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  1. His PO was fired. What does he do?
  2. Early Discharge from Parole
  3. Parole Violation: No 611.
  4. New here...Have a ?
  5. Parole and Living in Different Counties
  6. Please, Need Important Information....
  7. Can anyone help me please????
  8. Need help terribly!!!!!!
  9. can someone please help me?
  10. Parole transfer to different County
  11. Transfering Your Parole
  12. 1st Parole Violation
  13. release
  14. Release Date Keeps Changing - Any ideas?
  15. parole holds
  16. Parole discharge date
  17. No clue about parole???
  18. Need Help, Parole Officer Misconduct
  19. Contacted by Parole Officer!
  20. Parole Violation & Finding P.O
  21. desperate for help!
  22. My re-intro... need support!
  23. Is there anyway we can contact someone to find out if an inmate was released?
  24. Where do they parole to?
  25. what is high control parole?
  26. CA. URGENT: 3 elderly women ok'd/parole - Act Now
  27. I am SO Confused
  28. Need Help Fast! Paroling - County Transfer
  29. Brother violated his parole in CA...PLEASE HELP!
  30. How do Federal Charges impact State Parole?
  31. pre parole programs/house arrest
  32. Anyone heard about early releases?
  33. what is self parole?
  34. Kern Co.- Need Address
  35. When is the sooner he can get release
  36. Need Help in a hurry!
  37. Question about Probation Rules
  38. Preparing for Parole Hearing - HELP!!!
  39. bench warrant
  40. Need release date info
  41. what's the "Rule" on Giving Keys to PO?
  42. Housing for Parolees in CA
  43. Out of state Parole ?
  44. Parole Violation
  45. URGENT! Support needed
  46. Orange County Jail - transferring parole
  47. What happens when someone is sent back
  48. Increasing Length of Parole
  49. Parole made the mistake, should parolee pay the price?
  50. Bridge Program
  51. Glen Helen
  52. parole conditions and officer?
  53. Letter to Parole Board
  54. Can California Parolees Travel Internationally?
  55. California Parole Advocacy Program (CalPAP)?
  56. Parole Personal Stories? Technical Violations?
  57. early release date: another parole question
  58. Parole Advice Needed
  59. Helpful Resource
  60. CA parole question - please help!
  61. Transfers Out Of State
  62. County to County transfer; Cali; Parole
  63. I need help getting my husband a county transfer HELP!!!!!!
  64. Info on release
  65. Need Info On Release Procedures!
  66. is this considered a parole violation?
  67. New Charges/Parole Violation
  68. Need Help >> Parole Violation?
  69. What Would His New Release Date Be????
  70. Release dates listed online?
  71. LA Count to Orange County transfer - NOT MARRIED - please help
  72. Jurisdiction question
  73. More Time?
  74. Parole transfer to Oregon
  75. parole coverage
  76. Parole people coming to the house?
  77. Looks Like My Hubby Will Behome Sooner Than We Thought!!!!!
  78. First Time Violation Question!!
  79. Optional Waiver Question!
  80. Transferring parole from state to state
  81. Early Release????????????
  82. Question About Being Transferd!!
  83. son in law LA wont let him be in san diego
  84. Parole Hearing 35 day time limit
  85. Releases. Why Pleasant Valley?
  86. Parole Hearing Question!
  87. here we go again....
  88. He'd be released soon ?help?
  89. Subpoena for Parole Revocation Hearing
  90. Parole out of state!
  91. Subpoena????
  92. Sierra Conservation Center Release Info
  93. Incorrect criminal history information
  94. Dress Out Clothes Help
  95. how do you find out releas date in cal.
  96. Help!!! No contact with spouse as parole condition?!
  97. Calculate release time
  98. general Inmate question?????
  99. Time Calculation Question
  100. Anyone ignored the no contact order, and alright? What about the ones busted?
  101. Bus, Train, OR Car Service??? HELP w/Release.
  102. FEDERAL parole question???????????
  103. Figuring out release date - Please help
  104. Crossed State lines parole violation & dv
  105. Parole plan questions
  106. parole condition
  107. Please help!!
  108. Board of Prison Terms Questions????
  109. parole violation
  110. parole violations
  111. Parole vs. probation?
  112. Parole Vioalation Question
  113. Time frame to report in county to county transfer
  114. Parole Vioalation Question
  115. Please Help
  116. help re transfer WITHIN county
  117. what is a parole plan,what they do,what they ask?
  118. parole process
  119. parole violation offer
  120. I need an answer ASAP about parole address
  121. Very confused, where will my boyfriend parole?
  122. Need your advice and wisdom ...
  123. what they expect out of parolees?
  124. when will you know the address is approved?
  125. time sentence?
  126. time
  127. Any news on early releases???
  128. already doing time.
  129. does it help that we have kids together?
  130. Need Help Understanding Regions of Parole
  131. Need some advice please
  132. When do inmates typically start parole planning???
  133. I Am Really Sad :(
  134. need help
  135. Which "murder cases" can the governor overturn?
  136. question about parole
  137. does parole officers go by what a counselor recomends?
  138. When to report?
  139. Any Info. Regarding Early Release
  140. Out of State Parole
  141. Out of State Transfer
  142. should i call his po????
  143. 30 day pass?
  144. parole and passports
  145. What happens to Parole, if they have a hold?
  146. Probation violation proceedings
  147. revoke probation
  148. Changing "Parole-To" Address
  149. Question Kern County Felony Probation Violation
  150. Does anyone have the stats on parole violations in CA?
  151. Is a DUI a parole violation?
  152. parole violation...has not been seen?!
  153. What happens if there is a hold?
  154. He Can't Parole to my house
  155. parole discharge procedure in ca.
  156. Is there any news about no parole for level one offenders?
  157. Parole Hold....
  158. Parole Violation?
  159. Parole search
  160. parole to wifes house
  161. Calculating Release Date/Transfers
  162. California Parole Hold Question
  163. Transfering into California
  164. parole violation and new charge??
  165. Transfer of Probation Santa Clara County
  166. County to County Transfer - No Parole Office
  167. Will he come home if the release date is Christmas Eve?
  168. Parole Board Proceedings
  169. Interstate Correctional Compack
  170. Help!! Regaurding Prison Sentence
  171. interstate compact
  172. how long until the parole board will see him?
  173. Flying home
  174. when are they told if an address is approved or not?
  175. Moving Homes while on Parole Q&A
  176. anger management
  177. How Long does it take for a parole transfer
  178. Letters for Parole
  179. He's Home!!!!!!
  180. Any way to know if PO filed transfer papers?
  181. HELP! Any actions or procedures if PO is lying?
  182. release
  183. Parole conditions
  184. Can you vacation out of state on Parole?
  185. Confused!!
  186. 25 years ago
  187. why didnt they see him?
  188. prison release
  189. Question regarding release times
  190. What if I changed my phone number?
  191. Inmate release...
  192. parole questions
  193. When they parole out?
  194. Compounding Fines
  195. Worried About Parolee Violating Parole Living in the House
  196. How Would I know??
  197. How Soon Do They Know The Release Date?
  198. house arrest and probation ??
  199. No place to live
  200. change of release date
  201. parole transfer questions?
  202. Help Please Parole/probation
  203. how can he parole from ca to az
  204. Question regarding abscondee
  205. how do they pick
  206. when prisoners get released
  207. I hope this is how to ask a question...
  208. This web site is great...
  209. Can they make an inmate parole...
  210. Question about time served?
  211. Early Release Q&A and Discussion - Part 1
  212. Can you parole from the SHU?
  213. Should I Get A Lawyer?
  214. I need info pleaseeeee
  215. My son is asking for Release date?
  216. Parole Officer questions
  217. How soon is he coming to me?
  218. program, mandatory????
  219. Parole said My Man cannot have any contact with his family
  220. California Parole Questions
  221. How long on parole?
  222. Parole board questions
  223. Questions in cali for parole violation
  224. Absconding/Abscounding! What is the real spelling?!
  225. whats the deadline for early release issue?
  226. Info and Help request, No contact order in CA
  227. can he live in another county
  228. Pre Parole interveiw?
  229. parole attorney
  230. How do you contact an inmate at a Halfway House
  231. need help. abscounding time added again!
  232. Calculating Credits
  233. 602 response time?
  234. Is there a time limit for his PO to get the paperwork through?
  235. out of state transfer compact paperwork?
  236. Gate Money When being released on Parole Violation?
  237. CA parloe question- help!
  238. parole and half-time question????
  239. Dress out rules?
  240. cya/parole job dilema
  241. Parole Assistance
  242. Early Release Info??
  243. Help -probation filing question
  244. Visit while on probation
  245. early release
  246. Urine Test for Parolees in Calif
  247. I need help with a release question
  248. Parole Still Not Saying Anything About The Address
  249. Is It Hard
  250. Parole Violation Question