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  1. Can Anyone Tell Me How To Get Aprove By Prole For Charlie ??????????
  2. Parole Transfers
  3. Speak Up 8/20- Illegal Parole Policy
  4. support parole for lifers
  5. Support Parole For Robert Rosenkrantz
  6. California Ruling On Parole
  7. Parole conditions
  8. Early Release for ca inmates
  9. Gov. Davis parole blocks affirmed
  10. California Parole Transfer
  11. Release date.
  12. California Parole
  13. Life sentence in California-any hope of parole?
  14. New Law? Early release? Anyone heard of this?
  15. Soooo confused!! When will he get a release date?
  16. Investigation of Parolee Job Programs
  17. How will he talk, think ,act when released??
  18. Please help me??? How do I get a release date?
  19. CA town trying to ban parolees
  20. Calculating release date.......HELP!!
  21. All the confusion on release date
  22. CA Parole, Will an Atty Help?
  23. need some info please
  24. what can u take with u when u leave prison?
  25. when will he be released?
  26. $200.00 Gate Money
  27. Need some info.
  28. If I move from county and/or State my son went to prison from???
  29. what are parole clothes?
  30. re parole package
  31. I Have A Question About Parole
  32. Can Anyone Help Me Calculate A Release Date?
  33. San Diego area housing for parolee
  34. How much time?
  35. Legislature Recommends: Work Credits Earn Inmates Early Release
  36. parole info.
  37. when released how much time to report
  38. FINALLY A RELEASE DATE!!! but???
  39. state to state parole transfers ?????
  40. release date question
  41. Whats A Halfway House?
  42. Parole papers signed...Release date determined
  43. Some Lifers Granted Parole!!!....
  44. fw from nother group to gov candiate re prison/parole issues
  45. MAX Time Served?
  46. Question on Parole
  47. transfering my parole to another county
  48. realease and no transportation
  49. how does it go for parole violation?
  50. early release?
  51. early release for SAP inmates
  52. MY mans release date
  53. Parole Date....
  54. what is self parole?
  55. parole for alien lifers
  56. What time do they release???
  57. parole package letter for lifers by christy
  58. what is high control release?
  59. they sent his parole clothes back!!!
  60. bus pass
  61. How will our lives be affected when they get out?
  62. When Prisoners Come Home
  63. Parole Hearings Rescheduled Until March 04?
  64. High risk Parole
  65. Early parole discharges
  66. Parole Date
  67. Early Release?
  68. Move may bring prison closures
  69. On marriages...early release if married?
  70. Michigan could free inmates to save cash (California Next?)
  71. California Prison System Plans Sweeping Parole Changes
  72. Prisoners Early Release Program: Dec 1, 2003
  73. Little Hoover Commission Report On Parole
  74. Parole???
  75. "Early Release Program"
  76. Term-Lifers & Parole? I'm new, & don't understand..
  77. LITTLE HOOVER COMMISSION: Safe and Sound Parole Policies
  78. estimating a release date?
  79. Early release for nonviolent offenders?
  80. Parole Date Update /fw From Another Grp
  81. I heard from Diamond Bar State Parole HQ's, I need help, please!!
  82. Parole basics...
  83. 50% early release program
  84. Education after release
  85. Early release for first strikers in California ??
  86. new hearing date
  87. Early release program
  88. early release
  89. can a person on parole receive power of attorney in california?
  90. release 1/15/04 if less than 6 mos left to serve
  91. Jake got his early release date
  92. Hundreds of inmates eligible for release in Arizona
  93. Questions about California parole
  94. New laws on early release
  95. This is what my Fiancee said about early release.....
  96. Question about parole & "%" time
  97. charles manson being paroled?
  98. Need Help With Board Of Prison Terms
  99. Release Date Help Plz...
  100. Life Prisoner Parole Consideration Hearing
  101. my lifer got a date
  102. Need help with release date!
  103. Calculating release date?
  104. Nov 2004: Inmates with 2 years or Less will be Released?
  105. cdc / who gets parole
  106. CA Parole
  107. Can someone explain the difference between 'Parole' and 'percentage' time?
  108. California halfway houses
  109. Its almost over....
  110. Parole Rules Changing
  112. Release Date?
  113. Work Furlow/halfway Housing
  114. Need help with probation & restitution ??
  115. California Parole ????
  116. Early releases???
  117. New here and need parole violation info.
  118. Community Reentry aka Halfway house program now closed for inmates
  119. Parole Trends of Lifers!
  120. Board Of Prison Terms Life Prisoner Parole Consideration
  121. Early Prison Release? Any info as of 3/28/04
  122. A question about releases
  123. He's home.......update
  124. Release from Centinela??
  125. How does parole work???
  126. Does anyone know of felon-friendly landlords in the SF Bay Area?
  127. Trying to parole to a different county than convicted?
  128. Parole Violation and New charge Info!
  129. How many years until your loved one gets out??
  130. Parole Reform could use some help!/NEED HELP TODAY
  131. he is on his way out, but when will he get here???
  132. Parole- Can anyone help me with a quick rundown on how it works?
  133. Parole- Difficult or easy to be on?
  134. Drug testing?
  135. lower points...possible parole?...
  136. Please Pray For Us
  137. Help? Appealing the Revocation Boards Decision
  138. Megan's law and being paroled in CA
  139. controlling discharge date
  140. Bringing property home upon release?
  141. Parole Revocation Info.
  142. Early Release Is it true?
  143. It's True Early Release Has Started In Lancaster
  144. Anyone Know Any Good Websites for Parole in California?
  145. early release?
  146. Early Release Rumors??
  147. anyone know??
  148. Best Places to Live for me and my ex-convict?
  149. question about parole violations
  150. parole officer visit
  151. Early Releases
  152. xmas day release?
  153. update on 80% non-violent offender early release
  154. trying to figure out a release date
  155. Work time credits for early release
  156. Courtesy Parole Transfers/California
  157. Halfway house
  158. help....Getting released? Time?
  159. Release date question, does anyone know.......
  160. CA Probation question
  161. How long until they tell them their release date?
  162. What Is Parole Really Like?
  163. Questions about release
  164. Went to see sons Parole Officer, Salinas, CA
  165. Parole conditions on a conviction of terrorist threats 422pc?
  166. Release Question???
  167. work furlough??
  168. Will he ever come home?
  169. Please answer my question about release from Tracy???
  170. Help Help Help
  171. Question about Parole Hearing?
  172. help with figuring out his release date
  173. new member of parole board
  174. HIGH CONTROL PAROLE---Have questions, need answers
  175. Did Christy Camp get Parole?
  176. How can I found out why someone's on parole?
  177. Where do they go?
  178. Can a parolee from Ca. move to another state?
  179. Can I just pick him up?
  180. release dates in ca
  181. Parole Questions
  182. Parole Violation...straight or half time??
  183. Can parole be reduced?
  184. Halfway house: wise or unwise choice
  185. Little Hoover Commission recommendation on prisons and parole
  186. Housing for ex-offenders on parole-where do they live?
  187. my sex offender coming home what to expect
  188. parole????
  189. Does Any 1 Know the process
  190. Parole ??
  191. Can his dad visit if he's on parole?
  192. Probation Question?
  193. Question About Parole..
  194. halfway houses ?
  195. VERY confused..........
  196. Do all Cali inmates get released at the same time?
  197. Releasing?
  198. Parole Board Date Approaching Looking For Support
  199. need help with murphy board, parole violation...what is the murphy board
  200. Please Help me to get my son home to hawaii!
  201. Parole Papers.....Question
  202. Questions about high control parole
  203. CA Parole????
  204. Hey Californias (parole In California)
  205. california parole
  206. Is anyone familiar with the interstate parole transfer?
  207. High Parole in Riverside County?
  208. The day of release questions ???
  209. Parole
  210. concerned about release
  211. Parole questions....
  212. Writing A Support Letter for the Parole Board
  213. confirming release date
  214. ??? About Release
  215. sheriff parole
  216. Parole to same city where arrested?
  217. whooo!! coming home soon
  218. What is the parole process
  219. County Transfer... California
  220. Release date 3/18 but has failure to appear for court date??
  221. Help with early release laws for California
  222. he's home finally
  223. SVSP Pre-Parole question
  224. being released from USP Lompoc
  225. Friday release for high control?
  226. California Ex Offender Resources
  227. Transfer Trouble in California
  228. anyone???
  229. How soon prior to his release date,is he assigned a parole agent?can i call them yet?
  230. Parole violation, having a knife in the home...
  231. early release question
  232. Who Can Correct His Release Date???
  233. Credit for good behavior=early release?
  234. Releases????
  235. parole violation need help
  236. "High Control Parole"
  237. Info on parole clothes
  238. a question about parole violation
  239. Coming Home... County Transfer in CA
  240. Release from Donavan?
  241. parole on the water
  242. Problems with parole
  243. a question about a release date
  244. Need answer to Y.C. Parole Question
  245. A&E TV Now seeking CA offenders who are coming home in AUGUST
  246. Attorney 'custody'
  247. Any California State Parole success stories?
  248. Release Date Question
  249. Anyone know how to get a new release date?
  250. Do California inmates still get parole?