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  1. New NY Parloe Commissioners
  2. Parole in New York - help
  3. Merit Time
  4. early release for nys 1st time violent felon
  5. NY Budget Includes Early Release for 1,300 Inmates
  6. Release Date!
  7. Work release
  8. work release program
  9. work release again!
  10. Workshop tp assist in preparing for Parole Hearing
  12. Work Release in NY
  13. Is the 65% law comming back?
  14. Parole Hearing Date
  15. Release proceedures
  16. Presumptive Release program
  17. Presumptive Release program in NY
  18. denied after an appeal
  19. Parole and house trailers
  20. My b/f didn't get parole
  21. Earliest Release day
  22. Had a visit from the Parole Officer today
  23. re: inmate release
  24. early release date ny state
  25. Conditional release
  26. Will this affect his parole?
  27. RMU's, Lack of Programs & Parole Denials
  28. Flat Bid
  29. Time Allowance Committiee
  30. Work Release
  31. A Parole question
  32. Challenging Parole Denial Through Article 78 Proceeding
  33. site to allow all ex-offenders (n.y.) to express their thoughts and feelings on any..
  34. Is he telling the truth about his release date?
  35. Prayers and postive thoughts please!
  36. Preumptive release from priosn: How can get it & How
  37. support letters
  38. work release?
  39. He is coming home 6/10!!!!
  40. Wait Stop Here Need Help and ADVICE
  41. Parole In NY -- Don't Count On It
  42. early release
  43. Phony Reports To The Parole Board
  44. Help On Work Release
  45. EARLY release from PAROLE
  46. *WorK Release Program*
  47. questions dealing with the brooklyn parole dept????
  48. 65% bill in New York, does anyone know about it?
  49. i need parole info asap
  50. Does anyone's spouse have an upcoming parole hearing? (New York)
  51. Parole: Open Release Date
  52. Work Release (New York)
  53. How to Prepare for the Parole Board in New York
  54. Parole being approved
  55. Parole/DOCS Facts-
  56. Who Has Experience with Work, Temp Release?
  57. Interstate Compact Agreement
  58. Parole in New York Questions, Answers, Experiences
  59. Appellate Process for Parole Hearings
  60. duce club
  61. PArole question
  62. New York Prison Flat Bids and Sentencing Q & A
  63. Documents to prepare for parole
  64. help with parole and time corrections is this right
  66. UPdate on husbands parole hearing
  67. What to Expect When PO Comes to the House to Check it Out???
  68. Bub called needs address!
  69. Parole Board decision...
  70. Info on Parolees
  71. up comming hearing
  72. If he is denied parole, what happens?
  73. Work Release, Merit Time
  74. Poopsie Got Parole !!!!!
  75. Parole approved my home!!
  76. Article 78 in New York
  77. Tuesday is the day... Prayers Needed!!
  78. How do you prepare for Work Release?
  79. I need some advice on my case, I am on Probabtion
  80. How to arrange for post-release Transfer out of State?? HELP
  81. What Time Are Inmates Usually Released?
  82. Can they transfer his parole to NY?
  83. pardons in new york?
  84. My Fiance's Parole is next week
  85. my p.o wont let me see my husband
  86. First Parole Hearing IN April, NY
  87. parole board meeting
  88. Certificate of earned eligibilty.
  89. desperate for phone number /halfway house, he was in Devons.
  90. parole hearing
  91. Mid Orange Parole....Depressing
  92. *NEW YORK~Is he going to the Parole Board? Check in*
  93. Shelters/Halfway Houses New York
  94. He made parole automatically!!
  95. New Legislation Coming Up Concerning Post Supervision Release?
  96. New York - Appeal of Parole denial?
  97. Prayer Requests. Hubby's Parole Hearing in 2 days! (7/20/05)
  98. Anyone have 3rd Parole Board meeting?
  99. ~When he is *Coming Home* to New York...~
  100. Has anyone ever heard of a "prison year"? (10 months)
  101. Release type? what does it mean?
  102. The appeal decision came
  103. Hit Again at the Parole Board!!
  104. How can I get him released to me on Parole?
  105. New York Parole questions
  106. Things they are looking for at Parole Board
  107. New York Parole Officials Impede Rahabilitation While Screwing Katrina Victims
  108. Are there any programs that my boyfriend Can be eligible for to lesson sentence?
  109. No Good News...Parole
  110. He went to the board
  111. Time Allowance Committee
  112. Getting paroled out of state
  113. Parole hearing on parole violation? (New York)
  114. How long will he have to do in NY?
  115. Question about Conditional Release from New York prison
  116. Made His Merit - Coming Home From Altona
  117. How does Article 78 work?
  118. probation violation
  119. Early Termination of Probation??
  120. Help....rules for probation
  121. How much time do you actually serve?
  122. Any in NY have their PO changed out of the blue?
  123. Does the time he spends detained count towards his sentence??
  124. Parole officer came & went...
  125. What is a Prison Year?
  126. I'm confused about Time and Parole
  127. Conditional Release Date (CR DATE)
  128. If I am on Probation can I visit a NYS Prison ?
  129. Having issue with him getting paroled to our home
  130. Not getting parole
  131. I will be on probation as of feb 1st
  132. Work Release Program?
  133. Anyone have a good story from the board?
  134. Anyone heard about violent offenders class action over rejection of parole?
  135. He got too much time, post release question?
  136. Jobs for Ex-Inmates Available in NYC
  137. help me understand the board? Anybody paroled with Violent felony
  138. Work release/presumptive release questions
  139. NY STATE Parole Guidelines statute
  140. very confused about merit and work release, please help
  141. POLL: Is parole reform needed in NY?
  142. Does my time on house arrest count towards my probation
  143. Determinate Sentence Chart
  144. Home Inspecton... Will My Dogs Be a Problem
  145. NY-Volunteering/Working - What does "The Parole Board" think?
  146. Boyfriend(sole provider) arrested on Prob violation
  147. How long is parole when released on CR?
  148. Need help on transfering my probabtion to another state?
  149. Rehab as condition of parole????
  150. Rescission hearing for merit board
  151. Med vs Max Security - it's affect on parole?
  152. Supervised Release
  153. Questions about time
  154. Will he be denied Work Release if he has an order of protection against him???
  155. Question about how hearings work
  156. On parole, can they get a drivers license?
  157. Going to the parole board tomorrow!
  158. Revocation Hearing.... How Long Can They Hold You
  159. when will they move him (for parole hearing)
  160. Any knowledgeable people concerning Work Release??
  161. Can they be paroled to another state?
  162. Chances Of Being Paroled
  163. writing a letter for a Parole Board Hearing
  164. important question for probation in nyc ARMS unit worried sick
  165. Parole?
  166. Confused about CR
  167. Paroled in one State but charges in another state?
  168. Coalition of Families of NYS Lifers
  169. **NEW YORK~Before You Ask about How Much Time He/She Will Serve...Read Here**
  170. How bad does going to the Box affect his earliest release date? What is the Box?
  171. Early release from parole when I violated parole?
  172. I don't understand how much time he will do
  173. Parole Appeal Decisions...Do courts have a deadline?
  174. NY Parole Hearing - Why do they need his BC and SSN card?
  175. He signed out of the ASAT program, questions?
  176. Questions about Work Release programs??
  177. What is Certificate of Relief?
  178. Preparing for his release!! Excited and have Questions
  179. he might not get paroled here because im on probation how true is this
  180. Contesting parole? HELP!!
  181. Program info and Work Release Info needed
  182. time already served
  183. Paroled to Home of Girlfriend As Opposed to Wife
  184. Parole Board in New York State
  185. How many see the board in one day?
  186. When Does He Need to Give Address of home to be paroled to?
  187. determinate and non determinate??
  188. How Soon After Hearing Will He Get the Results (New York)
  189. Reading DOC page re: parole
  190. so confused about possible release date
  191. Work Release and programs
  192. when do you know the board decision?
  193. loss of good time CR date not listed on DOCS
  194. I do not understand CR Date
  195. Wondering where he should parole to?
  196. Parole from NY to NJ
  197. what is an open release date?
  198. Rude P.o.
  199. Confused about CR date and Parole release?
  200. The PO came by for home visit!
  201. Oh man - am I freaked out for nothing?
  202. Paroled To Where?!?!?!?
  203. Probation violation and extradition
  204. DOC info
  205. Tempory Release Commitee
  206. (dripper2697) NY Parole Question
  207. Dna
  208. change again on DOC
  209. question regarding parole
  210. Parole
  211. support letter
  212. CR to Parole in New York
  213. Parole visit
  214. dripper2697 (How much time will he do?)
  215. just curious (about support letters)
  216. Conditional Release Day ?
  217. probation in new york or sex offender
  218. Question About Technical Violation
  219. Parole after parole violation
  220. how can i get info on his parole
  221. help with power of attorney
  222. Paroled to housing project?
  223. Help!!!! (NY Parole ?)
  224. Parole Hearings
  225. Confused about new DOCS info!
  226. Pataki and Parole
  227. Points for NYS Drivers License
  228. Parole Question
  229. FAMILY EMPOWERMENT DAY Parole issues
  230. Merit Termination
  231. does anyone knowhat cmc classified means?
  232. home visit question
  233. chance of appeal
  234. Need question answered quickly
  235. When will his PO contact me?
  236. Are You Allowed to Have a Dog if You're on Parole?
  237. Changes to conditions of probation, specifically New York
  238. Is it true that you have to pay to be on parole?
  239. Bronx Parole Office
  240. His PO came to visit me
  241. Question about CR and Probation
  242. Can they deny parole b/c of programs
  243. Parole information changed
  244. parole question im anxious to know
  245. I'm New and I have a question!!!
  246. Is This A Violent Charge????????????
  247. New York - Job Re-entry Information
  248. Parole in NY - How it has been for him so far...
  249. Info about Merit and Parole boards
  250. Tomorrow Is The Day...