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  1. Rules for Visits in Florida & Arizona
  2. Juvenile Offender Advocate
  3. Arizona - Law for Kids
  4. Enlightenment Needed - Mail Rules
  5. How do I locate a ADC inmate?
  6. A Couple Questions
  7. Can Arizona inmates recieve Care Packages?
  8. Interstate Compact From AZ?
  9. Anyone going to Tucson to visit? (looking to carpool)
  10. BOP meeting in Phoenix
  11. *Please help* Don't know how to locate my loved one
  12. Need a place to stay?
  13. Is there anyone in the Safford-Thatcher area?
  14. Prison Reform Unity Project Day in Arizona
  15. Cost of calls from Winslow?
  16. ASPC-Winslow Rideshare??
  17. Need info on Tucson FCI, please help
  18. What can I send to a inmate?
  19. "Drug Court" in Yavapai County
  20. Medical Treatment in Prison
  21. New Arrival in Prison - How to check on them?
  22. Please Help Me...can I stop them from sending my son Out of State?
  23. Pics Of Inmate
  24. Shuttle to Florence
  25. Questions about phone and visitation list?
  26. Is black denim ok at visitation?
  27. Looking for someone in the ADC
  28. MY HUSBAND IS TRAPPED IN COUNTY> Consecutive or Current
  29. Phone Issues !!!
  30. Boyfriend at Arizona State Prison Winslow. Looking to share ride and expenses
  31. Another clothing question (for visitation)
  32. Need help with visitation in Arizona
  33. Are they starting to take pictures again at visitation?
  34. Going to visit in three days
  35. Need ride from CA - Florence-Eyman Unit, AZ
  36. I need help/calls
  37. Arizona mail question
  38. Does anyone know about statute of limitations?
  39. Mail is slower in December
  40. Question about Interstate Compact
  41. Need a ride for visitation to Arizona State Prison Complex - Florence?
  42. Changing poor treatment of inmates
  43. Anyone In Mesa, Arizona? (looking to carpool)
  44. Getting approved for visitation
  45. How long will it take to find out where he was transferred?
  46. Take A Look at this useful website
  47. Homemade Valentine Cards
  48. Cost of Calls from Florence to Phoenix
  49. Question about inmates in Texas?
  50. Anyone heard about transfers to Oklahoma?
  51. Can you send a cassette with recorded music?
  52. Link to the ADC website
  53. Prison Calls Online (Tele-Net)
  54. The thens and nows of the ADC
  55. Visitation application, I need Info!
  56. Ok to send provocative pictures?
  57. Do they forward letters to inmates?
  58. Today I Was Approved for visit!!!!!
  59. Post Card to my Baby...
  60. Information for state transfers as of 3/12/2004
  61. Western Union for inmate accounts ??
  62. Can I give him a chain at visitation?
  63. Joeysgirl..what ever happened at your visit ??????
  64. Help on Halfway houses in Phoenix area
  65. I contacted a Newspaper about transfers and conditions in Newton ...they want a story
  66. Arizona Legal Links & Resource Info
  67. Can you send in... Stationary stuff?
  68. Anyone have inside info on psych. evals. and medication in prison?
  69. Safford-Tonto Unit (looking to carpool)
  70. I Can't Wait Until Next Monday!! (They are having a "special" holiday visit at Lewis)
  71. SAD - Letter sent back for "nude photo of children"
  72. The Real Scoop on the Riot in Ok!!!
  73. Need info on Florence (Central or Smu ?)
  74. Another Question About Bibles -Advice from anyone on this!
  75. Newton Correctional Facility Contract
  76. Douglas Visit (looking to carpool)
  77. Newton County Tx??????
  78. Husband in Lewis - hassling me about mail
  79. Fans in prison/ Questions about purchases
  80. Sending Books/Magazines/CD's Q&A
  81. Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  82. Anyone Who Has Gotten Married In Tucson??
  83. Wanna go to Newton County,Tx? (looking to carpool)
  84. What Shoes Do They Wear in prison?
  85. Sending Music Q&A
  86. GED help in Arizona
  87. Very Important: What Are Your Units Doing For July 4th Visits???
  88. Anyone visiting Florence, East Unit...This Saturday 6/19/04
  89. Phone Bills From Newton County, Texas????
  90. The Best Letter!!!
  91. Finally a Petition for CDs!
  92. FCI-Phoenix Female Camp info request
  93. Hookers Isn't Sheriff Joe's only problem WARNING R rated video
  94. Supreme Court Ruling!!!!
  95. Newton County Contract
  96. Newton County Trip In Sept
  97. Anyone have a loved one in Douglas? (looking to carpool)
  98. High Cost of Telephone Calls
  99. Visitation in Florence, Arizona (looking to carpool)
  100. Trip to Douglas (looking to carpool)
  101. Where do I find Inmate mugshots?
  102. Need help on mailing something to Winslow
  103. Contact AMW/John Walsh RE: His support of Sheriff Arpaio
  104. ADOC-need help understanding
  105. Who to call about his score?? Help!
  106. Cost of writing materials
  107. Do they alow conjugal visits in Az State prisons?
  108. Looking for someone who visits Central unit (looking to carpool)
  109. Finding him an appeal lawyer in Arizona.
  110. Anyone had experience with Interstate Compact process?
  111. My visit at Newton, TX
  112. Sharing Costs to go to Oklahoma
  113. 2A Investigations
  114. How do they lower alcohol score?
  115. Does anyone visit in Yuma and want to carpool?
  116. Arizona - You know places to stay during the visiting days? It has to be cheap! :-
  117. Care Packages Q&A
  118. AZ State ASPC visitation list/misdemeanor charge
  119. I sent contraband-mail restrictions?
  120. Are we allowed to contact inmate's Caseworker?
  121. Inmate wants to contact the media in AZ
  122. Can anyone help me see my husband in Buckeye, PLease!
  123. Ordering audio cassette tapes for inmates
  124. Florence Arizona, I need a place to stay during my visit (international:-)
  125. Questions about rule8: Quick and Speedy Trial
  126. Arizona meetings for loved ones of Sex Offenders!
  127. How do I obtain his records for him
  128. Advice needed on sending money to pen-pal
  129. ADC Website?
  130. Arizona Inmate...His Jail Journal
  131. Check out the ADC Web Site
  132. Anybody still have loved ones at Newton Texas private Prison? mail problems?
  133. Reasons why mail would be investigated
  134. Visit Arizona for the first time... AAahhhh..
  135. How to get mugshots
  136. Well...ANOTHER term for Joe...
  137. Something to Mail
  138. Transferring out of state
  139. T-netix for phone calls in AZ?
  140. Victim Denied Visitation
  141. Conjugal Visits in Arizona Prison's
  142. Letters being returned From AZ prison
  143. What does "detainee" mean on the Doc website?
  144. Visiting my son for Thanksgiving - Finally
  145. Question about inmate mail
  146. Hustling in Arizona Prisons
  147. I got to see my baby today!!!! :)
  148. Does anyone have information about Interstate Compacts?
  149. How long does it take to get approval for a phone number?
  150. Arizona Jail's! letters from Inmates
  151. Does anyone know the re-arrest rate for Maricopa County?
  152. How long does it take for visitation approval?
  153. Brother New in Federal in AZ - looking for letters
  154. Can you use Prison Calls Online with the ADC?
  155. Questions about TB at Arizona's Estrella Jail
  156. How do I get off the visitor list?
  157. Are adult magazines allowed?
  158. Did anyone else read the article about proposing new beds?
  159. Looking for information about collect call rates
  160. Arizona Prisoners & Families Dealing with CPS
  161. It's The CO's Dope Not Mine!
  162. Finally got to visit PP for the first time
  163. Change of Name - ADC process?
  164. Are you allowed to give a back massage at visit?
  165. Travel Tips to AZ?
  166. Need Info. for Yuma Arizona Prison and carpool info
  167. 2005/Criminal Justice Bills
  168. The two guys in my life gone...anyone want to carpool?
  169. Need help finding a appeal case
  170. Confused about classification
  171. How do you write a Motion to stay mandate?
  172. Why is it taking so long for an Interstate Compact?
  173. How long does it take for the appeal process?
  174. DOC email reply....
  175. Restitution Inquiry
  176. What mail order catalogs can inmates receive?
  177. Dental Care while in Prison
  178. Drug Scans and prescription drugs
  179. Question about the phone process
  180. Are you notified when you are removed from visitation list?
  181. Visiting AZ. Madison St NOC on Easter
  182. I Finally Got To See My Man!
  183. I'm visiting my son for the first time since Thanksgiving
  184. Free mags or publications for inmates
  185. What is the process for Special Visits?
  186. Has anyone had Judge David Talamante?
  187. How do I get taken off the visitor's list in Arizona?
  188. Dog Programs in Arizona Prisons?
  189. Movements in Arizona Prisons??
  190. Does anyone have information about Inmate Phone Calls?
  191. Can you recieve mail in the Hole??
  192. Banning out of country collect calls in AZ for DR inmates????
  193. Anyone visit Florence East Unit? South side? (looking to carpool)
  194. Headed to Oklahoma! Will be away 4/22-4/24
  195. What is the policy about sending Correspondance/audio tape
  196. Question about phone calls from Lewis?
  197. Frustrated about the Out-of-State moves!
  198. Transferring an inmate to another state/Interstate Compact
  199. What phone company does the ADC use?
  200. Does anyone have any information about renouncing and debriefing?
  201. Question about wedding bands at Max Facilities
  202. Questions about visitation list...visiting 2 inmates at once
  203. What does inmate mail labled RTS mean?
  204. AZ Juvenile Correctional Facilities
  205. Are lipstick kisses allowed on letters?
  206. Anyone traveling to Pecos, Texas?
  207. Where To Find Information On Court Records?
  208. Will staffing impact visitation?
  209. Question about "titles" of court hearings
  210. Are sandals allowed at visitation?
  211. Would anyone like to carpool to Texas?
  212. Visiting my son this weekend
  213. Question for either CO's of ADOC or someone who knows alot!
  214. What is the policy on sending nude pictures?
  215. Getting better rates for Arizona Phone Calls
  216. Private Run Prisons In Az
  217. Quick Question about calling cards in AZ Prisons
  218. Reporting unsafe environment to the Health Department
  219. Any one want to carpool to Tucson?
  220. Movement after Reclass
  221. Inmates In Az Private Prisons
  222. New Classification System/General Discussion Thread
  223. ASPC-Eyman, Rynning unit/moves from Tucson to Florence
  224. Getting collect calls from a prison in Arizona...
  225. Alhambra info needed
  226. Paying for electricity and this normal???
  227. Anyone with a man in Lewis, ASPC? (looking to carpool)
  228. Feeling Ignorant About Tattoos - Any of you have knowledge?
  229. Anyone have new info about the new classification system?
  230. How do you find out what unit someone is in?
  231. Live in S. CALIF need to visit ASPC-Tucson
  232. Visitation (Only got approved for 1 day of a special visit)
  233. What happens to inmates property when transfered to another federal facility?
  234. Need a ride to Florence, AZ
  235. Carpool To Florence?
  236. Here's who to write to in AZ government
  237. Rules for Music Tapes in Arizona Prisons
  238. Anyone heard of a John Levy, an Appeal Attorney?
  239. Anyone know any case law re: proving priors in AZ
  240. Special Visit
  241. Visitation Ideas In Arizona
  242. Need To Vent About Visitation
  243. Questions or comments regarding theft by control or possesion of stolen property
  244. Are Tattoos Legal in Prison?
  245. What are the rules for sending photo's?
  246. How to talk to your legislators-seminar in Tucson
  247. How often does your loved ones' unit take pictures?
  248. Can I send a wedding band thru the mail?
  249. Carpool to ASPC-Winslow
  250. Anyone have a loved one transferred from another state to AZ?