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  1. Help I have questions about Parole transfering.
  2. Parole County Transfer Question for California
  3. Info over the phone
  4. Release date changed???
  5. parole soon but cant go to last address/county of committment in CA
  6. another question about release dates
  7. Parole time
  8. I forgot to tell you guys PO decided rehab
  9. please help with release date infractions--California
  10. Halfway House
  11. Parole, is it required???
  12. Parole - on the way home
  13. Picking up From Salinas Valley Prison
  14. how long does a person have to serve their sentence before they can be paroled?
  15. CDC # for probation?
  16. What happens on parole board?
  17. info on getting early parole 120 days before out date
  18. Parole Question--CDC has wrong county
  19. Parole clothes-sending them back without a parole date? Finding out his parole date?
  20. need help on a few questions (regarding CA Parole)
  21. Orange County Parole/Probation Marriage
  22. He is OUT !!
  23. Any women parolees out here?????
  24. Info about Dress out clothes
  25. Parole violation hearings? NEED HELP!
  26. Parole in CA - Housing Question
  27. Not coming home this month
  28. Life after prison-HELP!
  29. Parole Violation
  30. CA Parole Review... 6 Months to the Gate?
  31. RELEASE help.....
  32. is there anyway u can find out an exact release date?
  33. Help He was supose to come home this weekend
  34. Welcome to the California Parole & Probation forum
  35. How Does Parole Work?
  36. Need Info on Parole Codes & Transfer Rights
  37. Parole & Revocation Hearing Process
  38. Companies that Hire Parolees
  39. Is it easier to transfer counties before or after release?
  40. coming home soon help needed
  41. Paroling/Releasing to Halfway Homes/Homeless Shelters Q&A
  42. Question about probation interview
  43. Parole Transfer Counties??
  44. San Francisco-controversial program wipes criminal record clean
  45. What to do about prison transfers out of state?
  46. need information on son release
  47. Received Parole Paperwork EARLY
  48. what is BPT for?
  49. Hoping for Probation
  50. Parole Handbook (Updated 1/11)
  51. Parole Unit Locations/Updated 1/11
  52. Questions about parole violations
  53. Parole or no Parole???
  54. Inmate Housing Info Needed in San Jose
  55. Are probation rules statewide or do they vary from county to county?
  56. Questions about parole or probation
  57. Where to go after he gets out?
  58. parole hold
  59. Newly Paroled -- What Resources Are Available to Me
  60. moving parole to nebraska
  61. HELP!!!! Housing assistance for parolee's in sac??????
  62. Parole and E.O.P inmate
  63. Off Parole
  64. Looking for info on homeless shelters in San Diego, CA
  65. Parole and marraige issues...
  66. expedition
  67. Parole Conditions - No Contact with Me?
  68. can I write to parole board?
  69. Need help finding out parole date
  70. Welcome Guests
  71. parole officer info
  72. parolee information release
  73. max out
  74. My Bf Violated His Much Time Will He Do??
  75. Work Release Programs
  76. parole info
  77. Parole Transfer and moving out of state
  78. Help does anyone know the answer? (Does the PO come to the house)
  79. Parole County Transfer for Administrative Placement
  80. Re: Parole Transfers... in state different offices?
  81. parole agents in Buena Park, CA Office
  82. Will His Release Date Change?
  83. what is Self-Parole?????
  84. Husband And I Got Arrested
  85. CDC changed my son's sentence the day b4 release
  86. Parole Questions
  87. Parole officer from another county
  88. Paroling after 50% and transfering counties?
  89. i'm new to this... Parole Hold
  90. Out of State Transfers through the Interstate Compact Agreement
  91. Is there a parole watch?
  92. I need information about Parole?
  93. Is employment required when on probation?
  94. Need a parole discharge letter/certificate?
  95. After Prison: Roadblocks to ReEntry
  96. California Conditions of Parole
  97. On Parole- No contact with a convicted felon?
  98. Newbie: I need help ASAP (Interstate Transfer)
  99. questions about parole
  100. Looking For Halfway Houses.
  101. Morrissey Hearing
  102. Can Husband & Wife with a felony live together in California?
  103. Parole Question??!!!
  104. California Parole Board Address
  105. Info on HalfWay Houses in Los Angeles County?
  106. Parole Question - How much power does a Parole Officer have in California?
  107. meeting with parole agent on the 15th
  108. Question about Parole..NEED HELP!!!
  109. Will marriage help the parole process?
  110. Parole Violation
  111. probation violation for non/compliancesentencedto crc or prison
  112. Parole for Murderers in CA?
  113. Grrrr!!! Help- PO and counties
  114. California Parole- What you need to know/Updated 1/11
  115. once released do u have to be on parole or probation
  116. Parole Agents Helping Parolees find jobs???
  117. Denial of Parole
  118. Is It Mandatory to see a counseler before release
  119. Transfering Parole Los Angeles to Riverside Counties
  120. How much time does he have to serve?
  121. Extradition
  122. signing parole papers
  123. Riverside Parole Office... Does Anyone Have Experience With Them?
  124. Release date question
  125. Question about Appealling Parole Condition (Can't Come Home Due to DV)
  126. HELP!!!! My parole agent wont tell me a thing!!
  127. Dress Outs (Parole Clothes) Q&A
  128. Parole Office
  129. Release March 2007 (Release to a different county?)
  130. Violation
  131. Parole out of California
  132. Parole/probation questions
  133. anyone heard of a 30 day pass?
  134. Halfway houses in Northern Cali...anyone know anything??
  135. help my family please
  136. Picking up an inmate when released from CCWF
  137. has anyone gone to a parole hearing?
  138. Inmate Locator
  139. Please help.... violation
  140. Figuring out release date help!!
  141. What happens if you break the "special cond"?
  142. PLease Help With My Question
  143. How does parole in CA work?
  144. New to Parole Rules - Advice ??
  145. Marvin Gardens Halfway house
  146. How long before consideration for Parole?
  147. questions on brothers parole???
  148. Interstate transfer taking forever!
  149. leave COUNTRY
  150. Paying Restitution Before Parole
  151. Driver's License Questions
  152. what if i was a suspect in the crime??
  153. Interstate Probation and Parole Compact agreement.
  154. does anyone know about parole holds????
  155. How to transfer from Calif to Oregon Parole
  156. Parole violation while inside.. need some answers
  157. Probation Violation Sac County
  158. Parole - 50 miles??
  159. Parole - 50 miles from home???
  160. 85% And Parole
  161. Probation transfer
  162. Interstate Compact Not Granted
  163. Work Time Credits
  164. Why is one put on Parole Hold?
  165. Parole Supervision Level???
  166. guns,bows and arrows,knives,slingshot , OH MY
  167. Help? Not being paroled out
  168. Parole to Hospital
  169. Are u automatically put on parole?
  170. Parole Question
  171. Traveling by plane when on parole
  172. Question re: Parole Violation w/only 3 Months Left On Parole
  173. Probation Requirement - Drug Diversion Class?
  174. Parole Packet
  175. Parole Denied
  176. Release Clothes
  177. Is there a way to find out his release date?
  178. Probation violated WHILE in effect; now expired!! Is there a statute of limitations?
  179. Chance of/know of anyone transfering parole out of state w/o marriage/family?
  180. Special Conditions for a Parolee
  181. Address for parole transfers?
  182. Release Date
  183. Bad Prank with "Dress Outs"
  184. My Husband absconded for 28 days
  185. help with release question
  186. Work/Own business while on parole?
  187. Questions about California release and parole process
  188. Transfering from CA To Virgina
  189. My husband absconded 17 mo ago
  190. parole plans
  191. Parole Violation Assualt
  192. Parole - How Can I Find Out when the hearing is....
  193. Will I discharge?
  194. California parole violation information - website very helpful
  195. 65 yr old female inmate: asking for parole letters again!
  196. Me and hubby want a new environent away from trouble!!
  197. parole hold but new charges dropped, what next?
  198. Expierence with Finacial Assistance
  199. i need the parole board address asap!!!! soledad,salinas
  200. Will he be on parole again??
  201. When does the inmate get notified regarding their release in California?
  202. Why Don't The Counselor's Pick Up The Phone?!
  203. My Loved One is getting out of CTF soon, how do I pick him up?
  204. Parole and NCIC!
  205. Where can I find out about California parole?
  206. interstate parole discharge
  207. When Will He Be Eligible for Parole?
  208. Question about absconding in California
  209. Can He Get A Job With CDF?
  210. 35%???
  211. Question about parole and living arrangements
  212. Has Anyone Had Experience With Special Conditions for High Risk Parolees?
  213. Dress Out?
  214. County transfer--temporary?
  215. Im Lost About Dress Outs
  216. Please HELP Battered Woman Get Paroled
  217. The Dressout Store?
  218. Changing jurisdictions
  219. Possible release??
  220. Parole Revocation Hearing help CA
  221. New and Confused. Parole Release Questions
  222. Parole Violation on a dirty test - how much time will he get?
  223. Need advice on how the state handles parolees and domestive violence
  224. Who is my son's parole officer? Help
  225. Parole Violation Hearing
  226. i really need some answers
  227. I need to find out his Release Date!
  228. parole officers lying in court about my boyfriend
  229. Can you transfer your Probation from one county to another?
  230. Parole Address
  231. What do they wear when released if they don't have dress-outs?
  232. Anyone know how this works? At San Quentin on a parole violation
  233. What is a dress out?
  234. S Status?
  235. when does this parole process begin?
  236. Early Release
  237. Parole hold within 48 hours?
  238. half way house?? baker,ca
  239. no luck getting parole transfer. help!
  240. Parole Problems
  241. Waiting to transfer back home
  242. parole and section 8
  243. Probation Violation
  244. Parole Release Times
  245. Renting on Parole in CA?
  246. Process/time frame of parole violation hearings
  247. lifers
  248. Dress Out Package
  249. Contacted by Parole Officer (6 months before his release)?
  250. Parole Transfer to another country