a question
  3. Questions about Females
  4. Hello - Friend In ADC
  5. Benton work release
  6. AR: H.I.R.E Resources and Assistance
  7. Questions regarding Appeals process in AR
  8. scared!!!!!! What Can I Expect?
  9. Financial aid for college courses
  10. Transition - Halfway Houses?
  11. Were Opening a used Book exchange (Questions)
  12. 70 Percent Law - reducing time
  13. im new to pto
  14. ADC??????his first offense
  15. Finding a Inmate
  16. Taking that first step~Grandson going to prison
  17. mailing to and from ADC... not getting through
  18. How does classification go at PB?
  19. Contraband in Washington County????
  20. Jef Co Jail/Corr Fac
  21. Work Release
  22. How long will my sentence be?
  23. 2008 Parole Dates???
  24. Son at Grimes
  25. RSVP Questions
  26. ADC Website
  27. Fines in Arkansas
  28. Department of Comunity Corrections
  29. Sentenced to 2yrs RPF need answers
  30. Has Anyone Heard of This - Expensive Medical Care?
  31. Time cut - What is it?
  32. agreement on detainers
  33. classification?????
  34. Can a Felon leave the Country to get married in another Country??
  35. Delta
  36. PE/TE Time
  37. Son's hot check/probation revocation
  38. Ordering medical records to be sent to Diagnostic
  39. "mandatory" 60-day hoe squad -- truly mandatory?
  40. Son Going To Texarkana - Any Advice
  41. Hoe Squad (shackled? 60 days? hours per day?)
  42. Diagnostic Unit - Phone calls allowed?
  43. Details of "hoe squad"
  44. It's so horrible for Inmates AND Families of Inmates...
  45. Please help!
  46. need help
  47. Medical contact info?
  48. What are the policies for Omega TVC?
  49. DOC Website information?
  50. Pal's Program at the Grimes Prison
  51. Why can't I find him listed on the ADC website?
  52. When You Get Your Adc Number How Long Before They Ship You To Adc Prison
  53. what to expect
  54. Another Question..
  55. many questions
  56. Ruels on gettin out of prison/
  57. I have another question..
  58. detainers??
  59. Intake Question
  60. EPA questions
  61. Question about transferring
  62. Hey Everyone! Very new to this/Question about Texarkana RCF
  63. Suggestions for finding a job post release ON PAROLE?
  64. Questions regarding work release. Pelase help!
  65. GED classes, are they necessary if graduate?
  66. Drivers License reinstatement question, . . .
  67. Contact with Warden(s)
  68. ADC Guide for Family and Friends
  69. waiting in washington county jail, how hard is it to get into bootcamp when eligible
  70. Call this number to check lockdown status
  71. Completely Clueless
  72. EPA Information
  73. What is ADC Bond?
  74. How to get a transfer to another prison
  75. How could this happen?
  76. Questions about the RSVP program
  77. HELP !!! Question re: Cummins Unit (Arkansas)
  78. Is there a difference in RFP and ADC?
  79. Vinelink accuracy?
  80. Son sent to Texarkana for intake? Is that right?
  81. Husband in jail...needing help
  82. EPA for Females?
  83. Wrightville boot camp
  84. Bootcamp questions? I can answer your questions!
  85. Why does the family have to wait so long to find out the results of parole hearings?
  86. What is the difference between Classification 1C and 1B?
  87. New to the system have questions
  88. New here, & have Questions about classification
  89. Needing help with TE Dates and credit for jail time served.
  90. Restraining Order Weird, bad question perhaps?
  91. Inmate Classification Question
  92. last EPA kickout?
  93. Ar state police
  94. Classification Question
  95. I'm new and in desperate need of help PLEASE! (Will he get jail time?)
  96. ADC Commisary Form
  97. What happens during diagnostics?
  98. Any experience w/ the chaplain at Malvern?
  99. Pal program
  100. What is a "tight house" in the Community Correction Center?
  101. Parole violation
  102. question about wedding bands in Ar prison
  103. classification 1-c-What does it mean?
  104. How do I contact the Chaplain at Tucker?
  105. What does it mean to 309?
  106. Is boot camp mandatory?
  107. Is boot camp mandatory?
  108. Needing a specific ADC phone number/address...please help
  109. Need info Re: Delta Regional Unit
  110. Texarkana RPF
  111. Question about Clemency process
  112. Question regarding release dates
  113. Is there a website where you can find out when someone's parole hearing is?
  114. 11 days left - Whats going to happen?
  115. Took the Plea, Now What??
  116. Satp
  117. Arkansas Sex Offender Assessment Question
  118. Does anyone know about release from the pinbluff Community correction center 4 women?
  119. Waiting for a bed at the Delta Unit I Arkanas how long??
  120. Mutiple charges question
  121. texarcana RCF someone please tell me a little about it?
  122. Has anyone went to trial in arkansas on sex charge and won
  123. Whats the difference between RPF in texarkana AR. and RCF? Please
  124. I have a question about class y felony and 50 percent law
  125. What i did was wrong but need help!
  126. Lets start taking action for prison reform in AR!
  127. Where can I find women pen-pals for AR?
  128. WTF! He's in Brickeys and hasn't even been to court yet!
  129. Hoe Squad
  130. Failed bootcamp attempt!
  131. Special Program Unit
  132. RPF vs Arkansas PRISON
  133. Help understanding classification
  134. Domestic Violent offenders
  135. Rpf inmates-Is there a website inmate locator?
  136. I have health issues and sentenced to boot camp! CAN ANYONE HELP? (Old Post)
  137. I am in Florida my Fiance is in Arkansas
  138. Pics in Diagnostics
  139. Whats theCost of a Hobby Craft Card
  140. How much time do you have to do on a ten year sentence?
  141. Address for East AR Max Unit?
  142. How can I help him get through this?
  143. Health Codes?
  144. Need answers if someone knows/EPA kickout
  145. Brother is in AR boot camp-- questions!
  146. Will He Have To Serve Full Sentence?
  147. ANY info greatly appreciated! Texarkana RCF and disciplinary actions?
  148. Medical question
  149. Together we CAN!
  150. New Sentencing Guidelines?
  151. Class 1B
  152. Need Info on Time Clemency
  153. Concerns over violence/sex at Grimes
  154. Can someone help me thanks
  155. Can anyone help me...PE/TE
  156. PE/TE Date?
  157. Does anyone know about this? Calculating time
  158. Time in Arkansas prison system
  159. Pen Pal at Varner Supermax - HI ALL
  160. Need info on Omega Technical Violater Center in Malvern Arkansas
  161. Signed Plea Deal, Heading to ADC
  162. How to get a divorce in prison
  163. ADC Bond?
  164. New here and new to all of this. Stupid question..
  165. Question about Parole or release?
  166. Class M2 ?? anyone know what this is?
  167. Commisary Question? REal Quick..
  168. Questions: Do I buy his bus ticket home etc?
  169. Pregnant and going to RPF.. What will happen?
  170. Can I send request letter to Diag. Intake before inmate arrives?
  171. How long will it be before my husband goes to his Prison Unit?
  172. Want to know how long he will serve.
  173. EPA in arkansas
  174. Questions about to this and looking for some help
  175. Good time - do they give time off for being a trustee?
  176. !!!Need case specific info!!!
  177. Where can I get the Arkansas prisoner handbook?
  178. Hubby had to turn himself in at 8 pm tonight :(((
  179. What does pe date and te date mean?
  180. When will he come home?
  181. How to change Prison
  182. Help me please - need Brickey email address
  183. New laws for actual time to have to serve?
  184. Forrest City lock down?
  185. Arkansas Prison Time?
  186. Lost needing guidance - how can he appeal his case
  187. What does 1c mean?
  188. RCF vs ADC
  189. ADC cummins,Grimes,Benton etc...anybody have some one there???
  190. Pica / Pices gangs in the prison my husband is in...
  191. How much good time is usually transferred to prison?
  192. Epa
  193. ADC Computer Screw-up with PE/TE date...HELP!!
  194. Confused & Scared - my man took a hit off a joint and got UAed
  195. How much time is actually served on a 3 year sentence?
  196. Help finding my loved one
  197. DCC/RCF Pine Bluff-Women
  198. Rpf please help
  199. Serving Time, too
  200. Son on Interstate Compact and picked up on warrant in TN. What happens now
  201. Why would my loved one be moved from Varner Unit to Supermax?
  202. 24 mo with 31 days credit, how long will she serve? and other questions.
  203. Confused / What is/isn't a violent crime in Arkansas?
  204. Moved to Intake
  205. How often do PE/TE Dates change?
  206. How do I calculate time?
  207. Crawford County
  208. Wrightsville Unit/How does the SATP program work?
  209. Calculating good time
  210. New any help with the 70% and time out
  211. Is possession of drugs/firearm "violent" crime? How long is 1/6 of 10 yrs?
  212. Boyfriend in county, how do I go about getting him transferred to ADC?
  213. Randall L. Williams, PE/TE date before Parole hearing? Confused in Ark.
  214. Wrightsville information Please help!
  215. How Much Time Is My Fiance Looking At?
  216. 309 program PLEASE COMMENT!
  217. My son hit the EPA kickout need some info
  218. Can anyone explain how 70% law works?
  219. Ouachita- River Unit