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  1. On my way
  2. Diesel Therapy
  3. Question About Earning Good Time
  4. Federal Prison Camp, Texas
  5. Understanding the Federal Pre-sentence Investigation Report
  6. Update on DigggerD8 Fed Beaumont Camp
  7. divorced by the bop
  8. H.R. 5296>to revive the system of parole for FEDERAL PRISONERS
  9. Educational Programs in Federal Prison
  10. Federal lockdown
  11. Bill To Recieve Parole For Federal Inmates In Congress, It Needs Your Support!!
  12. Bill To Recieve Parole For Federal Inmates In Congress It Needs Your Help!!
  13. Which Federal Prison or Detention Center is your loved one at?
  14. Help for Federal Prisoners and Families
  15. Information on Federal Facility...Fort Dix...Help!
  16. Christmas with the feds
  17. Another Holiday Season
  18. Visitation Rules USP Pollock
  19. Revised regulations on incoming publications
  20. Questions on visitation
  21. The BOP is at it again!
  22. Being turned down on your loved ones visiting list
  23. A central location in Atlanta Georgia for Money Orders
  24. Phone priveleges while in "Da Hole"
  25. Bringing in a New Year.....remembering what was introduced in 2002
  26. Federal Pardons and Sentence Reductions
  27. Freed From Prison, but Still Paying a Penalty
  28. Return Parole to Federal Prisoners!!!
  29. Transfers
  30. Federal Halfway House changes
  31. can federal inmates request transfers??
  32. White-Collar Criminals Find Less Favor with Feds
  33. New Proposed Sentencing Guidelines
  34. The BOP & Half Way House Policy
  35. Federal Prison Consultants????
  36. Prisoners get hit by new rules
  37. Increasing Good Time For Federal Prisoners
  38. Last Minute Transfer - I need Help
  39. Federal joints
  40. What to expect
  41. Any and all information of Federal Prisons
  42. Federal Prison Camps
  43. visitations at camps
  44. FED-Cure Newsletter for Inmates
  45. How long can a person be "in transit"???
  46. what happens next
  47. Federal Medical Centers
  48. federal minimum security for women
  49. Yankton Prison Camp - South Dakato
  50. draft legislation on capital hill 032603
  51. Legislation on Proposed 50 Hour Work Week for Federal Inmates
  52. Finding Info On Federal Inmates
  53. Dublin Female Camp
  54. Dublin Federal Prison Camp
  55. Feeney Amendment--Sentencing Practices Part 1
  56. Feeney Amendment--Sentencing Practices Part 2
  57. Fpc Lompoc Info
  58. usp pollock rules
  59. USP Atwater and Victorville, CA
  60. reducing time in the fed system
  61. Ionic scanner AKA Drug Sniffer in prisons
  62. FMC Devens MA - Need information on this prison
  63. Civil Court Hearings - Have to go to them?
  64. Visiting Prisoners at Federal Institutions FAQ's
  65. Federal Prison Industries reform introduced
  66. F. B.I. Investigations
  67. What facilities offer what?
  68. security level designation change?
  69. Questions and Need Advice
  70. Fci Lompoc- Dorms Or Cells?
  71. Will my husband get close to us?
  72. Need a little Help here! Writing Memorandum in support of 2255 Motion
  73. need info on 2 federal prison in colorado
  74. He is living it up in Leavenworth!
  75. New rules for sending money to (SOME) Federal prisoners!!!!!!!!
  76. Anyone been to FPC Nellis before?
  77. FCI Lompoc
  78. koolaidmomgrace in Iowa...
  79. Whats after federal sentencing?
  80. drug testing
  81. If anyone has any info on Florence FCI Prison Camp!?!?!
  82. Federal Camps in Florida
  83. myhoney from Indiana-- federal good-time 65%?
  84. federal good-time 65%
  85. federal good-time 65%
  86. Visitation Question
  87. My Fiance' Is In FCI Petersburg-medium Facility In Virginia
  88. Mom (ToniB) says "Steve is RIGHT!"
  89. Leavenworth USP Visitatin
  90. fed'l parole
  91. Info on several federal prison camps
  92. Looking for visiting room info on USP Lewisburg
  93. Federal Medium Facility
  94. Here we go again
  95. ICC Boot Camp VS. RDAP
  96. Working for free for the feds...
  97. Whats it like to be married in a federal prison?
  98. BOP out placement of inmates
  99. Questions about Reception
  100. what states have federal boot camps?
  101. Federal vs State?
  102. USP Leavensworth
  103. What is Team Review?
  104. What is "Team Review"?
  105. med. v high security
  106. Athens, Alabama plant to benefit from UNICOR withdrawal
  107. federal phone system
  108. has anybody been to florence, colorado?
  109. new here- Life in Fed Minimum facilities
  110. Elkton, FCI - Need Info - New to PTO
  111. Suppliments ... are they available?
  112. I am new here and wanted to get some info on FCI in Milan, MI
  113. FCI Ray Brook
  114. help please? a federal question??
  115. Has anybody heard of the Feds permitting one to serve their sentence like this?
  116. Calling a Cell phone number
  117. Mail Problem???
  118. Federal Prison Consultants - Has anybody ever heard of this site / service?
  119. Advice and support needed for jcbw4 NOW
  120. Need info! Fed work camps?? tessa from Illinois
  121. time frame
  122. FCI Pekin (males) Help!
  123. Who Do I Write????
  124. New to PTO with questions
  125. what is supervised release?>?/./.?
  126. Husband's Sentencing
  127. What is the point system?
  128. Collect call block?
  129. how do they count the phone minutes?
  130. Please Help
  131. FMC Lexington - Need Info
  132. central processing in Oklahoma City
  133. conditions at Ashland?
  134. conflicting money issues
  135. USDB - Leavenworth
  136. Social security Disability
  137. Federal Prison Camps in SC
  138. I need help - I'm lost.........Atlanta USP
  139. Time off for good behavior?
  140. Amending Prior Sentence/Reduce Current One
  141. hi if im a level 36 in federal how many months am i looking at
  142. FCI Camp Beaumont?
  143. How can that be?
  144. Camp Info
  145. My Man is Married
  146. Does anyone know Johnnie Walters?? Age 24?
  147. Fci Coleman Med
  148. USP Coleman, Florida
  149. Designation
  150. a simple divorce procedure?
  151. Miminal-Southern CA Fed CAMPS
  152. it's too long to hold someone in the S.H.U.!!
  153. LEE USP in Jonesville, VA
  154. What's it like at Nellis FPC?
  155. Info available for 18 Fed Prisons
  156. Anything about Federal Prison???
  157. family member too far from home.
  158. I need to know about Federal Medical Facility
  159. Amendment to increase federal good time...U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Houston
  160. new and scared
  161. USP Atlanta
  162. Good Behavior Time?
  163. does anybody know anything about yankton SD. fedral camp?
  164. New And Need Help
  165. A few questions about the Federal (BOP) reception process
  166. info on yankton fpc?
  167. Conjugal Visits In Fed. Prisons
  168. Rumors
  169. Phone Card Prices
  170. Federal Prison Reform act
  171. Need Sheridan Oregon Camp & Seatac Info-Which Better?
  172. Atwater Camp
  173. Married in a Federal Prison?
  174. scared of more charges!!!
  175. self surrender
  176. Any experience with this sentence?
  177. Visitation in federal camps
  178. Visitation and point system
  179. The Process of Getting Visitation
  180. As of 8/1/03 40,078 Signatures Collected
  181. Transfers
  182. Conjugal visits in the federal system
  183. Leavenworth USP - What GIFTS can/cannot be sent??
  184. BOP paying HIS fine with MY money
  185. Husband moved
  186. Security Levels of Prisons
  187. What to do if visiting is denied?
  188. Half Way House
  189. What steps to take to get married in Fed Prison
  190. Guilty Plea "promises" Not Kept By (AUSA's) Assistant U.S. Attorney's
  191. Federal phone system
  192. Are First time non violent drug offenders get long sentencings?>
  193. Please Help (Haven't Heard from Federal Inmate)
  194. List of new Federal Prisons under planning or construction or about to open.
  195. Furloughs?
  196. Federal plea agreement ?
  197. this forum is hopping!
  198. Rule 35??
  199. I started off in Pekin the went to tallahassee, then the fed gals went to Fluvanna
  200. Supreme Court Justice Kennedy favors scrapping Mandatory Minimums!!!
  201. I should have known better :(
  202. Do all new prisoners go into segregation?
  203. Does mail get forwarded?
  204. how much time.....
  205. Supreme Court Judge Criticizes Sentencing Guidelines
  206. Any info on the camp outside USP Atwater
  207. I am new to this (he is in FCI Milan Michigan)
  208. What is the appropiate clothing for visits?
  209. Medical Neglect Report / Stories - Federal Bearau of Prisons Inmates
  210. HELP!!! Self-Surrender to USP MARION for 20 month sentence????
  211. Incoming Aba President Dennis W. Archer Calls On Lawyers To Evaluate Nation's Prison
  212. What is a rule 35b? (Snitching while in prison for reduction in time!)
  213. USP Victorville - when will it open?
  214. Have any of you guys have heard of "FreedomWorks"?
  215. "Old Law" BOP Prisoners
  216. aarrgghh frustration
  217. USP Lewisburg
  218. Husband STUCK in county jail
  219. BOP meeting in Phoenix
  220. Is Good Time Added In Projected Release Date
  221. drug offender with house arrest?
  222. drug and alcohol program
  223. No More Half-way Houses
  224. sentencing tomorrow!
  225. Should I Tell Her???
  226. Beckely FCI Visitation Problems
  227. New USP opening
  228. Waiting on a call
  229. info about Lompoc Ca
  230. Parenting Program at Sheridan FCI
  231. Victim Impact Workshop
  232. How long have you waited until you've went to court and been sentenced?
  233. Question on sentencing ...
  234. Money Orders
  235. Letters of Character a good Idea?
  236. Questions about RDAP????
  237. to all, long drive - prison lockdown = no visit
  238. 300 Minutes
  239. federal system (Re-offended, back to Fed or State?)
  241. Professors With a Past, NY Times
  242. Justice Criticizes Sentencing Guidelines , Washington Post
  243. When Sentences Don't Make Sense, Washington Post
  244. 2 years to sentance
  245. Just sentences require judicial discretion
  246. Harsh sentences fail America
  247. Legal doesn't always mean wise and just , SF Chronicle
  248. Let Judges Be Judges, Editorial LA Times
  249. Sample Letter, to write your local television stations and Newspapers.
  250. Sentencing and given too much time, that doesn't fit the crime.